Be My Valentines Complete Vaping Package Giveaway

Be My Valentines Complete Vaping Package Giveaway

Highbrow Vapor pic is representative only…Mosaic pic is what you see, is what you’ll get!

This contest now has a winner!

A BIG thank you to all that participated. This was my first of hopefully many more to come.

Congratulations to 36tinybells! Email is on the way!

To celebrate upcoming Valentines Day, I have a special giveaway! A heart warming thank you to Patti & Paul at Ecig Workshop, and Bryan Peck at Highbrow Vapor!

Two of my favorite vendors have come together to make someones Valentines a special occasion.

The prize consists of a complete, ready to go, vaping package!

First up, is a beautiful, hand crafted Mosaic wood PV mod, made with Paul’s own hands from Ecig Workshop. If you are unfamiliar with their mods, you can check out some of my reviews:

But that’s not all!

Ecig Workshop is also throwing in one 18350 battery with charger, one cartomizer, and a drip tip!

Making this a complete mod, that is ready to vape!

Second up, are three 30ml bottles…that’s right, I said three 30ml bottles of e-liquid (winner gets to choose their flavors), made by Bryan of Highbrow Vapor…which happens to produce two of my favorite daily juices!

If you are unfamiliar with Highbrow Vapor, you can check out these posts:

Be My Valentines Complete Vaping Package Giveaway

This Valentine’s will have ONE lucky person winning this entire lot, making it a COMPLETE vaping package.

What the winner will receive:

  1. One Beautiful Mosaic Twig Wood Mod (Pictured)
  2. One 18350 Battery w/charger
  3. One Cartomizer
  4. One Drip Tip
  5. Three Awesome 30ml Bottles of E-Liquid (winner chooses flavors and mix)

All these items are new, never before used!

This contest starts now and the winner will be announced on Valentine’s day. All entries must be in by 11:59pm (Central Time) on Monday the 13th of February 2012.

To enter, simply post what type of e-cigarette, or mod you are using right here. One post per person only, please.

You may also enter a second time via the thread on in the member’s contests area found over here. Post what e-liquid you are vaping there.

Winner will be selected randomly.

This contest is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. By entering you agree to the rules, which are available over yonder.

Good luck everyone, and…will you be my Valentines?

NOTE: If your comment does not appear, PLEASE do not submit another. It simply might have been trapped by my SPAM filter. I will check periodically throughout each day and “approve” ALL valid comments.


  • Landlord says:

    Im currently using my Darwin…Thanks

  • Mary says:

    Beautiful mod! AND HighBrowVapor eliquid!! What a lovely prize package.

    I use a 5V boxmod and a GlV2 .

  • Sallie says:

    I use a ProVari.

  • Jim says:

    Wow I love these awesome mods.

    I’m vaping on my lava tube

  • Lorena32605 says:

    Niiiiiiice package! 😀

    I’ll be your Valentine, TUC. <3 That does get a bonus entry, right? ^.^

    Currently vaping on my Stick mod from ecigworkshop. :)

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Billy says:

    Bruiser ProVari in use

  • Joseph Varano (Plumes) says:

    I’m using my 510. I really need a mod. lol. Thanks for giving us this great opportunity! :)

  • 36tinybells says:

    I am vaping on an ego and 5v RSM. Gorgeous mosiac there!

  • Kristin Davidson says:

    I am using a borrowed Precise + 18350 and eGo’s. Thanks for the contest & wonderful prizes!!

  • andyman97 says:

    I use a provari.

  • Kendra says:

    Great give-away!
    I am vaping on a satin ProVari :)

  • ben aukschun says:

    I’m vaping a buzz pro right now. I’d love a tiny wood mod. :)

  • Charmed says:

    two toned (canary and bloodwood) 18650 from ecigworkshop and touchwood 18650!

  • Melisa says:

    I am currently vaping on my RSM Destroyer from redskymods. Thanks!

  • Sandy says:

    I am using my Provari right now…great contest, thanks!!

  • Jim H says:

    I’m vaping on my vypr :-) cool contest thanks.

  • LacedolphinECF says:

    I’m currently vaping a Roughstack but I would much rather be vaping on that! Wow! What a prize!!!

