eGo-T Starter Kit

eGo-T Starter Kit

You can’t go wrong with this setup!

The eGo-T (T is for tank) starter kit from Joyetech is my first upgrade in electronic cigarettes from the ones that look like a traditional cigarette. What really amazes me is the cost of this compared to the inferior cigarette look a likes! The kit I purchased has 1000 mah batteries. What does this mean? It means that I can vape all day long before having to recharge my battery.

Not only is the battery superior, the throat hit and vapor volume is so much more because it operates at 3.4 volts.

eGo-T 1000 mah Starter Kit

The eGo-T starter kit comes complete with the following:

  • Two x eGo-T Tank Atomizers
  • Two x 1000mAh Batteries (Manual)
  • One x Rapid USB Charger
  • One x Wall Adaptor
  • Five x Empty Tank Cartridges
  • One x Carrying Pouch
  • One x English manual

This is one of my favorites because it is such a flexible system. I can use it as a tank system, use it with cartomizers, or with atomizers for dripping. After using it for a couple weeks, I find myself dripping almost exclusively.

I purchased this kit locally at All About Vapor, located in Round Rock, TX, but can be found in many places online.

For those of you that are using the more traditional looking e-cigarettes, this system can look a little overwhelming, but I assure you that if you continue vaping, you will be upgrading to a system like or similar to this in no time.

Joyetech offers numerous starter kits, and continue to revolutionize electronic cigarettes with the newly released eGo-C.

I actually quit smoking analog (tobacco) cigarettes with a look a like (Nicotek) e-cig…but it took me two years of trial and error, whereas if I would have purchased a system like the eGo the first time, I would have quit in the very beginning. I highly recommend a system like the eGo if you are new to electronic cigarettes.

You wont regret it!

Operating the eGo-T
The eGo line of electronic cigarettes come with a manual battery. What does this mean? There is a button that you must depress when taking a hit off of it. This is actually a better system in my opinion than the automatic draw of other systems. Why? Because it does extend the life of your battery.

You can also turn off the eGo cigarettes by clicking the manual button five times in succession. This makes it very safe when putting in a pocket or purse, as the system is completely off, and there is no chance of it firing accidentally.

When the battery is discharged, the button will begin to blink whenever trying to activate it. A blinking light means it’s time to recharge, luckily there is another battery at your disposal while on the charger.

The Good

  • Battery life – at least with the 1000 mah batteries, I can vape all day long without a recharge.
  • Flexibility – I have 3 types of nicotine delivery at my disposal…tank, cartomizers, and dripping on my atomizer.
  • Quality – The Joyetech eGo systems are quality products, costing the same if not less than other much more inferior products.
  • Satisfaction – The eGo-T with a 1.5 low resistance atomizer produces awesome flavor and throat hit from my favorite juices.

The Bad
The tank – each tank can only be used a couple times before your juice will begin leaking. Luckily, they are very inexpensive to replace, and I have even found places that will sell just the lid portions which translates into even greater savings.

The Ugly
May be a confusing system to someone just checking out electronic cigarettes for the first time. BUT, even if you are new to e-cigs, this is (in my opinion) the very best first time starter kit.

Website: The best selection of eGo electronic cigarettes visit World Vapor Electronic Cigarettes.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend the eGo-T for someone who is beginning their path to electronic cigarettes, this is by far the most flexible AND the best value for beginners…as well as for those with a little more time under their belt.


  • patrick speicher says:

    if you recommend the ego t for beginners what do you recommend for advanced or pro users??

  • Janelle says:

    I could not do without my Evic e cigarette. It’s as crucial as my wife to me. I have not smoked for nearly five months. the money I save is incredible.

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