Apollo Stainless Steel Variable Voltage VTube

Right now, Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is taking pre-orders on their “Lava” VTube variable voltage tube mod, version 2 in all stainless steel. The body and end caps are constructed of stainless steel, not a paint or other coating to resemble stainless. Not only is this popular mod going stainless, this is an all new version!

If you aren’t familiar with the VTube from Apollo, you can check out my review of the Lavatube Variable Voltage Mod, or my post on the Mini Variable Voltage LavaTube Mod.

Apollo Stainless Steel Variable Voltage VTube

Apollo Stainless Steel Variable Voltage VTube

All new version of the “Lavatube” VTube, in stainless steel!

The all new stainless steel version of the VTube kit comes complete with the following:

  • 1 stainless steel variable voltage regular (5 inches) or mini ecig (3.75 inches)
  • 1 black ego carry case
  • 1 High Drain 18650 rechargeable battery for regular vtube, or 18350 for mini vtube
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 drip tip
  • 1 3.0 ohm high resistance 510 atomizer

Price for the all new stainless steel VTube is only $69.95.

Coupon Code Included
One other thing…if you order prior to March 25, 2012…you can save 20% off your entire order! Just enter reddit during checkout for your 20% savings.

One other thing…if you order prior to April 23, 2012…you can save 20% off your order! Just enter mydelicous during checkout for your 20% savings.

Get your all new stainless steel VTube @ Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

15 Responses

  1. max

    Selling the chinese VV tube mod kit that everyone else sells for $100 for $60 with 20% off. This is an amazing deal but is also a pre-order, you will get your kit in 2-3 weeks time.

      • max

        It really is an incredible offer, they have new pictures on their website. I think you should update!

    • Allan

      Just wanna know if this version will not limit the voltage that we will set on any type of atty. My version of Lavatube lowers down the Voltage on long drag.

      • TUC

        Hi Allan, I tried to get specifics from Apollo concerning the electronics, as they claim this is a NEW version. I was unable to get any, as they haven’t had a chance to test the unit yet. As soon as I receive mine, I will be posting updates concerning the voltage specs.

      • max

        Look forward to your review! You always call it down the middle!

    • Andreas

      Dear TUC,
      you had during your test from the Buzz Pro a Multimeter measuring the Volt.
      Was this something homemade or can I buy this somewhere?


      • TUC

        Hi Andreas,

        I purchased the volt meter used on the Buzz from VaporMoon. I recently purchased another from SmokTek. There are also a couple other places that carry these units.

  2. TUC

    Hey Max, I’m looking forward to reviewing the stainless tube, unfortunately the release date has slid to the right a bit.

  3. pj allen

    Ordered the ss version. Hope it has upgraded internals besides the looks. Keep us posted!

    • TUC

      Will do pj, I am also hoping the internals have been revised a bit on the new stainless steel version of the vtube.

  4. pj allen

    So I emailed Apollo and they continue to beat around the bush. I asked if the electronics inside were any different than the black vtube. They just respond with stupid answers like ” the body is not painted it is stainless steel tube” and the second email response from them said “are you referring to the standard kits?” Who knows…. Thanks much TUC

  5. pj allen

    Same electronics. Looks like I will be cancelling my order…

  6. Chad

    They have a 30% discount on all vtubes now. Coupon code: vtube30