  • Mike says:

    DSE 901 (auto battery) – Seriously, no laughing! Hey! I said no laughing!

  • Joe D. says:

    Rockin’ on my Darwin, thanks for the contest!

  • ThatJoeGuy says:

    Yellow Silver Bullet at the moment…

  • Julie says:

    I’m vaping a GLV2 mini and an Ego.

  • CalamityJan says:

    I use an Ego with LR atties but looking to try a higher volt PV.

  • SaigesPoppa says:

    I use a Provari

  • Odium says:

    Using my trusty 3.7 diy Box mod!

  • thehangdude says:

    I am using three PVs currently. A GGTS, the Gripper, and a Herring Bone Box Mod. That said, the Mosaic Twig Wood Mod you are giving away looks awesome. And I would love, love, love to have 90ml of HighBrow’s yummy juices.

  • GDMG says:

    I’m using an Ego

  • laura99 says:

    I’m using a 78mm orange Volt………..thanks for the contest, that Mod is gorgeous!

  • Meka says:

    I’m currently using a pawz and a fs510.

  • Drottwiler says:

    Just love the woods.

    Right now I’m vaping on my Zenesis PV.

  • twohandedcreations says:

    im vaping on my homemade stud finder 5v’r!!

  • xxDeeZeexx says:

    Using 2 box mods, 5v and 1 3.7….. Thanks for the chance.

  • Totaltiffy says:

    I am vaping on an EGO VV 900 mah battery and a 3.5ml Vision Clearomizer.

  • Natalia says:

    I’m using a Riva 510.
    Thank you for the chance. :)

  • tmcase says:

    I am vaping strawberry in my Reo 18490.

  • Uncle says:

    Currently, I use the “Volt” by Smokeless Image, also I have and occasionally use an eGgo T . . .
    WOW ! ! ! Nice Mod and Very Nice Prize Package . . .
    Thank You for the Contest and the Chance to WIN ! ! !

  • Cuttinloose says:


  • Okcodemonkey says:

    Currently using my prodigy v3.1

  • Kim says:

    Vaping with my V2 and my UGO

  • henry haught says:

    im using a ego

  • Sandybeach from ecf says:

    VV box mod.
    Thanks for a great contest; beautiful mod!

  • Psyche says:

    I use Volts from Smokeless Image with fluxomizers , and an eGo with a Vision Stone. I don’t have a mod yet but I would really like one. Thanks for the contest!

  • vchick says:

    Currently using my vmod!

  • the ob says:

    currently one provari and two REO’s


  • Res says:

    I use a kr808-D1

  • Wolf says:

    Currently vaping a ProVari.

  • isbnbookI' says:

    I’m using an ePower right now.

  • phil says:

    maxi rough stack so I would have an opposite look lol

  • Homedude says:

    currently using a eGo 1000mAh with a boge 2.0 carto

  • VapingTurtle says:

    I just placed an order at Highbrow, just for good karma in this contest. :)

    I’m using an eGo style thing.

  • Marcus (warlike36 @ ECF) says:

    I am currently using my vaping on my Super 6 from Super-T.

    Thank you VERY much for the contest !!

  • Via! says:

    Currently vaping SAFECIG…but not for long..looking for better…I want to juice!


  • willowize says:

    I am currently switching between my Prodigy V2 and Icon.

  • hairball says:

    Currently vaping on a Riva Indulgence V3.

  • Arrianna says:

    Gorgeous!! I’m a new vaper on a Joye 510 with 3.0 ohm Boge carto, no bells and no whistles (yet).

  • Lax says:

    Rockin a GLV supermini and Super T P16.

  • matadorx says:

    Im using a sneaky pete with a phiniac tank.

  • Prism says:

    I am using a Volt

  • Sweetz says:

    Currently vaping away on a shine mod from Parkes, HV is the best!!! :)

  • Kaefo says:

    Saber Touch currently in use.

  • minx says:

    Currently using a Buzz Pro

  • Diane says:

    Yes very pretty mod

    I am vaping on my new Darwin named JUANITA :)

  • tiburonfirst says:

    maximum vapor vv evercool mod ……

  • Lady J (ECF) says:

    I’m currently using an eGo-T system.

  • tigerlily says:

    I am currently using a Provari topped with a lavatank.

