Meet Dino from Lavacorps

Meet Dino from Lavacorps

Dino and his FIRST custom built bike…made by his own hands!

I first met Dino after submitting a post on the Lavacorps E-Cigarette Forum thread. I was searching for someone to act as a surrogate buyer for the next sale of Lava Tanks, as I did not think I would be able to attend.

Dino reached out to me.

Not only did he invite me to become a part of the Lavacorps, he expressed a true concern in educating me on how to go about acquiring a Lava Tank.

I immediately was able to tell that Dino cared much more for the people, and not just the product.

Known to many as “The Tank King”, Dino is much more than that…he is a man of class…and as it turns out, a man of many talents!

Welcome to Modding Mavericks, where I introduce you to the people behind the vaping scenes. Dino is at the heart and soul of JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks @ E-Cigarette Forum (ECF), and Lavacorps @ International Vapors Club (IVC).

I introduce you to Dino aka strprswpr from ECF & IVC!

Meet Dino from Lavacorps

TUC: How long have you been vaping?

Dino: Since May of 2011

TUC: What was your very first e-cigarette?

Dino: Ego-T

TUC: Who or what do you believe has had the most influence on you in the vaping community, and why?

Dino: Rimp from ECF….Kept me going when I was ready to give up on vaping

TUC: What would you say is your all time favorite movie, and why?

Dino: “Theif” James Caan was the ultimate tough guy

TUC: What are some of your favorite foods?

Dino: Italian of course

TUC: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Dino: Bulding custom choppers and fishing

TUC: Which ONE word do you feel best describes you?

Dino: Loyal

TUC: Which ONE word do you think your friends would use to best describe you?

Dino: Thickheaded

TUC: What flavor e-liquid are you vaping right now?

Dino: Bluemist Creme De Menthe

TUC: What e-cigarette, or mod are you vaping right now?

Dino: My 18350 Mini Provari

TUC: If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be, and why?

Dino: I live in NYC and would never leave. I love the action here.

More about Dino

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was a kid. My father bought me my first bike at 6 years old. A Honda Mini Trail Z50….I liked riding so much….some years later bought me a Yamaha YZ 80. When I was 14 I got into a motorcycle accident while riding off road. From then on the old man said no more bikes….Coming from an old Italian man… just listen and shut up.

When I turned 17, I bought an old beat up Harley….I learned how to fix bikes out of necessity. I couldn’t afford to pay anyone to fix the bike so I read and asked a lot of questions from other friends that rode.

I was always tinkering around with bikes.

I started my own construction company when I was in my early 20’s. I had been a Cement Mason by trade since I was 17 as well. Business was good and when I had the means, I bought my first new Harley.

When I turned 35 I decided I wanted to build my own bike from the ground up. Rented some space….bought some equipment and started building with no experience in machining or welding.

I asked lots of questions and read every book I could get my hands on….With some good instruction from some very experienced people, I learned how to use a lathe and my welding machine.

My first bike (in the picture) took me a year and a half of nights and weekends to complete. Winning numerous shows, I was also featured in a few magazines, as well.

I partnered up with a childhood buddy and started New York Motorcyle Design. We build custom bikes by request only and have a collection of cars….some of which we have built and some we’ve bought.

The Chopper business is not as lucrative as many think.

Fortunately, I still have my construction company….

Pretty much what we do now is build bikes WE want to ride…..and we do ride the …. out of them….

Fortunately, someone comes along and loves what we’ve done and makes an offer…we can’t refuse.

Then the bike goes to its new owner, and we start another.

So you can call my motorcycle company more of a hobby than a business….But keeping it around provides me the opportunity to build more!

Sorry…No financial windfalls here….just a hobby that I love.

One other thing….I’m a registered manufacturer with the NHTSA….So our bikes receive a valid VIN and Title, which makes them easy to licence, register, and obtain insurance.

Lavacorps…The beginning of a beautiful relationship
I’m a NYC Concrete contractor. I’ve been in business for 25 years and was a 2-3 pack a day smoker for 30 years. I decided to try vaping after many failed attempts at quitting analogs.

After searching through ECF I came across Jonboys CE2 tanks.

I tried them but wasn’t completely sold as the CE2’s were just not what I was looking for.

Being somewhat of a hobbyist machinist, I became friendly with Jon, being that we shared some common interest. Then came Jon’s new design….the CE2 Lava Tank.

I was thrilled when he changed them over to carto tanks.

I began to promote his product all over ECF and The Lavacorps was born.

I now help Jon with getting the word out about his products, organizing the sales and also beta testing the new materials as they come out. I also try to help fellow members get their shot at buying these wonderful tanks.


Find Dino on the internet~~~

Website: New York Motorcycle Design
JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks on ECF: JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tanks
ECF USERNAME: strprswpr
International Vapors Club Thread: Lavacorps on IVC
IVC USERNAME: strprswpr

When it comes to the Lava Tank, Dino is truly the heart and soul of the Lavacorps. Working relentlessly to not only spread the word, Dino takes the time to personally help those out that express an interest in the Lava Tank, or the Lavacorps.


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