Glass E-Liquid Tank

Glass E-Liquid Tank

Glass E-liquid Tank Mod
I recently received a frosted glass tank from Jared of jRad Melts. He custom makes glass tanks, drip tips, and e-liquid bottles out of Borosilicate, and can etch any design or logo requested. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, you can view my interview with Jared.

Poly-carbonate, or plastic tanks, are known to deteriorate over time with the use of many e-liquid’s. These e-liquids can leave behind a white film or ghosted appearance inside, and can even lead to cracks.

This is where a quality glass tank really shines, as they are immune from these negative effects. Plus, they just look better!

What I think of the glass tanks from jRad Melts

Glass Tank Ends

A close up look at the tanks ends.

These tanks are uniform, smooth, and polished with attention to detail in every aspect. Quality and craftsmanship is top notch, and look great. But how do they perform? Not a single leak! Not only are these big tanks that hold a large amount of e-liquid, they contain it without leaking no matter what orientation it’s in.

I tested this tank upright, upside down, and on its side for long periods of time, without a single drop of e-liquid escaping.

Frosted Glass Tank

Frosted glass tank…gotta love the look!

Sure, there are plenty of tanks on the market, but there is something to be said about having a hand made custom item. Whether it’s a mod, or a tank, nothing seems to come close to an item that has been created from an individual, and the tanks from jRad Melts are no exception.

The Good

  • Construction – Quality borosilicate glass ensures you can safely vape any e-liquid.
  • Aesthetics – Frosted, clear, or etched…these tanks are a great addition to any mod.
  • Capacity – Holding approximately 6.5-7ml of e-liquid ensures maximum time of vaping before having to top it off.
  • Convenience – Tanks are naturally a convenient way to vape throughout the day.

The Bad

  • Nothing

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the frosted e-liquid glass tank from jRad Melts
I really like this tank. Not only is it a looker, it performed flawlessly…not one leak. This is a large capacity tank, so it may look awkward if trying to marry it up with a smaller device.

Website: jRad Melts

Approximate Specifications

Height1.455 in / 36.97 mm
Diameter1.025 in / 26.05 mm
Wall Thickness0.155 in / 3.96 mm
E-Liquid Capacity6.5 - 7.0 ml
ConstructionHand Made from Borosilicate Glass
OptionsClear, Frosted, Etched, Custom Logo's and Designs
Cartomizer Length50mm XL
Price$49.99 - Clear
$59.99 - Frosted
$69.99 - Custom Etch
* One Glass Tank
* One Glass Drip Tip
* Two End Caps
* One Cartomizer

Bottom Line: If you prefer to vape with tanks, and appreciate a quality hand made product, you won’t go wrong with this tank. It’s hard to beat when form and function are combined by a true craftsman for ultimate “vapeability”.

Disclosure: jRad Melts sent this tank to me for evaluation and review. You can view my full disclosure here.