  • Connie Dash says:

    I am currently using a Go-go with a homemade syringe tank :) I have been drooling over that mod! Beautiful!!

  • Incognito says:

    I’m currently using my KGO.

  • Locke2121 says:

    Vermillion River’s new Kentucky Amaretto

  • musiceqlslife21 says:

    Currently I am vaping on my Madvapes VV Box mod.

    Thanks for a great give-away.

  • ryan says:

    Green Silver Bullet.

  • Stephanie aka Loveridden (ECF) says:

    Thanks for a great contest!! I have 2 PVs in front of me right now: a Vapor4life XL diamond tip battery and a 3.7 boxmod called the Jambox from Kalamazoo Vapor Shop.

  • Karen says:

    I’m vaping using my Krimson Kustom box mod named Lil Champ.
    Given to me by good friend Connie

    Thanks for the chance to win an Awesome prize!

  • Chelle aka quittin4mykids says:

    I am vapin on a Riva- :)

  • Paul Kemp says:

    I am currently vaping on a plain jane Premium e cig, but I am waiting for Mr. Mail man to bring me my brand spankin new EpipeMod. Thanks for the contest!

  • Brielle says:

    Right now I’m using a plain old eGo. Thanks for the contest!

  • Belinda Romanuski says:

    I am using my trusty REOs.

  • Cynder says:

    I am using a KGO, thanks for the contest!

  • Mike Kelman says:

    I am using as ego

  • skydragon says:

    I am using a 510 Riva SE

    Thank you again for the contest.

  • Adam says:

    vaping on a modified egoT by dripping on the debridged tank atty

  • Stephen Root says:

    I’m vaping on a provari with a 306DCA!

  • MrsCasey says:

    I am currently vaping on a black Provari with blue LED

  • Stef says:

    Right now I’m vaping on a Provari.

  • Tonya Miller says:

    Currently using a 950 Vision Ultimo Box, Thank You for the Contest and for all you do for the vaping community!

  • ManuDawg says:

    I vaping on my chrome Provari.

  • dwainepettygrove says:

    I am using a Lavatube with a tank.

  • tbrinkley says:

    I currently use a brushed copper and a phiniac tank.

  • wolcen says:

    Hydroplumes 3.7v box mod w/Smartvapes 306 dripping atty. Thanks for the contest!

  • davelog says:

    I’m vaping on my REO Grand. Thank you for the contest!

  • David says:

    Echo 1300 DCcart

  • Lisa (aka AutumnWolf) says:

    My current PV setup is a VV Splash made by Shan and a LavaTank made by jonboyusmc!! Thanks for the contest Brian!! :)

  • Woody55 says:

    e-power and a volt

  • M Werst says:

    Brand new box mod made with parts bought from Madvapes. Thanks for the contest

  • dotma says:

    I am using a Lavatube right now.

  • Paislia says:

    I am using my Hog Mod right now :) Thanks for the contest – sweet mod!!!

  • Judy says:

    I am currently alternating a Big Daddy varicool and a V-modXL.

  • Barb - "BluSwatch" says:

    Vaping right now on my GLV3 in bottom-feed mode.

  • Jody Walker says:

    Using an Ego T and my old kr808.

  • Panky says:

    I am using a Darwin right now =D

  • MattC44 says:

    I am using a KGO. I don’t have a mod yet but I want one, and I have been looking for the best one for me.

  • Stacy A. says:

    Currently vaping on my buzz pro !!!!

  • kelleymcm says:

    I use 650 Ego/Riva’s & a Vision Extreme Giant

  • JaydeDrag0n says:

    vaping on an ego-t would Love to have the luxury of owning a mod!

  • Splinter says:

    I’m using an Omega from AltSmoke

  • ann says:

    I am using an Oldgoats mod 3.7 bottom feeder. It is awesome!

  • Adcurti says:

    I am using a pink KGO!

  • I’m using a 14500 E-Power with a 510 dual coil carto.

  • Erin S says:

    I’m using my Volt <3

  • Jonathan Langdon says:

    Vapin on a ego 1000mah w/ blu cartomizer.

  • Agorizer says:

    I’m keeping my MV 3.7 modbox (kit-built by Me) with a tanked xldcc warmed up.
    Thanks InVape and vendors!

