Be My Valentines Complete Vaping Package Giveaway

Be My Valentines Complete Vaping Package Giveaway

Highbrow Vapor pic is representative only…Mosaic pic is what you see, is what you’ll get!

This contest now has a winner!

A BIG thank you to all that participated. This was my first of hopefully many more to come.

Congratulations to 36tinybells! Email is on the way!

To celebrate upcoming Valentines Day, I have a special giveaway! A heart warming thank you to Patti & Paul at Ecig Workshop, and Bryan Peck at Highbrow Vapor!

Two of my favorite vendors have come together to make someones Valentines a special occasion.

The prize consists of a complete, ready to go, vaping package!

First up, is a beautiful, hand crafted Mosaic wood PV mod, made with Paul’s own hands from Ecig Workshop. If you are unfamiliar with their mods, you can check out some of my reviews:

But that’s not all!

Ecig Workshop is also throwing in one 18350 battery with charger, one cartomizer, and a drip tip!

Making this a complete mod, that is ready to vape!

Second up, are three 30ml bottles…that’s right, I said three 30ml bottles of e-liquid (winner gets to choose their flavors), made by Bryan of Highbrow Vapor…which happens to produce two of my favorite daily juices!

If you are unfamiliar with Highbrow Vapor, you can check out these posts:

Be My Valentines Complete Vaping Package Giveaway

This Valentine’s will have ONE lucky person winning this entire lot, making it a COMPLETE vaping package.

What the winner will receive:

  1. One Beautiful Mosaic Twig Wood Mod (Pictured)
  2. One 18350 Battery w/charger
  3. One Cartomizer
  4. One Drip Tip
  5. Three Awesome 30ml Bottles of E-Liquid (winner chooses flavors and mix)

All these items are new, never before used!

This contest starts now and the winner will be announced on Valentine’s day. All entries must be in by 11:59pm (Central Time) on Monday the 13th of February 2012.

To enter, simply post what type of e-cigarette, or mod you are using right here. One post per person only, please.

You may also enter a second time via the thread on in the member’s contests area found over here. Post what e-liquid you are vaping there.

Winner will be selected randomly.

This contest is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. By entering you agree to the rules, which are available over yonder.

Good luck everyone, and…will you be my Valentines?

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