I Rolled The Dice For A Lava Tank

I Rolled The Dice For A Lava Tank

I rolled the dice, and experienced a Lava Tank sale on ECF for the first time last night. All I have to say is…WOW, what an experience that was.

Talk about a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

If nothing else, my memory of a sale of all things will definitely remain with me. Even after my incoming PM from Jon…I wanted the sale to continue! Not out of acquiring a Lava Tank, rather the excitement, and absolute unselfish words of encouragement, and spirit that the Lava Corp exhibited.

If I could shoot my single action 45 as fast as I was pushing my f5 button, switching to my premade PM, and scanning for anything resembling Jon announcing the start (not to forget that towards the end, every refresh seemed to bring with it another full page of comments), I would be a faster draw than Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, and Charles Bronson combined.

I Rolled The Dice For A Lava Tank

In all seriousness, I was able to witness the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am very impressed with the Lava Corps members, and even more so with Jon.

I now truly understand what is meant by, “you don’t have to have a Lava Tank to be a part of the Lava Corps”.

The mere fact that there existed an organized effort from within your ranks, to help others chances of acquiring a tank…The Good!

The mere fact that Jon adapted and overcame the server issues in order to continue the sale…The Good!

Then I started to see…The Bad.

Conspiracy theories abound, targeting the well intentioned Corps, who have proved to me they have heart…come on, get a grip.

Blaming Jon for the loss of a job? Dude, you have issues if you would jeopardize your employment for an online sale. You should have done what I did…take the night off!

Attacks directed towards the way the sales are done, yet you never really wanted one to begin with? I say to you, get a life…you obviously are an angry person who more than likely has none.

I didn’t see The Ugly until this morning, as I read through some of the later posts.

Why would anyone think it remotely funny, or cool, to basically be stalking Jon…attempting to “see” who he is replying too?

Why would anyone even begin to think there is a conspiracy going on? Because of YOUR time stamp? Take a class on computer network systems so you are no longer the ignorant “brown eye”. Please…

I tip my hat to Jon and the Lava Corps!

I was able to witness true compassion for others here, and a man who is doing his very best to please people he has never met before, even while under attack… all while sick, to boot.

It doesn’t get any better than that, my friends. It’s not the Tank…it’s the people behind it, and around it.

This is a re-post from my original at the ECF Forum

This is my opinion, only my opinion, and it cannot be held against me in a court of law…


  • jeff(ime5000 on ecf) says:

    can you pm me or emaol me on getting one on my first try? lol

    • TUC says:

      It really takes concentration, CONSTANTLY refreshing until you see the sale has begun, and IMMEDIATELY sending your PM. Everyone is doing the same, so 30 seconds too late, and the game is lost.

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