  • Orionlonestar says:

    MV VV Boxmod

  • Serianna says:

    I am using my 1000mah eGo-T passthrough with a drip tip at the moment!

  • Mom2fiveboys says:

    I am currently using Ego-Ts one is pink and one is cooper!

  • Mark says:

    vmod and pt

  • Hummingbird says:

    Very sweet mod you have there! Generous contest package as well! Currently vaping on GLV2 with Phiniac Tank.

  • kritter from ecf says:

    I’m using an ego so you can see I sure could use something this nice! Thanks for a chance!

  • Mike says:

    Using a eGo-T passthru with a 1.5 dc carto!

  • CHris (STr8v8ping) says:

    Using my Provari with boge SR and Str8Tek with 1.5DC at 4.5v

  • Kim Hughes says:

    Awesome contest! HIghbrow makes my absolute favorite liquids and Bryan gives superior customer service!! I’m using an Elite 808 right now, and believe it or not,, am vaping on Highbrow’s Cappuccino Diablo…. and luvinit!!

  • Jeff A. says:

    I’m using an Ego, sort of a starter kit (808). I would love to have something this beautiful!

  • Josh says:

    I use a GLV SuperMini.

  • pwyll says:

    At the moment I am using a GGTS with stealth cap and telescopic tube to hold an 18500 battery.

  • Karla Lyle says:

    I am vaping on a Dual coil carto on my KGO but really need a beautiful Mod like this one. Thanks for the contest!

  • Lisa Waskosky says:

    Beautiful mod:) been admiring your work. Current favorite mod is Empire:)

  • mfraz25 says:

    Using a Buzz Pro and a 5v box mod.

  • Belinda Goins says:

    Great package!!!
    I am using my VV Sweet Vapes BF and I am vaping Gooey Butter Cake from DIYFLAVORSHACK!!!
    Yuuummmmmmmy :)

  • BiancaMontgomery says:

    Beautiful mod!! Vaping Hog #10 right now. :)

  • Big Fran says:

    I’m using my Mastadon and Provari. Thanks for this contest. :)

  • Foggy says:

    I’m vaping an Apollo VTube, (their name for the Lava tube.)

  • jmartinix says:

    currently using an ego.

  • RPC23 says:

    Lava Tube more importantly a Lava Tank

  • CASEACE78 says:

    My chopperized provari!

  • Iowa Gal says:

    A BB I just got from the classifieds with a Lava Tank and Virgin Vapor Juices

  • Buckerbie says:

    Buzz Pro with my new Lava tank.

  • Denny Krane says:

    ego / riva……wish I had wood

  • apuck says:

    I’m winning that mod! I currently am vaping my Riva SE.

  • Sheldon Weisel says:

    Currently using a Provari, with Lava Tank!

  • J. Petras says:

    Currently using a Provari, with Map Tank

  • Jerry says:

    Buzz Pro with a jonboyUSMC lavatank

  • Toby-O says:

    Fantastic Giveaway! I am currently using a Buzz Pro.

  • TexasT says:

    I’m using a Buzz Pro with 2 ohm duel coils and loving it.

  • Lowboy says:

    Vaping on a Darwin with JonBoy’s tanks.

  • Wulfe-ECF says:

    Silver Diamond mod 6v with Boba’s Bounty

  • Dick says:

    I’m using a homebrew VV mod. It is based on the Dena and Delani models by mamu on ECF. It features an OKR-T/6 switching regular and has a voltage display. I’m currently using Ikenvape SS Mega KR-808 cartomizers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Richard Olsen says:

    I am using a e-power 18650. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • JaydeDrag0n says:

    Vaping on an Ego-t!

  • ci_k says:

    Using an eGo-C for now.

  • tofucute says:

    Right now, i’m using an eGo passthrough (since I’m by an electrical outlet).
    I also use an E-Power 18650 and a Roughstack at 3.7 and 7.4.

  • Yury says:

    I am using my Lavatube mini with 801

  • Villa says:

    Gorgeous wood mod!

    Currently using an eGo-T….

  • Charlz says:

    Nice giveaway. I’m vaping my Echo right now.

