Custom Etched Glass Tank Giveaway

Custom Etched Glass Tank Giveaway

To celebrate the holidays, I have a custom etched glass tank to giveaway!

The winner will receive this “Vaping Bad” etched glass tank made by Jared at jRad Melts.

If you are unfamiliar with jRad Melts and his work, you can check out these posts:

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Pictures do not give this awesome tank justice.

Get your holiday vape on, and ONE lucky person will be receiving this custom glass tank from jRad Melts.

What the winner will receive:

  • One “Vaping Bad” etched glass tank.
  • One custom glass drip tip.
  • One set of end caps.
  • One SmokTech dual coil cartomizer.

Get your vape on this Holiday!

This contest starts now and the winner will be announced on the 4th of January. All entries must be in by 11:59pm (Central Time) on Wednesday the 1st of January 2014.

Sorry, but this contest is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. By entering you agree to the rules, which are available over yonder.

To enter, simply head over to jRad Melts (opens new window) give him some Facebook love (like his page), head back here and put in the comments what you think would be a cool etch for a tank. That’s it!

One entry per person only, please.

Happy vaping, and good luck!


  • David says:

    Robert Mitchum – Night of The Hunter.

    Or Kurt Vonnegut – So it Goes

  • quik_lives says:

    A slice of cake, a la reddit’s cake day icon.

  • molly szot says:

    Pinup girls!

  • Bradd Hunter says:

    I love this tank. The detailed etching on it is phenomenal. It would look great on MVP.

    I read the rules wrong. But I would like some Game of Thrones Sigils.

  • Alack R says:

    Start doing a “science” line, since they had a hand in making e-cigarettes possible. just to name a few, Georg Simon Ohm, Thomas Edison, Alessandro Volta

  • Broderick says:

    I think just having a cool smoke design is enough for me. So it’d look like I’m always vaping when I’m always vaping.

  • That tank is dope as hell.

  • ennifer says:

    Would love to have a whale wars etched tank I’m obsessed lol

  • Sam says:

    I’d love mine to say “F%*# Yo Couch”

  • Nick Lund says:

    Sweet etching!

    I would definitely be wanting some etched death metal band logos.

  • Havok1988 says:

    I think a Sons of Anarchy logo would make for a cool etched tank if you want to continue the tv theme. That or The Walking Dead. You could call it The Vaping Dead and have a zombie face opposite the lettering like you did with this tank.

    If you go with the SOA one, the reaper would be awesome but difficult I’d imagine. If it’s too hard the blocked out SOA logo would be cool as well.

  • SinisterRaccoon says:

    Wonderful tank! Would love to see a walking dead theme one

  • Elantis says:

    Dragonflies in flight around the glass would really be great!

  • Marcus E says:

    Would love to get an etched tank from these guys! Heres to hoping

  • Mia A says:

    I would love to see/buy/own a mandalorian / boba fett tank. I’m also a big Cap fan, a tank with The Star Shield from captain on one side and the hydra symbol on the other would be pretty keen.

  • Tyler Hood says:

    I think a biohazard sign or a toxic skull would like pretty epic on the provari zombie edition.

  • Scott Fordyce says:

    A skull etching would look really cool, especially with a glass skull drip tip!

  • Lucas Calderon says:

    In the spirit of Breaking Bad and AMC shows, it’d be kind of cool to see a “Walking Dead” etching on one of your tanks… or the “Pollos Hermanos” logo from breaking bad because that’d be so dope.

  • Aaron Terrell Britt says:

    Maybe a Sons of Anarchy logo etch would be good.

  • Brent says:

    The no smoking sign!

  • Joey says:

    The House Targaryen logo.

  • Jason says:

    Battlestar Galactica logo

  • john42277 says:

    I love horror and sci fi, so maybe a zombie etching or the alien from the alien franchise would be awesome!

  • Todd Schmitgall says:

    Tattoo designs would be awesome! You could have one made to match your favorite tattoo.. That would definitely make it your own!

  • Greg Wilson says:

    i would like to see a star wars related etch, with the death star or an imperial cog wheel, and vader or a storm trooper on the other side.

  • Tommy Gilligan says:

    The etching is awesoem and I would totally like to see some other breaking bad renditions but as a boro lover I really want to see worked tanks haha. Give me retti’s give me reversals maybe a wig wag and I will be throwing my money at the screen.

  • Patrick says:

    I would like one that says. I <3 EDM

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