Buzz Pro

Buzz Pro

The Buzz Pro…wrapped in wood.

The Buzz Pro is one of my favorite variable voltage e-cig mods. Following my review of the Buzz Pro, I managed to get my hands on one that is wrapped in Redwood Burl.

Mistinthewoods, of E-Cigarette Forum (ECF), produces these beautiful pieces of wood for the Buzz Pro. The first wood additions were on a Chuck, followed by the GLV’s. Now, Mistinthewoods “wooderizes” the Buzz Pro’s and IPro’s from Notcigs.

His latest creations are now adorning the Provari’s from Provape!

“Wooderized” Buzz Pro

Combining the functionality of a proven tube mod with the artistic imagination of wood, producing a look that is difficult to duplicate.

The wood covering is produced using veneer lamination’s of various types of wood. The unique look consists of intricate patterns and designs, adding a personalized touch to any mod.

Detail of the Buzz Pro Wood

Detail of the Buzz Pro Wood

Detail of the Buzz Pro Wood

What else can I say…this thing rocks and looks awesome to boot!

Visit Deer Lake Woodworks to see how you can get a tube mod wrapped in wood.

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  • Mark Davis (AKA, mistinthewoods) says:

    Just thought I’d let you know that I haven’t veneered the Buzz Pro for quite some time. The BP has to be done before the electronics are installed and since NotCigs super glues the circuit boards in they are not removable, not by me anyhow. I have been doing some Provaris since they are easily disassembled and I can do most mechanicals.
    Oh yeah, My website is shamefully out dated too. My lazy ass needs to do something about that.

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