Meet Gary from Vapor Woods

Meet Gary from Vapor Woods

Vapor Woods is an up and comer in the electronic cigarette community! Featuring very unique designs, Gary is a master wood smith, with his beginnings in producing hand crafted wood furniture, as well as restoring antiques.

While the vaping community grows, it’s refreshing to see someone come along that does not simply regurgitate what is already available from others…rather, Gary’s wood mods are truly a breath of fresh air.

I haven’t seen anything like them!

And they are simply awesome!

Welcome to Modding Mavericks, where I introduce you to the people behind the vaping scenes. With the recent successful launch of Vapor Woods, Gary’s hand crafted wood mods struck a chord with me. Unique as well as beautiful, his creations have me imagining what else will be released.

I now introduce you to Gary, producer of some of the most original wood mods I have seen!

Meet Gary from Vapor Woods

TUC: How long have you been vaping?

Gary: Tried my first e-cig in Oct. 2011.

TUC: What was your very first e-cigarette?

Gary: I picked up a Blu at Walgreens one day, just on a whim.

TUC: Who or what do you believe has had the most influence on you in the vaping community, and why?

Gary: I guess there have been a lot of influences that have had an impact on me. Overall the fact that I finally found something that would either help me quit, or at least help me greatly reduce the number of cigarettes I was smoking, was huge for me. Nothing before had worked. Specifically though, I was amazed at the huge community of people just like me, smokers who both love to smoke and want to quit. I have met a bunch of wonderful people, and have started some great friendships.

TUC: What would you say is your all time favorite movie, and why?

Gary: I’m not sure about favorite, but I just saw Hugo, I really enjoyed it. The imagination is a wonderful place to be.

TUC: What are some of your favorite foods?

Gary: Breakfast

TUC: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Gary: I like photography, tattoos, reading and I like the struggle of figuring out how things work.

TUC: Which ONE word do you feel best describes you?

Gary: Intense.

TUC: Which ONE word do you feel your friends would use to best describe you?

Gary: I’d hope they find me loyal.

TUC: What flavor e-liquid are you vaping right now?

Gary: Copper Creek Peach, it’s wonderful.

TUC: What e-cigarette, or mod are you vaping right now?

Gary: I have 3 VaporWoods that I built a while ago, I use all three.

Original Vapor Woods

The Three Amigo’s!?!

TUC: If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be, and why?

Gary: I’m not sure. I’d love to be closer to the ocean. I grew up in Baltimore and my wife and I lived in New Bern N.C. for a while, so I miss being close to the water.

TUC: What was the driving force behind the launch of Vapor Woods?

Gary: At the top of the list though has to be my wife, she has always been an encouragement, puts up with all my nonsense and is a great supporter of the woodworking. She continues to be my greatest fan and my greatest love. Also, I was absolutely blown away when I saw all the wonderful wood mods being built. It is really exciting to see all the creative ideas. I am also very grateful to have had the encouragement from friends over at the Copper Creek thread when I first posted a few photos of what I was doing.

TUC:Your designs are very unique, and original. Where do you get your inspiration concerning the aesthetics of your wood mods?

Gary: I think the inspiration is simply all the things that aren’t or haven’t been done yet. Wood is fun to fool with and you can do so much with it.

Unique Wood Mods

TUC: What do you feel was your biggest challenge when first starting Vapor Woods?

Gary: Well, I haven’t been at it very long so each one I build is a challenge. I have ruined more VaporWoods than I have built, simply because each one is unique. How it’s going to look, laying out the electronics, making sure everything is as close to perfect as possible is the goal. I have gotten to the very final stages of a build only to mess up one little detail and it ruins the whole thing. That will continue to be the challenge, because I am not really interested in making a bunch of the same thing.

TUC: What type of wood is your favorite to work with, and why?

Gary: For my furniture work, I really love Walnut and Mahogany. Cherry is nice too. For the VaporWoods, I don’t really have a favorite. I usually have a general idea of what I want to try next, then I start looking through my wood choices and a piece of wood will jump up and say pick me! pick me!

TUC: What is your vision for Vapor Woods in the next year?

Gary: I want to build all the VaporWoods that are dancing in my head.

TUC: How much time and effort goes into finishing one of your mods, from start to finish?

Gary: Not counting the time I lay awake thinking about it, about a week or so, but during the day I am also working in the shop on other things. They take quite a bit of time, mainly because each one is different.

TUC: What one thing would you like people to know about you, the man?

Gary: You probably already know too much.

Vapor Woods Mods

More About Gary

My name is Gary Smith. Melissa, my wife, and I have been married for almost 30 years. We have 8 children, 3 girls and 5 boys; the youngest is 10 and the oldest is 27. We also have 4 dogs, and a bird. For most of that time we have lived in Memphis where I work as a self-employed woodworker. I build furniture and repair/restore antiques. The work in the shop is what occupies most of my time.

My journey in the vaping world started one day when I went into a Walgreens drugstore and noticed the display of Blu e-cigs. I have smoked Camel, non-filters for a very long time. I have tried to quit a bunch of times using several different methods. Nothing worked, partially because although I know it’s harmful, I like to smoke. So I gave the e-cig a try. That was it. For the first time, I had found something that would help me put the cigs away and I enjoyed it; it was easy.

I went from a pack and a half a day to 2-3 cigs a day without even thinking about it.

I got online and started doing some reading.

Pretty quickly I went from the Blu to ordering a kit from V-2 Ecigs. I also pretty quickly discovered the ECF folks and it opened up a whole world. Next I bought a box mod from Steve at FoxyBox Mods. He’s a great guy with some well-made products, and I still enjoy using his mod. About that same time as I was experimenting with different juices. I found the folks at Copper Creek Trading Co. and like so many of the forums out there, it was filled with some wonderful and very helpful people. Maureen, the owner of Cooper Creek, has been a real friend and also happens to brew some of the best e-liquids available.

At that time I also discovered the wonderful world of mods. Creative people making all sorts of P.V.’s in every shape, size and material. It made my mouth water when I saw what was being done in wood.

I built my first WoodVapor out of a piece of Amazak that I had in the shop.

The electronics were rough and the end result wasn’t that cool, but it worked and I was hooked. I made 2 more and they also worked; I still use all 3 every day. I posted a few photos on the ECF mod thread and on the Copper Creek thread and that’s kind of how it all got started. I built a few more, not intending to sell but trying to see if I could build something that was done well enough that it could be sold. I have a ton of ideas that I think might be fun to try as I make these things, so I started to look into an outlet for them.

That’s it, VaporWoods was born.

Vapor Woods Wood Mods

Find Gary from Vapor Woods on the internet~~~

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If you’re looking for an original design with a unique looking wood PV Mod that will be the envy of others…look no further. Vapor Woods has just the ticket!


  • Rachel says:

    I’m so thrilled that you did a profile on this amazing craftsman! He showed off his work in the ‘show me your wood mods’ thread on ecf, and I was hooked. Thrilled to see he has set up shop, and one of his ‘twisty’ mods is about my dream model. 😉

  • TUC says:

    Hi Rachel!

    I agree, Gary’s mods are amazing…and I have a feeling that there will be many more amazing mods to come from him!

  • Blissey says:

    Woohooo Gary!!! So glad to see you featured here. I wish you much success my friend!

  • Bryan Peck says:

    I think I have fallen in love with Twisty! 😉

  • Steve says:

    I love these mods.. I want one badly!

  • Andreas says:

    hi there:) i’m the proud owner of twisty. Its incredible. i love this mod. thank you for building such amazing mods. i will do business again soon.

  • TUC says:

    I am very impressed with the “Bottle” mod I recently received, as well.

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