AltSmoke OmeGa

AltSmoke OmeGa

The OmeGa from Altsmoke Version 1.0…As reliable as my single action!

The OmeGa from Altsmoke is an all mechanical, top firing, PV mod. Outfitted with a native 510 connector, the OmeGa is built from aircraft grade aluminum. The body houses one 18650 battery for an all day vape at 3.7 volts, or can accept a pair of 18350 batteries for high voltage vaping. The slightly tapered body is comfortable, well balanced, and natural feeling in the hand.

The OmeGa is a rugged device, without feeling too weighty to handle comfortably.

AltSmoke OmeGa

Though the OmeGa is absent of a drip well, the top cap has ridges that act as a catch for any liquid seepage. Though they aren’t large, they are very effective.

Impressions of the OmeGa from AltSmokeOmega with a tank

The OmeGa with a DCT, keeps on ticking!

I prefer utilizing tanks for my PV mods when I can, and because of the flat top, the OmeGa handles them all.

Topped with a SmokTech DCT, the pair look like they were made for each other.

I have had absolutely no issues while using the OmeGa. It fires every time, producing consistent vapes.

This has become my go to PV when I am in an environment that may not be conducive for the electronics in some of my other mods.

At first, the top firing mechanism took a little getting used to. Now, however…I prefer it over my bottom button mods.

AltSmoke has recently released the OmeGa version 1.1. Redesigning the top cap for easier removal and installation.

Parts of the AltSmoke OmeGa

OmeGa from AltSmoke

Parts that make up the OmeGa

From left to right:

  • Battery Housing
  • Battery Cap
  • Positive Post Bushing
  • Positive Contact Pin and Spring
  • Button Cap which houses the 510 connector

The AltSmoke OmeGa’s button distance

Though there is little travel for the top cap to fire, it does require some amount of force. If you were to stand the OmeGa on its top, it wouldn’t fire. To me, it takes just the right amount of pressure. I have yet to have it miss fire on me while out and about.

The most comfortable way for me to fire, is using my thumb and forefinger, drawing it down with each vape.

OmeGa PV Mod

Top cap with ridges to retain e-liquid

If you look closely, you can see the ridges I spoke about earlier. These actually do a very good job at retaining any e-liquid that may seep.

What I think of the OmeGa from AltSmoke

The Good

  • Construction – This device is very rugged, and can take quite a lot of punishment. You may chip the finish, but the unit itself will last.
  • Design – For an all mechanical mod, this unit is very reliable and consistent.
  • Price – It’s not the most or least expensive, this is a middle of the road cost for excellent reliability and durability.
  • Aesthetics – I really like the tapered body, and the overall look and feel.

The Bad

  • Because this is an all mechanical device. The cap has to be taken apart every so often for cleaning purposes. Doing this could prove difficult for some. Luckily, the new version (v1.1) has addressed this issue.

The Ugly

  • Absolutely nothing.

Final notes on the AltSmoke OmeGa
From its durability, to it’s looks…I really dig the OmeGa. Not only can I rely on it, it has proven to be one of my most consistent operating devices.

Website: AltSmoke
ECF Thread: AltSmoke on ECF

  • Name: OmeGa
  • Price: $99.95 (Body Only)
  • Switch: Completely Mechanical
  • Battery: Uses a Protected 18650 2400mAh battery
  • Connector Type: 510
  • Body: Constructed from 6061 aircraft aluminum. Tapered for comfort and grip. Nickel plated, Silver Vein Coating, Black Coating, or Pink Coating.
  • Warranty: 6 month Warranty from Mechanical failure. (Doesn’t include batteries/atomizers)

Bottom Line: This has been one of the best performing all mechanical PV mods on the market, and continues to do so now. Like my trusted single action, I can rely on this performing…especially if the going gets tough!


  • BiancaMontgomery says:

    Absolutely my favorite all mechanical 18650 mod. I deeply regret selling the one I had. Someday I hope to have another…probably in the Silver Vein finish next time. :) As always, great review and photos.

  • TUC says:

    Thank you Bianca…I agree, the OmeGa is an awesome PV mod…for sure! Nearly indestructible as well.

  • BiancaMontgomery says:

    Woo hoo! Scored one off classies tonight and can’t wait to get the Omega back in my life! Yay!! :)

  • Steve Nair says:

    I’m not sure if I want to buy every product you review because they are awesome, or because your photography skills are incredible….

    You have some really, really nice photo work on here TUC. Incredible even. Love the gun shot.

    Mountain Oak Vapors Premium Tennessee E-Liquid

  • Mike Villarreal says:

    Nice review, I love coming here to check out the different APV’s you review. So, I have a V1.1 Omega and LOVE IT! So easy to use, and to disassemble for cleaning compared to the original. Only thing I wish they hadn’t changed is the OMEGA stamp on the bottom. That really was a cool addition that should’ve stayed through the changes.

  • poconojo says:

    I have had the Omega Mod from Altsmoke for some time now. This was one of my first mods. The quality of this device is top notch! The Omega fires everytime I use it. I own a lot of mods and I have to say I use the Omega every day. I like to bring this with me because I know I dont have to worry about it getting damaged. This device is indestructable. I will be purchasing the Alpha(Omega’s baby brother 14500 mod) soon. Great product!

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