Bottom Feeder Mod From Hog Mods

Bottom Feeder Mod From Hog Mods

Hog mod number 6 finds a home with TUC

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a bottom feeder mod from Hog Mods for a while. Easier said than done! Mike Greenlee, aka Hogwart on the E Cigarette Forums, has quite a loyal following. Although he has a website (, his mods are currently purchased through his forum thread…and when he has a batch ready, they go quick!

So when I came across the bottom feeder Hog Mod (number 6) on the E Cigarette Forum Classifieds for $77.00, I quickly snatched it up.

Hog Mods are currently available in 3.7 volts at a base price of $110.00, or variable voltage with a base price of $160.00. When requesting a mod, you will be able to choose:

  • Type of wood for body
  • Type of wood for caps and inlays
  • Black switch (standard) or stainless switch (add $5)
  • 3.7v Mod or Variable Volt Mod
  • General Finishes Arm-R-Seal finish (best protection) or Tung oil finish (more natural look and feel)
  • Choice of LED bottle illumination color. Choices are white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, or you can choose no LED

View the 30 types of wood available.

For some reason, I had the impression that this would be a big box mod. Not so, it fits perfectly in my grip.

Bottom Feeder Mod From Hog Mods

My number 6 is a 3.7v mod with a 6ml bottom feed system and runs on an 18650 battery. Not having an 18650 when it arrived, I tried my luck with an AW 17670 1600mAh battery, filled the bottle with one of my favorite 24mg nicotine at 70pg/30vg juice, and topped it off with a LR attomizer.

I quickly became aware that I didn’t quite have bottom feeding down!

After all, this is my first.

The first couple days were spent fine tuning my “feeding” system. Lots of gurgling…then smooth vapes…followed by a harsh, burnt hit. I didn’t like bottom feeding…at first.

NOW, I do believe I’ve been converted, for some of the time anyways. I still drip, and I do love my tanks. What I have learned, is that bottom feeding your juice is a very convenient way to vape. Filling the bottle is a breeze compared to tanks, and unlike vaping with a tank, I can switch hit it by dripping without having to mess with changing out for a atty.

I just grab another bottle of juice and drip…no need for anything else.

Hog Wood Mod

Birch/Bocote makes for a fine number 6 indeed! Now I’m thinking Star Trek for some reason

Notice anything missing in this picture? There are no magnets. Mike manages to shape his wood to such high tolerances, the door fits perfectly and stays on…unless you want it off.

Looks great, smooth vapes (once you learn the curve), fits nicely in your hand…but does it leak?

I tested mine by laying it on its sides, shaking it, even vaping it upside down. I got nothing, not a drop inside or out! Even when there was visible liquid in the drip cup, which I think is the perfect size.

I did get some juice in my mouth, but there were no leaks within the unit.

Hog Bottom Feeder

6ml bottle, 18650 OR 17670 battery and LR atty…smooth

I’m a righty, but I vape the Hog Mod with my left hand. That there is the hole used for “pushing” the liquid up from the bottle to the atomizer. I fire it with my thumb, while my ring finger “pushes” the liquid trigger.

You would think it would be awkward (me being right handed) but it’s actually very comfortable, and intuitive.

What I think of the Bottom Feeder Hog Mod

Simple, yet elegant…light weight, yet durable…and fantastic hits. I’m really impressed with the product.

The Good

  • Construction – This is another quality, hand-crafted, made in the USA wood mod.
  • Options – Options for 3.7v or variable voltage, not to mention the many wood choices available. I believe you can even request a “custom” build.
  • Bottom Fed – I had no idea how versatile bottom feeding is, go figure!

The Bad

  • Price – At $110.00 base for a 3.7v mod, and $160.00 for variable voltage, the Hog Mod may be out of reach for some. I will say that if the price point is of no concern, you will be a very happy camper with a Hog at your side.
  • On/Off Switch – There is none, some may require one, however, I have never had an issue with any of my mods that do not include one.
  • Availability – This is a very hard to come by mod. For good reason, it is that good.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Bottom Feeder Mod From Hog Mods
I was pleasantly surprised with the versatility of bottom feeding in general, and the craftsmanship that goes into these mods. Mine is one of the earliest ones..number 6 (must be a collectible…right)! Since, it has evolved into one of the most sought after wood mods available.

Website: Hog Mods

Bottom Line: Beautiful wood construction, bottom feeding, with many options available to show off your individuality, you can’t go wrong vaping on a Hog.


  • Chelle (BiancaMontgomery-ECF) says:

    That little girl used to be one of my babies. 🙂 I have her “twin” #10 still. Just so you know, it can handle two 3v batts stacked for 6v vaping and also that 4.8v batt that’s become so popular. The bottom end cap on yours is awesome! Wish it was on #10 😉 Great review!

    • TUC says:

      Hey Chelle, thanks for stopping by!

      I haven’t tried it with stacked batteries yet, right now I have a Splash, Red Sky Mod, and GLV that I use for higher voltages…but I’m gonna have to try it now. 🙂

  • Jeff Smith says:

    Great reviews. I love the site and the info u give out. I had a3.7vhog earlier and now have a Vv hog. And it is one of my favorite mods. Only downside is no on off switch but its not that big of a deal. Great product and mike and family are great people to deal with. Bottom feeding was hard for me to get used to also but once I for the hang of it. It is about all I do. Lol

    • TUC says:

      Thanks Jeff.

      Yea, bottom feeders are awesome. What I love about them is you can drip a different flavor if you want.

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