Meet Chelle aka BiancaMontgomery from ECF

Meet Chelle aka BiancaMontgomery from ECF

Chelle…aka BiancaMontgomery on ECF!

I first came across Chelle, aka BiancaMontgomery, in the Pay It Forward section of ECF…if memory serves me right, where I gave away a complete Q2v3 Copper PV Mod.

With over 11,000 posts on ECF, Chelle has definitely been in the vaping community for quite a while!

Welcome to Modding Mavericks, where I introduce you to the people behind the vaping scenes. BiancaMontgomery from ECF is one of the many people who helps us vaping happily without our knowledge. She not only has a huge presence in the Pay It Forward section, Chelle helps ensure the forum runs smoothly…and is one who will give us a “kick in the pants” when needed.

I introduce you to Chelle…aka BiancaMontgomery!

Meet Chelle aka BiancaMontgomery from ECF

TUC: How long have you been vaping?

Chelle: 2 years, 3 months.

TUC: What was your very first e-cigarette?

Chelle: Smoke 51 Trio (RN4081)

TUC: Who or what do you believe has had the most influence on you in the vaping community, and why?

Chelle: Has to be the Pay It Forward social group on ECF. The support, information and friendship I’ve received from that group have influenced and inspired me greatly.

TUC: What would you say is your all time favorite movie, and why?

Chelle: I have always loved the movie (and book) Fried Green Tomatoes. It just does it all for me. Makes me laugh, cry, think, get angry…it just moves me in all kinds of way. That’s what a movie SHOULD do. :) Every time I see it, I feel like I’ve just spent time with some truly amazing people.

TUC: What are some of your favorite foods?

Chelle: I’m a big fan of Mexican and Italian foods…and pretty much anything with great quantities of sugar in it.

TUC: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Chelle: I used to be an aquatic turtle keeper. It’s a hobby and labor of love. I got too busy and tired for it once my daughter was born. I miss the turtles, but don’t miss the tank cleaning. Now, I collect vintage pressed glass, love photography and consider vaping one of my favorite hobbies. I also will rescue any critter in need, so I currently have 7 cats, a dog and a baby squirrel I’m raising. I don’t know if they’re really “hobbies”, but they keep me very busy.
TUC: Which ONE word do you feel best describes you?

Chelle: Obsessive.

TUC: Which ONE word do you think your friends would use to best describe you?

Chelle: Friendly. :)

TUC: What flavor e-liquid are you vaping right now?

Chelle: Peppermint (I don’t normally vape this, I just happen to have a hideous cold and it’s the only thing I can taste.)

TUC: What e-cigarette, or mod are you vaping right now?

Chelle: I’m dripping on a 1.6ohm Joye 510 (complete with a shiny silver drip shield) connected to my 18650 non-feeder Hog mod.

TUC: If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be, and why?

Chelle: I honestly just want to be where my partner of 15 years and our baby are. It’s not about the where for me, it about the “who”.

More about Chelle

I started smoking at 15. I smoked for 26 years. I tried everything to quit, and I just couldn’t seem to do it. The thing that really pushed me to find another thing to try was the fact that my daughter walked at 9 months old. She would come to the window and I could see her tiny baby face watching me as I stood on the front porch and smoked.

I just felt awful.
I found a “free trial offer” online for the Smoke 51 kit in November of 2009. It was far from free, but it did give me that “a-ha” moment where I was finally able to see that this alternative could work for me. It took a lot of experimenting with different equipment to finally get me completely off cigarettes, but it DID finally work!

I’ve been completely smoke free just over a year now.
I know there is no way I could have succeeded in my goal to stop smoking if I hadn’t found ECF in January of 2010. I found the Pay It Forward thread in the classifieds shortly after. At that time, it was just a single thread. The social group that we know it as today wasn’t created until April 16th, 2010.

In October 2010, I was asked to help moderate the group.

I’ve been a PIF Mod ever since. It’s my home at ECF and I truly love the group and it’s members.

Recently I was asked to help moderate ECF.
As someone who spent the majority of her time on ECF hanging out in PIF, it’s been quite an experience for me to really see just how BIG ECF is! I’m so proud to be a part of the amazing community there.

I’m so thankful to be free of smoking and even more thankful for the friends I’ve made and experiences I’ve had since I found vaping. Long live vaping! :)

Find Chelle aka BiancaMontgomery from ECF on the internet~~~

ECF Pay It Forward (PIF): ECF Pay It Forward
ECF USERNAME: BiancaMontgomery
Facebook: Chelle on Facebook

If you’re a member of ECF, look up BiancaMontgomery, and make her your friend! You will more than likely find her roaming the Pay It Forward section.


  • Melisa (pchela) says:

    Chelle “BiancaMontgomery” is the best! If it weren’t for her and her great advice and patience, I think I would have given up on e-cigs before I really got started. Definitely a great friend to have on ECF! Thank you Chelle!

  • TUC says:

    You are absolutely right. Its the people who guide us in the beginning that end up making the largest impact on a successful transition from analogs to e-cigs.

    • Richard says:

      Meeting Bianca was the best that could have happened to me on ECF, she showed me the ropes and gave me a few gentile kicks in the pants while I was learning my way around. It is amazing how much kindness she can put into a few lines of text on a computer screen.

  • Jen says:

    love, love, love and adore chelle!!!

  • Oneweek says:

    I don’t think I woulda made the switch without her help.

    She helped me with an emergency need way back when i started.
    I didn’t know much back then,and she helped alot to get me going.


    • TUC says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Oneweek. Glad to hear you were successful in your switch. :)

  • BiancaMontgomery says:

    Thank you all for these incredibly kind comments. I’m so happy to know that I’ve been of some help to you. Really, thank you so much.

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