What is the Best Electronic Cigarette?

Best Electronic Cigarette

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What is the best electronic cigarette on the market? This is by far, the most asked question I get from friends and acquaintances that are contemplating electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. Doh…how can I answer that?

The best, is the one that works for you.

Like all things in life, our preferences and needs can be quite different from one another. I appreciate when others are seeking advice from me, especially when they’re my friends. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite as simple as expected.

What do you mean by the best is the one that works for me…aren’t they all pretty much the same?

Yes…and no.

The best e-cigarette isn’t as simple as recommending X over Y. It’s just a little more complex than that. As I begin to explain batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, variable voltage, variable wattage, PV mods, VG and PG eliquid, the eyes begin to glaze over.

I forget, that in the beginning, it’s really up to the individual…to experiment, research, and draw their own conclusions.

I can point you in the right direction, but if you’re not investing a little of your own time to understand and experience the faults and benefits of the relationship of the working components, and how they interact with each other to meet your needs and priorities…well, no matter what I recommend, you’re not going to be satisfied.

Then I remember what my perceptions of e-cigs were when I first tried them a couple years ago.

  • I definitely did not want to be seen walking around with a huge club sticking out of my mouth.
  • Atomizer and cartomizer? What are those?
  • E-Liquid…didn’t they all taste the same? I had absolutely no clue.

It wasn’t until my third starter kit, that I finally began to understand…a little, anyways.

I came to understand that there really is a difference in ecigs. It was the ah-huh moment for me, and I realized I would have to reevaluate my criteria if e-cigs were going to be in my future.

So, what were the defining criteria for me?

  • Vapor production and taste! Without those two eventually coming together to be at least partially satisfying, e-cigarettes just weren’t going to cut it for me.
  • Battery life! As I think back, I remember having at least four separate chargers going at all times, ensuring I possessed a fresh battery. I was literally changing my battery almost on the hour.
  • Convenience! It became a huge inconvenience, charging batteries and replacing cartomizers so often. If I was at work, I made sure I brought quite a few extras along.
  • Price point! The money I was spending (wasting) seemed never ending. Electronic cigarettes had become my personal money pit.

Baby Steps Towards The Best E-Cigarette

Once I realized that for a dedicated and satisfying vaping experience, I had to make some changes. But, where to start?

E-Cigarette Battery Life
Because I was (still) a heavy vaper, my priority now shifted from an anolog size battery, to something that would last longer. I would be forced to accept the fact, if I wanted better and longer lasting battery life, I needed to go bigger. This in itself was a huge undertaking.

Overcoming my “fear” of walking around with anything larger than analog now took precedence…and It was a decision that I had to make on my own.

Stepping up my vape game, I purchased two eGo-T’s with some in-house e-liquid. Huge difference! Now I had a battery that would last, and only required me to have one other for backup.

My view of what I thought the best e-cig is supposed to be was quickly replaced.

I was so thrilled at my new found freedom from the chargers, I enthusiastically embraced the larger size. My apprehension of using anything that didn’t resemble an analog quickly faded.

Vapor Production & E-Liquid Taste
Fortunately, I purchased a couple bottles of quality e-Liquid when I stepped up to the eGo-T.

I quickly realized, there is a difference.

No longer fiddling with multiple chargers and batteries throughout the day, I began to concentrate my efforts experimenting with different flavors and PG/VG ratios.

To my surprise, purchasing separate e-liquid proved not only more satisfying in flavor and vapor, it was also less expensive.

My view of what I thought the best vape is supposed to taste and feel like had changed.

By now I had a long lasting battery, my vapor was full, and throat hit was satisfactory. What I spent my time on next, was to find a more convenient way to vape.

For Convenience Sake
Don’t get me wrong, my setup was by far more convenient than with the analogs. If I could only step it up one more notch, became my mantra. The eGo-T came with a very small, and inefficient tank. I liked atomizers, as long as I wasn’t doing anything else, and at home.

What I now wanted..was a way to hold more eLiquid. So on I went, to my next quest of finding a tank and cartomizer system I didn’t have to mess with much.

Experimenting with different tanks, brought with it the realization I would have to rethink my entire system that was in place. I wanted to be able to carry enough e-Liquid to last eight hours.

What would the requirements be for this? It was obvious at that moment…what I really needed was a personal vaporizor (PV) mod. I researched, though I really had no clue what I was looking for.

What I ended up with was a tube mod that required a single 17670 battery for 3.7 volts, or a pair of CR123 batteries for high voltage vaping.

Oh, yea…it was also larger than my eGo electronic cigarette. I happily plunked the cash for the required batteries, a charger, my shiny new mod, and a DCT tank with the proprietary cartomizers. I now had the “best e-cigarette”.

So I thought…

My view of what I thought was the most convenient electronic cigarette had changed.

The DCT tank setup delivered, but at a price. I now found myself needing to find a more economical tank system.

The Bottom Line?
In my quest for the best e-cigarette, I needed to find:

  • a non proprietary tank
  • non proprietary cartomizers
  • a way to punch my cartomizers

During this time, I managed to accumulate tanks from various manufacturers, cartomizers in various Ohms, and a couple different ways to punch them. Now I was set for vape heaven. I had the very best e-cigarette that fit all my needs, and it was proving very convenient for me.

My view of what I believed made e-cigarettes economical was challenged.

Though I managed to meet my requirements for the best e-cigarette, I had a solid PV mod, tanks, cartomizers, a good punch, knew what eLiquid worked for me, batteries, chargers, and lots of other incidentals along the way.

However, I soon realized there would be times when my pv mod just wouldn’t be practical. I also became aware that the technology for eCigs and PV mods was in constant flux.

There is always something newer, more advanced, or coveted. As time passes, my priorities change, my needs change, and my wants change.

So I continue, to this day…attempting to find the best e-cig for me…so how can I tell anyone else what the best is? Oh yea, it’s the one that works for you, while meeting your current requirements and expectations.

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