GLV2 Five Volt Personal Vaping Mod

GLV2 Five Volt Personal Vaping Mod

Meticulous craftsmanship, awesome for vaping, and a lifetime warranty to boot!

The GLV2 was my first step up into 5.0 volt vaping, and it was the right step! The GLV is manufactured by, and is one of the best PV’s in the market today, IMHO. Before I parted with my hard earned green back, I researched many mods in this price range, over $100.00. The deciding factor for me was the fact that there were many options to personalize it…plus the fact it came with a lifetime warranty.

All the reviews I read online and in the forums were very positive, however, there were some that had me thinking I was taking a chance. It seemed that earlier models may have suffered from poor quality control.

I am very pleased to say that the GLV2 I received was top notch, and worth every penny!

I opted for the Chevy orange, with black powder coat, personalized engraving, and a clear coat finish. My mod is the 5.0 volts resisted running two CR123A Li-Ion batteries, topped off with a 510 connection. There is a 3.7, and six volt option available as well.

GLV2 Five Volt Personal Vaping Mod

I have been using the GLV2 now almost exclusively for the last three weeks. I’ve tried it with cartomizers, and atomizers (1.5 low resistance), with my favorite being dripping. I love this thing! It not only looks good, it vaps great and a set of batteries gets me through ALMOST a whole day of heavy vaping.

The construction is top notch, and just feels natural in my hand.

Everything about the GLV2 screams quality. From the button used, to the end caps, to the fit of the batteries, and the finish. You can appreciate everything about this mod, especially the form factor.

It just feels like it was made to rest in your hand.

Solid, no rattling, and best of all it looks awesome! What more could you ask for? How about having the ability to personalize it? With numerous color choices, three different voltage ratings, and personalized engraving, you have the ability to make it truly a one of a kind pv.

The Good

  • Warranty – Lifetime, it doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Customer Service – I must have changed my mind about the aesthetics a dozen times, all the while Sara at Great Lakes Vapor was very accommodating.
  • Quality – The GLV2 I received was second to none, everything about it exuded attention to detail.
  • Performance – I couldn’t be happier. Performs flawlessly…even with 1.5 low resistance atomizers at five volts (Joyetech).
  • Form Factor – It just feels right in the hand. Balance, fit, feel, everything about it feels right.

Plus it won’t roll off your desk if you lay it down!
The Bad

  • Cost – This is a pretty pricey pv mod, I paid $165.00 when it all said and done, but that was with batteries, a charger, my ‘custom’ paint and engraving…plus a 5 pack of cartomizers. Pricey, but well worth it.
  • Delivery – You may have to wait a while for your GLV2, because they do have a wait list…it is that popular.
  • Standing upright – If you like to stand your tube mods upright between use, it may take a little getting used to with the GLV2. The bottom cap is rounded, with a little flat spot. It will stand upright, but you have to make an effort to place it or it may topple over.
  • e-liquid Tanks – Because of the design of the GLV2, if you plan on using a juice tank you need to add an extension. The button is in the way, and will not allow you to utilize an e-liquid tank without an extension. V2 510 Shorty Extension

The Ugly

  • The GLVXL – Since I purchased the GLV2, Great Lakes Vapor has since introduced the GLVXL…WTF? That’s what I want! The GLVXL runs on two 2200 mAh 18650 batteries, giving it almost three times the endurance of a GLV-2!

Final notes on the GLV2
Though the GLV2 is a pricey pv mod, it is worth every penny. It is a solid unit, durably constructed. Though not your typical tube mod, I feel the design is more imaginative and practical. Offering three different voltage ratings to choose, an array of design options plus a lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong.

PLUS…the GLV series has the F-Factor…or form factor to boot.

Website: Great Lakes Vapor

Bottom Line: The GLV2 from Great Lakes Vapor is a solid performing personal vapor mod. Numerous customization options, along with meticulous craftsmanship, make this a top choice for your vaping needs.