Have a Coke and a Vape

Have a Coke and a Vape

Everything you need to start vaping.

Introducing the Coke Can Mod, from Karen of Sin City Mods… a custom coke can outfitted to vape from!

The can mods are constructed from an aluminum drink can in 8, 12, or 16 oz, or a can of your choice that isn’t offered at their site. Just email a picture of the can of choice, and Karen will do her best to find it for you.

Have a Coke and a Vape

Have a Coke and a Vape

Coca-Cola…it’s the real thing!

The mod I received is made from a Coca-Cola 12 oz can, powered by a 18650 battery and a 6ml tank. Total weight including the internals is 15 oz, so it feels like a full can of Coke.

What I enjoy most, I think…are the looks I get from people wondering why I’m blowing “smoke” after taking a “drink”.


What You Receive With Your Can Mod

What you receive with the can mod:

  • One customized prewired beverage can
  • One Aluminum Tank compatible with DC carts
  • Three 1.5 Ohm Dual Coil Cartomizers
  • One Straw
  • One Straw to Tank Adaptor
  • One Battery with Battery Connector

Inside the Can Mods

Inside the Can Mod

The Can Mods are filled with a resin surrounding a protective tube for the internals.

Looking inside the can mod, there is a clear tube inset in the middle, with a resin injected between it and the can wall.

This resin makes the can VERY durable.

No worries about denting the mod, unless of course you throw it against the ground.

Hand pressure alone will not affect it.

Setting Up the Can Mod

Setting Up the Can Mod

Setting up the can mod may look a little daunting at first, but is actually pretty simple.

  • Slip the straw through the end of the top cap.
  • Fill the tank with juice, and slip the straw adapter into the cartomizer.
  • Slip the straw into the adapter.

Attach The Battery

Can Mod Battery

Next, attach the loaded battery to the cartomizer.

Stuff That Can

Can Mod

Grasping the lid, place everything in the can as a single unit. It may take a couple attempts to get it right…but once you do, it becomes second nature.

As unique as the can mods are, I wasn’t sure what I would think about vaping from what is essentially a soft drink sized mod.

But I gotta tell you…this thing is freaking awesome!

This is not a mod, in my opinion, that you would want to carry every where with you. Or a mod if you are looking for your very first.

What I love about this mod is the fact that if I am driving any distance in my car…it is perfect! Of course it fits nicely in my cup holder, and because it has a tank, I don’t have to worry about running out of juice.

I also love using my can mod while at work, or at home.

Nobody gives me a second notice. That is unless they happen to see me blowing vapor after taking a “drink”.

Even then, my Coke can mod is more stealthier than my much smaller mods…it just blends in.

At work, everyone assumes I am just drinking a Coke!

At home, It’s just as convenient sitting next to my laptop on my desk.

At first glance, many think (as well as myself) that this is a novelty mod. For some, yes…but what I have found, is that while at work it has become my “stealthiest” mod.

I really dig this!

The straw will accumulate condensation with use, and may require cleaning.

What I think of the Coke Can Mod

Not only do the can mods perform, you get quite a bit for the money. A complete vaping device, ready to go…plus you can always add additional cans to your collection at a minimal cost.

The Good

  • Stealthy – The can mods blend in.
  • Durability – Because of the resin, this mod is very durable.
  • Uniqueness – Not another one like it…plus, you have a choice from just about ANY can.
  • Coolness Factor – When my friends find out just what it is…I get cool points.

The Bad

  • May not be a good choice for someone looking for their VERY first mod.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Can Mod
This is one of the most unique, and one of a kind PV Mods I have seen, and it is absolutely awesome! I love the fact that it just seems to blend in while I’m at work.

Website: Sin City Mods

  • Name: Custom Aluminum Can Mod
  • Price: $89.99 – 6ml tank, 18650 battery, & XL cartomizer
  • Type: 3.7 Volt Mod
  • Battery: 18650, 2250 mAh.
  • Connector Type: 510
  • Body: Constructed from aluminum drink cans in 12oz, or 16oz.
  • Warranty: 90 Days

Disclosure: Sin City Mods sent this product to me for evaluation and review. You can view my full disclosure here.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a unique PV Mod, or something that will blend in while at work, or a mod for travel in your automobile…this is it!


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