Innokin Cool Fire 2 Review

Innokin Cool Fire 2

At first glance, the Cool Fire 2 from Innokin looks like a novelty PV Mod, targeting those with a military background, or people who just like to blow chit up. Even though I’m a Veteran, I really didn’t think much of the grenade look…until I used it!

I have to admit, initially I was on the fence whether or not I even wanted to give this variable wattage mod a shot. I mean, really? A grenade? Why would I, or any one else for that matter, want a mod that resembles a grenade?

I’m glad I took the chance, because this little mod is…the “bomb”!

Innokin Cool Fire 2 Review

Cool Fire 2

Cool Fire 2 “Grenade” & iClear 30B Tank. Batteries not included.

Weighing in at 199 grams, or 7 ounces, the Cool Fire 2 from Innokin is a 510 threaded, variable wattage device that runs on a 18350 battery. Like its big brother, the iTaste 134, the Cool Fire 2’s wattage output is adjusted with a rotational wheel. Unlike the iTaste 134, the Cool Fire 2 comes in a much smaller package, yet is solid.

Adjustment of the wattage is accomplished in the following increments, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10.5, 11.0, 12.0, 12.5. Why, I don’t know, but it works.

The Cool Fire 2 is also jam packed with many features, such as:

  • Battery Level Indicator.
  • Reverse Battery Protection Circuit.
  • Built in 7A fuse for protection and stability.
  • Short Circuit Protection.( 0.6 +/-0.2 ohm )
  • ON/OFF battery switch.
  • LED Battery Power Display.
  • Low Voltage Warning.
  • Overtime Vaping Warning (10 seconds switch cutoff).
  • Battery safety protection (Vent holes).
  • High compatibility 510 connector: Will work with iClear10, iClear16, and iClear30 clearomizers, as well as standard 510 accessories.

Like all Innokin devices, activating the button is the same, three clicks to turn on and off, green light shows battery is fully charged, yellow shows battery is mid, and red shows that battery is in need of a charge.

Col Fire 510 Connection

Cool Fire 2 510 Connection

The 510 connection post is free floating. What does this mean? You don’t have to manually adjust the center post when installing different types of tanks, atomizers, or cartomizers. It’s also a copper contact.

Cool Fire Battery Contact

Cool Fire 2 Positive Battery Contact

A look inside the Cool Fire 2 mod.

Cool Fire 2 Top Cap

Cool Fire 2 Top Cap

This mod comes with a “beauty ring”, or a sleeve with two air holes opposite of each other which allows air flow when your tank is flush mounted, or when using a clearomizer, which will be mounted lower into the well.

Cool Fire 2 Safety Vents

Cool Fire 2 Safety Vents

Safety vent holes in the end cap of the Cool Fire 2.

Cool Fire 2 Threads

Cool Fire 2 Threads & negative battery post.

The one complaint I have regarding the Cool Fire 2 are the threads. Threading is constructed of aluminum. Over time, I don’t know how they will hold up, I really would have preferred a robust stainless steel construction in these areas.

The negative battery post is, like the positive, constructed of copper, with a spring providing tension. When inserting a battery and installing the end cap, the tension created by this setup, can wear down the threads if not performed with care.

Cool Fire 2 Handling

Cool Fire 2 Handling

I absolutely love the way the Cool Fire 2 feels in the hand. This is one of the most comfortable devices I have had. It just feels natural to hold, and utilize. Big plus! Love it!

Cool Fire 2 Tanks

Cool Fire 2 Tanks Tested

I evaluated five different types of tanks/atomizers to see if there was any air restrictions. The iClear 30B(included with purchase), a LavaTank with cartomizer, a clearomizer, a DCT cartomizer and tank, and a rebuildable dripping atomizer(RDA). All performed as expected, with no negative effects.

Cool Fire 2 Testing

Putting the Cool Fire 2 through its paces, I dialed it in at its maximum setting, 12.5 Watts, and measured the voltage delivered with various setups. I did attempt to use this mod with a 0.6 Ohm coil, and it did not fire. By the specs given by Innokin, this was a expected result…but I had to try for myself.

OhmsBattery VoltageVoltage Under Load
RDA @ 1.0 Ohms6.103.57
DCT @ 1.5 Ohms6.104.14
iClear @ 2.0 Ohms6.105.10
Boge @ 3.0 Ohms6.106.10

From the above readings, the Innokin Cool Fire 2’s circuitry is as precise as they come. You can validate my “measured” results with Ohms Law here. What I did manage to identify, is the Cool Fire 2 does in fact work with a atomizer/cartomizer down to 1.0 Ohms.

What I think of the Cool Fire 2

I love just about every thing about this variable wattage mod. Very easy to manipulate the controls, extremely easy to use in the hand, and it delivers what it says. Very robust, minus the threading, stable when setting it aside, and is a package that is not overly big in size.
The Good
What can I say, I think almost everything about this mod is good!

The Bad

  • Threading – I’m not impressed with the aluminum threading. This mod should have come with stainless steel threading, IMHO.
  • Looks – The “regular dude”, anti-military crowd, or the anti-vaping community could use its looks as a way to attempt to further their “cause”?

The Ugly

Final notes on the Cool Fire 2 from Innokin
If you’re looking for a solid, variable wattage device that isn’t as large as the iTaste 134, the Innokin Cool Fire 2 just may be your ticket. Variable wattage, with all the safety features you need in a small package, and just feels good in the hand.

Website: Innokin Cool Fire 2

Bottom Line: The Cool Fire 2 from Innokin is definitely a variable wattage device that has surpassed my expectations and needs. I will continue to use mine no matter what…it really is that good.