Krave E-Cig Disposable

Krave Disposable

Krave disposable 505 e-cigarette

I picked up a Krave e-cig disposable 505 from yet another tobacco shop! The 500 series claim to last up to 500 puffs, and are available in numerous colors, styles, and flavors. Mine was all black with a blue indicator light, in original tobacco.

The Krave e-cig is one of the many off-shoots of Smoke 51, or Vapor Corp.

Cost after taxes came to $12.98, so this is not considered a cost effective solution for vaping pleasure. Rather, it is targeted to those that would like to try electronic cigarettes for the first time, or are in need of a temporary replacement to their cigarettes for an area that bans smoking. It is, after all, a throw away.

The Krave e-cig 505 is a one piece unit. The cartomizer and non-rechargeable battery do not separate like some of the other disposables on the market, and this would ultimately be its downfall, for me, anyways.

To say I liked the Krave e-cig is an understatement. In my opinion, this was fantastic. I really liked the vapor volume, and the taste! I thought I found the perfect solution for the times when I might find myself out of my favorite e-liquid, or atomizers used on my favorite e-cigs.

Unfortunately, the battery life of smaller electronic cigarettes like the Krave e-cig do not last as long as you would like.

I did not come close to 500 puffs before my blue indicator light started to blink rapidly, signalling that the battery charge was gone. I don’t know if it was because of shelf life, or that the battery doesn’t live up to the claim, or by chance…it was how I vape? I really did enjoy the Krave e-cig disposable, more so than many other rechargeable ones. I just wish I was able to get 500 puffs. I definitely consider the Krave e-cig as a viable means for those “in case of emergency” situations.

Website: Krave E-Cig

Bottom Line: I REALLY enjoyed the vapor and taste of the Krave e-cig disposable, unfortunately, like all smaller e-cigs, battery life suffers.


  • twohandedcreations says:

    even though this company claims their batteries are not rechargeable, they are! if you have a charger with a 4081 thread pattern it will charge them, All of them! I buy them by the box and recharge them constantly! they suffer from the same problems as all the auto batteries suffer from(malfunction after a while from exposure to juice in the motion sensor!) But I’ve recharged every Krave I’ve owned and they’ve all been the disposable ones! their the same battery they give you when you buy a rechargeable one!! SURPRISE!

  • twohandedcreations says:

    I kinda skipped through the review, and i missed the part where it said the cart and batt didn’t separate. the Krave disposables I buy from the local convenient store are the 300’s and they DO separate and can be charged(even though the package says they cant). but the ones in this review definitely will NOT recharge!

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