Central Texas Vapors

Central Texas Vapors

I recently joined the Central Texas Vapors, and had the pleasure to attend my first vape meet with them.

Have you ever been to a vape meet?

I’m not talking about the larger type meets that are held 1,000 miles from where you’re located, and would count as a vacation to attend. I’m talking about the kind of vape meets that are held locally, and usually try to get together every month or so.

If not, you don’t know what you are missing!

Central Texas Vapors

The Central Texas Vapors were meeting at a local pizza place in Austin, TX. There was a back room reserved for the occasion, and we were able to vape all we wanted. Tasty food, cold beer, and plenty of vapor…what more could you ask for?

How about meeting other people that vape?

I not only was able to meet some awesome people, I was able to see a couple new mods, one of which I will be purchasing soon!

Central Texas Vapors

A raffle was held, and I am very proud to say that a few of my very favorite vendors were kind enough to donate products for the fun.

Vape Train

The Vape Train by Ecig Workshop

Ecig Workshop was kind enough to donate an all new Vape Train for the raffle. The Vape Train is a very cool PV, juice, atomizer/cartomizer, and battery holder for your desk, or night stand. Ecig Workshop is now offering a larger size, as well as the ability to custom order a Vape Train to your specifications.

Highbrow Vapor E-Liquid

Highbrow Vapor Surprise E-Liquid

Highbrow Vapor sent a surprise package of their juice to be included in the raffle as well. If you aren’t familiar with Highbrow Vapor, you should give them a try. Their RY4 and Dark Chocolate Mint are two of my favorite juices!

VIP Vapor Cigs

Stainless Steel Drip Tips from VIP Vapor Cigs

VIP Vapor Cigs sent two beautiful stainless drip tips for the raffle, they wanted to send an absolute favorite of mine…their version of a carto punch, but were out of stock at the time.

Mountain Oak Vapors E-Liquid

Mountain Oak Vapors E-Liquid Sample Packs

One of my most recent favorite vendor discoveries…Mountain Oak Vapors, was very generous, donating three of their juice sample packs. If you haven’t tried Mountain Oak Vapors E-Liquid yet, I highly recommend you give them a vape.

Vapor Meets

So what to bring to a meet up?

Attending local vape meets are really a lot of fun!

Not only do you get to meet diverse people at various stages of vaping experience, you will be able to try out new e-liquids, see and feel new mods, and most importantly…be able to pick the brains of others.

So, what should you bring to a vape meet?

  • Bring your mods! Everyone will want to see and hold the different mods that others have. It’s a great resource to be able to see a PV Mod in person before purchasing.
  • Bring atomizers with a drip tip. Most will be bringing along their juices, and will eagerly allow you to try. Without an atomizer and drip tip, you wont be able to taste the various flavors or vendors that most undoubtedly will be brought along.
  • Bring your favorite e-liquids along, so that others may try what you have. It’s all about sharing with others, and they will be most appreciative, especially if they find a new favorite among your juice.
  • Bring any accessories you really like. Most people are looking for that item that you feel strongly about.

If you haven’t already been to a local vape meet, I highly recommend you at least attend one. I am hooked! If you live in Central Texas, definitely check out the Central Texas Vapors…maybe I’ll see ya sometime!


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