E-liquid From Highbrow Vapor

Highbrow Vapor eLiquid

Highbrow Vapor sampling of e-liquid

I recently received a sampling of e-liquid from Highbrow Vapor, a new juice kid on the block, to give a try. Now, you have to understand something…by no means, do I pretend to be a connoisseur of any sort, let alone e-liquid. I just know what I like, and what I don’t. So bear with me, if I don’t make any sense.

Up to this point, I have made it a rule to stay away from the flavored variety of e-liquids, searching only for a “tobacco” flavor that agreed with me. It seemed most flavored…as well as the tobacco’s always seemed too sweet, or “synthetic” (for lack of a better word) taste to me. I know it sounds crazy, after all, it’s an e-cigarette!

In fact, I had been happily vaping my trusty, “Nameless” at 24mg, 70pg/30vg. No really, that is the name of my e-liquid of choice!

So, I was pretty hesitant to venture into new territory. Especially when I hadn’t had much luck in the past.

E-liquid From Highbrow Vapor

The first thing that caught my attention was the packaging. The four 10ml sample bottles were labeled with pertinent criteria, including date of mix, then carefully wrapped and boxed. Now you have to understand something, I have received brand spanking new PV Mods worth in excess of $100.00 that seemed they were sent out haphazardly in mailing envelopes. So yea, this made an impression on me.

From the Highbrow Vapor website:

Rest assured knowing when you purchase our E liquid your VG and PG are 100% USP Food grade kosher and your nic is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. Our juice is produced in medically clean environments and is made to order using the highest production standards possible. All of the ingredients in our products are deemed generally safe for human consumption by the FDA. Product is always kept in dark, dry environments at temperatures that would make most computer servers envious. Our philosophy dictates that when it comes to e-juice, “the sum is not greater than its parts”. Crafting the best e liquids is a process and we enjoy every aspect of it!

Highbrow Vapor’s attention to detail, and quality doesn’t end there. with a simple, yet straight forward mission statement: “To provide customers with the highest quality e-liquid at reasonable prices.” It is evident from ingredients, production, storing, and the eventual packaging, they “walk the walk”.

But will their e-liquids be any good?

The four juices received were all 10ml, 18mg nicotine, at 70pg/30vg:

  • Highbrowbacco – with a blend of apple
  • Dark Chocolate Mint
  • Hazelnut Cream
  • Highbrowbacco – RY4

One other thing before we get to how they tasted…Highbrow Vapor is 100% made to order, with none of their product made in batches.

My Impressions…or Taste of e-liquid from Highbrow Vapor

Chocolate Mint E-Liquid

Dark Chocolate Mint juice from Highbrow Vapor

Dark Chocolate Mint
Boy was I surprised when I tried this! Dedicating a tank for this juice, it has quickly become my chosen vape along with my morning coffee. It reminds me of the “after dinner mints” you would find at a restaurant.

But does it taste like chocolate or mint?

I found that at around 3.7v and below, the chocolate flavor is more pronounced. With my sweet spot ending up around 3.9v to 4.3v. While at 4.3v and higher, the mint flavor becomes more dominant. This is with the use of a tank, if dripping the scale would slide to the left around 0.4 volts.

Becoming one of my favorites, to my surprise, this is definitely a keeper for me. It’s my favorite in the morning, and right before retiring for the evening.

Hazelnut Cream
Try as I might, I just didn’t take to this juice. Not that it was bad, I think it just isn’t a good fit for my taste buds.

It didn’t have any hint of the “synthetic” sweetness that I have grown to loathe.

It just wasn’t for me, but I think if you are a hazelnut cream sorta person, your opinion would more than likely differ from mine. You may even say I don’t know what I’m talking about…which I pointed out earlier, I really don’t.

Highbrowbacco Apple Blend
The apple blend is superbly subtle, unless you go up in the voltage spectrum, then it becomes too much…for me.

I preferred this juice at around 3.8v and lower. Not my favorite, but I can vape this if I need to. That’s saying a lot, since I have a stash of about 40 bottles ranging in sizes from 5ml to 30ml of various e-liquids tried that I can’t vape.

If you like a little apple in your juice, this may be perfect for you.

RY4 e-liquid

RY4 e-liquid from Highbrow Vapor vs Dekang RY4 from MadVapes

Highbrowbacco RY4
I hadn’t tried RY4 before this either…and to my surprise, I had found another favorite from Highbrow Vapor! I especially like the hint of vanilla and caramel while inhaling, with the tobacco’y tasting clouds of vapor while exhaling.

This has become my favorite…even over my “Nameless” juice.

Under 4.3v I find the vanilla/caramel flavor pops, while over 5.0v the tobacco stands out. My personal sweet spot seems to be between 4.3v and 5.0v (with tank). With dripping the scale slides to the left about 0.5v to 0.8v.

But could it be because I have never tried RY4 before?

I couldn’t tell, so I got me a bottle of Dekang RY4 from MadVapes, to compare.

While the RY4 from MadVapes produced good throat hit, and vapor…it lacked in taste. It felt harsher, burnt tasting, with any flavors muted to non-existent. Too bad, because now I have a 50ml bottle relegated to the “stash”.

Final Words on e-liquid from Highbrow Vapor
Highbrow juices are winners with me! I did not detect any artificial, or chemical “sweetness” that has steered me away from many of the flavored, as well as tobacco e-liquids in the past.

The flavors actually taste as they claim, while providing great vapor and throat hit. Out of four samples, I have managed to find two that have become personal favorites.

Website: Highbrow Vapor
ECF Thread: Highbrow Vapor on ECF

  • Flavors : Natural Flavorings
  • Mixture: PG/VG or mixture of choice
  • Nicotine Level: 0-36mg
  • Size: 10ml, 30ml
  • Savings: 10% coupon code at checkout ~ TUC

Disclosure: Highbrow Vapor sent these products to me for evaluation and review. You can view my full disclosure here.

Bottom Line: What else can I say? Highbrow Vapor definitely lives up to their words:
“…Our promise to you is this: You will not receive an overly sweet, bland, artificial or chemically tasting product.”
~ And have gained a loyal customer (me) because of it.