Avid Vaper Releases Clean Tanks

I am an avid tank user on all my PV Mods! I have grown especially fond of the LavaTanks, manufactured and supplied by JonboyUSMC of ECF.

BUT…there seems to be a new kid on the block!

Offering two incarnations of an all glass tank! That’s right, I said glass tanks.

Though these beauties may seem a little pricey at first glance, I have no doubt they will be a huge hit!

Why? Because glass is not only a beautiful medium…glass is impervious to ANY kind of juice you may vape.

They will not crack on you!

J.J. Zepp (7less7 @ ECF) & Blake Lott are the founders of “Clean Tanks”.Tanks are made of chemically resistant Borosillicate glass (Pyrex) 1 piece and 2 piece tanks, including color tips and fumed designs. “Clean Tanks” are an infant company that strives for quality. You can purchase these tanks EXCLUSIVELY at avidvaper.com

Clean Tanks are made out of chemically resistant Borosillicate glass (Pyrex) 1 piece and 2 piece tanks. Each tank is made on a glass lathe and formed by hand.

The Parva tank is a one piece tank designed to hold approximately 4ml of juice.

The Duo tank is a two piece tank that has a top cap which functions as the “drip tip,” made into one. This tank holds approximately 5ml of juice.

If you prefer vaping your e-liquid from a tank, I recommend you check out the new Clean Tanks.

You can find out more about the Clean Tanks at:

Website: Avid Vaper
ECF: OFFICIAL avidvaper.com Clean Tank discussion thread

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  • Steve says:

    These are some neat tanks. I’m growing to love avid vapor. Now if only they’d carry my juices!


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