  • woodboy says:

    I am using a FOXY BOX MOD 3.7

  • dagan haddad says:

    I’m using a lavatube & EgoT!

  • izdalion says:

    I’m using a GoGo

  • Laura says:

    I’m using a two year old eGo. Boy, don’t I just wish for my first mod and a pretty wood one at that….

  • inter_ceptor00 says:

    I switch off between my silver bullet , phidias amd my homemade NES VVmod

  • DeviantDe says:

    I vape on a black chrome Silver Bullet (with Arry Tank and a Trippy Tip)

  • Dyanna says:

    I’m vaping on a vv splash mini :-)

  • Kim Cosby says:

    My husband and I are both currently using Ego Variable Voltage 900mAh. + the batteries and cartons that we got in the couples kits that we started out with from V2 Cigs. So are our sons and their wives and many of my husbands coworkers who were smokers and are all (like us) now strictly vapers.

  • trio1980 says:

    I am using an epower 13650

  • metalhd says:

    I’m vaping with an EGO and a dual coil cartomizer.

  • kittypie says:

    I love vaping V4L Diamonds and Maximum Vapors 5V box mods.

  • JYC says:

    I’m vaping on an EGO w/ a Boge 2.0 carto.

  • Kyle J says:

    I am vaping the lava tube w/J tank.

  • John M says:

    I’m using a Joyetech Ego-T 650 Batt with a Boge Cartomizer

  • bbb says:

    I’m using a notcigs Infinity Pro

    thanks for the contest and prizes

  • dan says:

    I am rockin an inferno bat with a ce2 clearo

  • Stacey says:

    I’m vaping Gooey Better Cake by Kick Bass Vapor on my kGo

  • CountSmackula says:

    I’m still vaping on my original intro device, an Mega eGo-W & still using F-1 clearomizers.

    Great contest!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win.

  • Jen says:

    well, i’ve got a Reo min in one hand, the Infinity Pro sitting in front of me. I’m about to go to bed & my pink silver bullet is in there waiting for me.

  • Happ says:

    New to vaping and using ego batts and boge cartomisers. Still trying to figure out what will be the next device so I can make the egos backups.

  • jdsgibson says:

    Vaping on a Vmod Xl

  • Diana Devlin says:

    I am using a Volcano Inferno that has a 650 mah pass-thru and 1000 mah battery along with LR cartomizers (Resurrectors by SmokeTech)

  • Rickajho says:

    Love the mods in this contest!

    Right now? An E-Power 14650. As soon as I get home? Pulling a Smok-Tek Varicool out of the mail box!

  • Angi says:

    Vaping on an Elite 808. Would love to try a mod and yours are beautiful 😉 Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I vaping on my VV box mod with a 510 atty. Thanks for the contest!

  • vanjo says:

    Using an ego-t right now.

    • bully mom says:

      taking turns with my Krimson Kustom red lil man vv box mod and an eGo

  • Rachel says:

    I’m at home, so have 3 loaded, and alternating. 1 is my ego pass-through, 1 is a VV boxmod made by Para, and one is a 3.7v mini box made by CaminoDiablo. Crossing fingers… what a gorgeous prize package!


  • chainvaper says:

    I’m vaping on a GLV w/ a DCT, thanks for the contest :-)

  • Killjoy1 says:

    GGTS w/ Odysseus in “big” mode right at the moment

  • Kay says:

    Just vaping on an ego-t sure wish I had one of yours 😉

  • Becky says:

    “Volt” by Smokeless Image

  • Lora says:

    eGo PT from CigNot

  • cyndi says:


  • Shawn says:

    I use V4L products, that package would sure be swell to win!!

  • tina guillaron says:

    i use Buzz and Buzz pro

  • Lynne says:

    I’m using a Joye 510 with a cartomizer.

  • Billy says:

    I am using an ego-t would love to win this

  • Traci Osborn says:

    I am using an eGo T (definitely have mod envy going on!!) Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Sean Kelly says:

    I switch between my chrome black Provari w/ Lil mama tank and Vmod Xl. Mostly Coffee flavors. Thanks

  • Lauren says:

    I’m using a ego with a Ir 360 atty

  • Mike says:

    I use a homemade puck mod with a modified smoketech tank with boge 2 ohm cartos for now….

