Dinky Wood PV Mod

Dinky Wood PV Mod

Even Armadillos love the Dinky wood mod!

The 3.7 volt Dinky wood mod is the smallest of three size offerings available from ECig Workshop, known for their Juice Jar. The Dinky uses an 18350 battery (I’ve been using a CR123), while the other two take one 18650. All three are hand-crafted in Oak, Cherry, or Walnut for only $45.00. For an extra $10.00 you have the options of Purpleheart, Rosewood, Spalted Maple, Zebrawood, or with inlays.

I opted for the Dinky in Spalted Maple.

When it comes to PV mods, I’m used to spending $100.00 plus, so at a base price of just $45.00, I was a little skeptical as to the quality of mod I would receive.

The base price will raise to $60.00 after December 21.

Dinky Wood PV Mod From ECig Workshop

Dinky Wood PV Mod

510 Smok Tech Tank & Super T stainless tip

After receiving my package, I was immediately struck by the good looks of this “little” wood mod.

Not having an 18350 battery, I raided my GLV-2 for its CR123 batteries.

Outfitting it with my favorite low resistance atomizer, I began dripping…and dripping…and dripping.

Not only was the vape really good, it felt “right” in my hand…and looked even better resting between vapes on my table.

I then raided my Q2v3 for its tank…and have been vaping the Dinky almost exclusively since.

These wood mods are conditioned with Howard BBC012 Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil and Natural Waxes.

Dinky Wood PV Mod

The internals of the Dinky Wood PV Mod

Being a basic wood mod, the internals allow for a battery, and a button. Nothing too exciting, but it is very well done.

Dinky Wood PV Mod

This door has hinges!

Besides the beautiful wood of this mod, I really love the fact that the door comes with flush mounted hinges (this is the only wood mod I know of that uses hinges) with magnets. In my opinion, the hinges not only provide a more secure attachment of the door…I actually prefer the looks.

ECig Workshop is now offering their models with unhinged doors, for those that prefer them.

The Dinky, from ECig Workshop is by far my favorite personal vaping mod…and my least expensive to boot! Now, if I can only get it from my Armadillo.

Good thing I’m ordering another wood mod (tall) in matching Spalted Maple. The Tall for my home vaping, the Dinky for my out and about vaping needs.

What I think of the Dinky Wood Mod

The only thing I have a problem with the wood mods from ECig Workshop is the button used. Don’t get me wrong, it performs flawlessly…I just don’t think the current button does justice to the quality and looks of their mods.

I contacted ECig Workshop about this, and they are actually in the process of offering another (I believe it is a flush mount steel or aluminum) button choice. Either way, this mod is definitely worth every penny, and then some!

The Good

  • Construction – This is a quality, hand-crafted, made in the USA wood mod…nuff said!
  • Price – At $45.00 base, even at the eventual $60.00 base for the unit, these wood mods are worth every cent.
  • Looks – Every where I go, whether it be friends or strangers, this mod gets the nod.
  • Ergonomics – The Dinky fits the best in my hand out of my other PV’s, and just has a natural feel to it.

The Bad

  • Drip Cup – No drip cup, if you drip exclusively this may pose a slight problem, causing you to simply wipe away any seepage from the wood top.
  • On/Off Switch – There is none, it hasn’t been a problem for me, (I’ve been carrying it around in my jacket with no problems) but some may require one.

The Ugly

  • Nothing – This is by far my favorite PV Mod.

Final notes on the Dinky Wood PV Mod
The Dinky is hand crafted right here in the good ole USA out of beautiful wood selections. Attention to detail is apparent in the rounded corners…the matching door to body lines…and the flush mount hinges. Customer service is top notch with any questions answered in a timely manner. If you have a customization in mind, ECig Workshop is very accomodating.

That’s why I’m ordering another!

Update: Since writing this review, I have pulled the trigger on a matching (Spalted Maple) Tall box mod.

Website: ECig Workshop

Bottom Line: Great looks, master craftsmanship, and an awesome price to boot. You can’t beat this wood mod for straight vaping.


  • Steve K says:

    Good review! I’m really impressed with the dinky (I also have a spalted maple version). The attention to detail is fantastic on these things. They did tell me that they plan on incorporating a drip cup on future models.

  • TUC says:

    Thanks, Steve! I really love this mod…so much, I ordered the Tall. I don’t care for a drip cup, but others may. In fact, I prefer my mods without a drip cup.

  • Paul says:

    Thank you TUC for an encouraging review and also Steve for you’re support , after new year we will be hopefully setting up instructional videos on how to assemble and wire up our boxes and all parts including boxes to be sold separately with a variety of switches etc, so you can pick exactly how you want it . Support will be at hand to by phone and maybe webcam for customers needing help whilst on there projects. At the moment it is a thought but please let me know what you think on this new venture, thx again guys comments like these keep us building mods and help us to enjoy what we do :)

  • Paul says:

    Hey i hope you like you’re other mods should be with you today :)

  • Albert Madison says:

    this is the first one i saw that has wood in it. great mod! :)

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