Cartomizer Punch

Cartomizer Punch

I can’t believe I’m actually excited about this product..but I am!

It’s not often I get excited about an e-cig accessory, let alone a cartomizer punch. I have been using a relatively inexpensive, yet cumbersome saddle valve for quite a while now, so when I received the aluminum cartomizer punch V3 from VIP Vapor Cigs, I took notice!

I vape almost exclusively with tanks, and find it is more economical, and practical for me to punch my own cartomizers. I’ve purchased numerous, from expensive punches used with a hammer, to making my own similar to the “keyring” types now being sold for around $15.00, eventually settling on the saddle valve.

Until now…

Cartomizer Punch from VIP Vapor Cigs

If you punch your own cartomizers, give this little gem some serious consideration…you won’t regret it.

At $40.00, it’s not cheap…but neither is the ProVari! Yet, both are worth every penny, IMHO.

This is by far, the easiest, fastest, and most flexible cartomizer punch I have used.

Parts of the V3 Cartomizer Punch

Cartomizer Punch Parts

Aluminum block, cobalt tip, adjustable, large handle…it doesn’t get better than this!

What you receive with the V3 Cartomizer Punch:

  • One single block of aluminum that has been threaded, and milled to accept your favorite cartomizers.
  • One cobalt tipped, threaded screw with a large plastic handle, for piercing the carto.
  • One allen head bolt for height adjustment, along with a nut for locking your adjustment into place, ensuring every hole is positioned where you want it.
Cartomizer Punch Tip

Pierce it, baby!

This carto punch comes with a sharp, cobalt tip. Piercing holes in your cartomizer has never been so easy.

Cartomizer Punch Threads

Peep hole for viewing the “action”?

The aluminum block comes with a viewing hole, allowing you to easily check the size of your punched holes. If you punch more than one hole in your cartos, this also allows for an effective way to view your positioning.

Using the cartomizer punch from VIP Vapor Cigs

Cartomizer Punch

No Tools Required

Using this particular carto punch is as easy as it gets, and no tools are required.

First, set the desired height with the allen head screw, and lock into place with the nut. I found that hand pressure is sufficient to perform both tasks.

Slide your cartomizer in, connector end first, until it is seated against the lock screw.

Now, twist the handle until the tip comes into contact with your carto. Twist some more until you get the desired size hole. I have found my preference to be three quarter turns of the handle.

Note: Twisting the handle requires very little effort.

It actually took longer to type the above instructions, than it did for me to punch my cartomizers!

Cartomizers Punched

Perfect holes every time!

What I think of the Cartomizer Punch

The Good

  • Ease of Use – The height adjustment and large handle makes this one of the easiest carto punches to use, every time.
  • Design – Height adjustment, viewing hole, large handle, and solid construction makes this device one of the best I have seen or used, IMHO.
  • Performance – Performs exceptionally well, and fast…all without any other tools.

The Bad

  • Price – At $40.00, some may not see the benefit of spending a little extra for a carto punch. For those that do, it very well could be the last punch you ever need, or want to purchase.

The Ugly

  • Doesn’t do body piercings!

Final notes on the Cartomizer Punch V3 from VIP Vapor Cigs
I cannot stress this enough…if you punch cartomizers on a regular basis, this device will make your task much more simpler, faster, and reliably. This isn’t just “another” punch.

Website: The Aluminum Cartmizer Punch V3

  • Name: Cartomizer Punch V3
  • Price: $40.00
  • Type: Cartomizer Punch
  • Construction: Solid aluminum block, cobalt screw tip, large handle

I haven’t been this excited in a while, and to think it’s just a carto punch! In all seriousness, this device seems to have everything a quality cartomizer punch SHOULD have. Plus, it will no doubt be the last one you ever need, or want to purchase.


  • Ime5000 on ecf says:

    i will have to check this out since im just now getting into tanks with the RSM Destroyer i got
    i know its not something to get real excited about, but VIP SS drip tips made by Dyingbreed are pretty fantastic, they are really smooth and look beautiful. something to check out when they actually have some in stock, they are hard to get ahold of :p

  • Bunny says:

    Can you give a n00b a description of why you would want to punch your cartomisers? Thanks!

  • rexet says:

    I just made a video review of the version 4 of this carto punch here:

    Conclusion is: impressive carto puncher that will be perfect in version 5 with some minor upgrades :)

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