  • Brent says:

    eGo passthrough

  • Cheryl says:

    Great giveaway!! thanks for the contest!

    I am currently using the reo mini!

  • Andy Thatcher says:

    Ego 18650 Mod.

    Obviously would love any of these !

  • Debbie says:

    Using my Reo with a lr 306 atty/adapter and drip shield!
    beautiful looking mod there-awesome contest :)

  • Pj lieb says:

    Using a silver bullet & lava tube!

    Love the wood – would love to own these :)

  • Susan Jackson says:

    I am currently vaping on a mod box with pchella 5 layer from Mom and Pop Vapor Shop

  • Cisme says:

    I’m using a vv box mod

  • 1LUV1HEART says:

    I’m vaping an Inferno and the Leo w/510 adapter…gotta alternate my 2 absolutely fave juices from TVR!I

  • Amanda Keller says:

    Just switched from and eGo to a bombshell and a silver bullet… those were birthday presents to myself =)

  • John Guerra says:


    I currently use an Ego-T type A. First and only PV so far.

    Thanks for the contest.

  • AG says:

    Vapin on a homemade 5v box mod… would love to win a quality PV! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Daniel Maguire says:

    I am vaping on a megaladon with a eGo-C top using LR atomizer.

  • Sharyn says:

    I am vaping a kr808d-1 and Bombay Vapors triple strength hot chocolate.

  • TNGJester says:

    I am vaping a Smart Vapes 1.8 ohm dripping 510 on a lava tube.

  • Vergel says:

    Vaping on a kingpin trex. Thank you for the chance to win this mod.

  • Jfro says:

    Wow, I feel inadequate – vaping on a 900mah ego…

  • tcolley65 says:

    that isw one beautiful mod. Thanks for the generous contest. i’m currently using a provari with a big daddy vapor li’l mama tank coupled with a boge 3ohm atty, topped by a ss ming.

  • Shawn says:

    Im pretty much stick with an eGo and CE-2 Style cartos.

  • Phil says:

    I am using the Reo Grand. 3ohm carto and 2 3v batteries. Awesome

  • KeithB on ECF says:

    Currently vaping my VV Altoids tin with voltage display and 2 x 18650s.

  • rhianna greene says:

    I am using the VOLT by smokeless image!

  • Amy says:

    I’m using a chrome eGo clone with a Boge regular carto. Thank you for the chance to win the great mod!

  • Ed says:

    I’m drippin’ on a Roughstack today. Thanks for the contest!

  • Terry Smith says:

    I am using mistic brand and refill with MARL. Pretty nice for start. Thanks

  • I’m using my trusty Tekk at 5v and vaping on my home brewed banana peach liquid!

  • Mike says:

    Using a Leo boge,but would really like one of these,don’t have a mod yet,

  • Brian Deel says:

    my PV of choice is a Darwin…. :)

  • Jason werner says:

    Would love 2 have that mod! I’m currently vaping a red silver bullet at 3.7v. Thanks

  • beebopnjazz says:

    Turbo. Nice mod contest!

  • Rhonda says:

    I am using KR808D-1

  • tsweetwater says:

    I use a home made plastic box mod, (that sucks atm), wish i had this set up! awesome of u to offer a contest to us less fortunate !!!!

  • Marty says:

    A Homemade mod box. Wish I had something this nice!

  • cory D says:

    I’m still using an Ego, but with a big fat MAP tank. ECig workshop will be my first proper mod! Love it! You guys are awesome.

  • RippleInStillWater says:

    I’m vaping on a trio of GGTSs……..:)

  • Melissa Messick says:

    Dripping qitha Green atty on a Green Silver Bullet

  • William Peake says:

    At the moment, a VV box mod from Madvapes.

  • GLRogerss says:

    I’m using a Ego passthru, dripping butter nipple

  • Carly Linz says:

    What an awesome contest! I just got my brand new eGo-C last week!

  • Sean kelly says:

    That this is gorgeous…. I’m using a vmod xl from vapage.

  • TUC says:

    Comments are no longer being added…will announce the winner later this evening.

    All duplicates, and any added after the deadline will NOT be included for the drawing.

    Thank you all, for your participation, and good luck!

Comments are closed.