E-Pipe Mechanical Mod

E-pipe Mechanical Mod

The E-pipe mechanical mod from SmokTech. Is it good to go, or another “gotta have” mod you’ll forget after about a weeks use? I like the simplicity of a good mechanical mod, I also like something with a small footprint. It’s been a while since I’ve had a mechanical, so when I saw the e-pipe at a local vape store, I just couldn’t resist.

This mod is a chrome plated, brass device outfitted with a sealed 510 connection, shrouded by a deep drip well, which allows the use of most ego sized clearomizers. Powered by a single 18350 battery, this device should give most approximately 4-6 hours of vape time. This is not an all day, load it and forget about it vape. But…man…is it nice.

The battery cap is vented, and the battery housing is outfitted with a sleeve (I am not 100% sure on the material). The firing switch is also enclosed with what I believe to be delrin, Operation of the switch is smooth, but not “clicky”, so those that prefer a positive “click” may not like it. Both end caps are knurled, with the threading smooth and positive.

The e-pipe is hefty for its size, and feels substantial in the hand. I found it to be comfortable, stealthy, and intuitive. Quality is very high for the price point of a mechanical mod.

What I think of the e-pipe

E-Pipe Batteries

Both flat top and button top batteries will fit, with one caveat.

I vaped the e-pipe with both flat top, and button top batteries. You can use button top batteries, but the throw of the switch is very light and short in this configuration. I recommend only flat top batteries for the e-pipe. I have read where others are reversing their batteries in order to accommodate button tops, while this may work, I disagree, and do not recommend this approach from a safety standpoint.

E-Pipe 510 Connection

E-Pipe sealed 510 connection and deep drip well, or “shroud”. Note the white delrin ring around the switch (left).

The e-pipe 510 connection is sealed, with a deep drip well enclosure. Ego sized clearomizers fit perfectly.

E-pipe With Clearomizer

E-pipe fitted with clearomizer.

Outfitted with a clearomizer, the e-pipe is able to stand on end. The draw is very tight in this configuration, and is not my preference. Another aspect to be aware of, you may have e-liquid spilling if laying on its side.

E-pipe With Lavatank

E-pipe outfitted with the LavaTank.

The e-pipe will accommodate a full size tank, allowing plenty of airflow and is my preferred setup. Though the e-pipe will not stand upright, if you have a quality tank spillage of e-liquid is not a concern.

Handling the E-pipe

E-pipe in the hand…very comfortable and intuitive.

The e-pipe fits like a glove. I really like the way this mechanical mod handles. To me, it’s very comfortable, and intuitive. Because I’ve never been a pipe user, I tend to hold it completely enclosed, with my forefinger (index) activating the firing switch.

E-Pipe with DCT Tank

My preferred setup of the e-pipe. DCT with 1.4 Ohm dual coil cartomizer.

Go figure that the SmokTech 3.5ml DCT Tank fits perfect with the e-pipe from, guess who…SmokTech. Now I have an excuse to get the 3.5ml UDCT.

E-pipe Activation Wire

Is the e-pipe an all mechanical mod?

Touted from SmokTech, and others, the e-pipe is a mechanical mod. From the above picture, you can clearly see there is a wire in the left side. This wire leads from the switch to the 510 connector. In my opinion, this is not a true “all mechanical mod”, but it’s pretty close. If the wire was severed, or compromised from high amperage, operation would cease to function.

For many though, this is as close as it gets…so you decide.

Configuration Specifications


Under Load


The Good

  • Size – This is a fairly small device that delivers when configured correctly.
  • Ergonomics – I really like the way it fits my hand.
  • Quality – For the price point, it’s hard to beat.
  • Simplicity – Nothing to fiddle with, top it off and go.
  • Cool Factor – The e-pipe is just freaking unique.

The Bad

  • Not “All Mechanical” – May be a deal breaker, if you are looking for an “all mechanical” mod.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the e-pipe from SmokTech
Quality construction, feels good in the hand, and a unique look are things I look for in a mod. It doesn’t hurt that when topping it off with one of my favorite tanks (DCT), it provides an awesome vape.

Website: E-pipe from SmokTech

Bottom Line: If you like a mod that is simple, with a small footprint, and is unique, definitely give the e-pipe from SmokTech a look.