Ecig Workshop Stick

Ecig Workshop Stick

My hat’s off to the new Stick from Ecig Workshop!

The little brother to the Stick, the Dinky wood pv mod from Ecig Workshop was one of my first reviews, and remains one of my favorite mods for vaping. Since then, Paul & Patti have been very busy…adding new designs and wood selections.

Because the Dinky has become my mainstay while vaping, it was a natural to order its big brother. Enter the all new Stick…based on their Tall wood mod, the Stick comes native with a 510 connector, and utilizes a single 18650 battery for longer vape times. Oh yea, you can also fit a 5 volt battery, or a pair of 123A’s or 18350’s for some truly high voltage vaping (but I didn’t tell ya that).

Ecig Workshop Stick

Ecig Workshop Stick

The Stick from Ecig Workshop

What differentiates the Stick from their Tall model is the battery door. The Tall has a hinged door, much like my Dinky…while the all new Stick does away with the hinges.

Instead, the Stick has a cut out, which is held in place by magnets. This change makes for slimmer ergonomics.

At first, I really didn’t take to it. Call it resistance to change…I guess, but I really did have a hard time getting used to it.

Now, however, I prefer this new slimmer mod…even over my Dinky! And that’s saying a lot.

In Spalted Maple, my Stick is the perfect compliment to my Dinky…with one big plus, the 18650 batteries last a good long time!

Since receiving my Stick, Ecig Workshop has introduced a truly gorgeous design called the Mosaic. You guessed it, I see yet another Ecig Workshop mod in my future…and it goes by the name of Mosaic!

Impressions of the Stick from Ecig WorkshopEcig Workshop Wood Mod

No more hinges for this Stick!

Like I stated earlier, it took a while for me to get used to the unhinged door of the Stick, but after using it…I soon felt otherwise. It just feels right in my hand, well balanced while not being overly weighty or too light. Slight curvature to the mod gives it a very natural and comfortable grip.

The fit of the door is very clean and blends into the rest of the body. Even though these mods have a slight curve to them, there are no protrusions. A very nice fit, indeed.

Activating the device is pretty straight forward. It comes with a ‘clicky’ button that fires every time, and provides a positive engagement without being too sensitive. I haven’t experienced a misfire, or an unwanted activation, even though I take it out and about.

My favorite way to vape is with a tank, and the Stick, along with its 18650 battery becomes a non-stop vaping machine. With a low resistance tank, I get plenty of vapor, and battery time.

I requested mine be conditioned with the Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner, but I believe they are now applying a clear coat of Polycrylic, which brings out the luster in the wood’s grain, and alleviates a ritual of applying conditioner.

EDIT: Ecig Workshop has decided to stay with the Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner.

What I think of the Stick from eCig Workshop

All in all, the Stick has lived up to the Dinky…and then some. Delivering a quality product where looks and functionality aren’t sacrificed at a relatively inexpensive price point.

Dinky and Stick

A side by side comparison of the Stick and Dinky wood mods.

With the brothers side by side, the new slimmer version (unhinged door), which is available on all their models, is apparent on my Stick.

The Good

  • Construction – Once again, this is a quality, hand-crafted, made in the USA wood mod!
  • Price – At $44.99 for a base Stick, you just can’t beat it.
  • Looks – The wood used is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Ergonomics – The slimmer design matches VERY well with its height, it just feels right in the hand.
  • Customer Service – Ecig Workshop takes pride in their product, and even more so in a satisfied customer.

The Bad

  • Drip Cup – I use tanks, so it isn’t of concern for me, though it may be for others.
  • On/Off Switch – There is none, but this has not posed any issues for me. I have yet to have a misfire.

The Ugly

  • Can’t find one if you paid me!

Final notes on the Stick from Ecig Workshop
Just like all the mods offered from Ecig Workshop, the Stick is hand crafted in the good ole USA out of beautiful wood selections. Attention to detail is apparent in all the cuts, with clean lines, fit and finish.

Ecig Workshop’s customer service is also second to none. Super nice people, Paul and Patti will answer any questions you may have, and are truly committed to producing quality vaping devices, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Website: Ecig Workshop

  • Name: The Stick
  • Price: $49.99 (Body Only) +$15.00 for a starter kit. The starter kit includes a universal charger, cartomizer, drip tip and a rechargeable protected lithium-ion battery.
  • Type: 3.7 Volts.
  • Battery: Uses one 18650 protected battery.
  • Connector Type: 510.
  • Body: Constructed from wood.
  • Warranty: Unknown, but Paul & Patti are simply the best, and will definitely work with you to resolve any issues that may arise.

Bottom Line: Straight up vaping couldn’t be better. Awesome looks and quality craftsmanship, in an inexpensive package that feels oh so good in the hand. I highly recommend you check them out, and if you do decide to get one of their awesome products…tell em TUC sent ya!


  • Paul says:

    Hey Brian this is Paul vapemail should be with you Tues maybe Wed to make up for the fence post i sent you last time, hope you like :)

  • Hey Tuc – these are absolutely amazing! I can’t believe it took me this long to find the perfect wood mod. Thanks for the wonderful reviews and I will tell them that you sent me when I order! :)

    • TUC says:

      Right on…I think you will absolutely enjoy one of their mods. Plus, they are awesome people to deal with.

  • Lorena32605 says:

    The reviews from TUC are what drew me to these mods. I originally ordered a shorty but then had second thoughts on my wood choices. I emailed about seeing some examples and whether it was possible to modify my order and had a reply from Patti in under an hour (on the weekend!). She sent me answers to all of my questions and, since the wood I was asking about wouldn’t be available for a few days, offered to switch my order to the Stick (Holly/African Blackwood) pictured on their site so I wouldn’t have to wait. I got my Stick 4 days after that original email and I ADORE it!!! I still want to order a shorty at some point, for a bit more stealth-vaping flexibility. I will not be ordering a mod from ANY other supplier–the quality in craftmanship (craftwomanship?) and the amazing customer service has earned Paul and Patti my loyalty and sincere gratitude. I thank you, TUC, for the reviews that led me straight to mod nirvana.

  • TUC says:

    Hi Lorena, and welcome!

    I’m glad to hear I helped out in some small way, as that is all I strive to do. There mods really are a perfect blend of looks, functionality, and price.

    They have recently released the Stump…which looks intriguing, to say the least.

    Happy Vaping to ya!

  • Mohd Khir says:

    I am very interested in the stick. I am wondering how much would you charge to ship it to my tiny island Singapore. Please tell me the total cost of the PV and shipping. Thank you in advance.


    • Paul says:

      Hi Mohd, a basic model is $49.99 if you pick wood types like Cherry , Walnut or Spalted Maple . The more exotic woods are priced a little higher and drip well is optional, you can also visit to go through check out and see the different wood types . Any more questions please feel free to ask at where we will be glad to help you………………. Paul

    • Paul says:

      Oh sorry Mohd i saw the other part of you’re question , the shipping costs will be about $7.00 it is worked out at our checkout so that is a aprox. We have never shipped to Singapore before but at a guess it will take 10 days to get to you and really looking forward to sending one of our mods there.Hope i was of some help like i said before if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask us at where myself or Patti will be glad to help you………..Paul

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