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JRad Melts Glass Tanks

Tanks are my preferred method of e-liquid delivery while vaping, and in my opinion, nothing mass produced comes close to a hand crafted item. There is something special when you are holding a one of a kind, unique item that was born from someone’s imagination and own hands.

I recently lost my favorite, due to time and usage…

Searching for a replacement, I came across jRad Melts. A one man shop, who hand crafts frosted and clear tanks and drip tips from glass.

Welcome to Modding Mavericks, where I introduce you to the people behind the vaping scenes.

If you appreciate hand crafted tanks, or custom drip tips, be sure to check out jRad Melts offerings.

I now introduce you to Jared Dreessen of jRad Melts, who hand crafts drip tips and tanks from Borosilicate glass.

TUC: How long have you been vaping?

jRad: On and off for about 4 years.

TUC: What was your very first e-cigarette?

jRad: Some random disposable, then ego twist.

TUC: Who or what do you believe has had the most influence on you in the vaping community?

jRad: The community itself. everyone is very helpful and most people just want to spread the knowledge.

TUC: What would you say is your all time favorite movie, and why?

jRad: Blues Brothers, its like a mission from God :)

TUC: What are some of your favorite foods?

jRad: Sushi, Korean BBQ, Thai.

TUC: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

jRad: Anything to do with glass!

TUC: Which ONE word do you feel best describes you?

jRad: Realistic.

TUC: Which ONE word do you think your friends would use to best describe you?

jRad: Cynical LOL.

TUC: What flavor e-liquid are you vaping right now?

jRad: Papi Churro Jet Fuel.

TUC: What e-cigarette, or mod are you vaping right now?

jRad: Mech mod with my custom glass tanks and tips of course!

TUC: If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be, and why?

jRad: Pacific Northwest in the forest, so I can raise my kids with no traffic and smog.

TUC: What was the driving force behind the launch of your business?

jRad: I love making glass and was approached by a local b&m (brick & mortar) to make tips and tanks for them, and it expanded from there.

TUC: What do you feel was your largest challenge when first starting your business?

jRad: There is not enough hours in the day!

TUC: What advice would you give someone who is thinking of going into business for themselves, in the e-cig industry?

jRad: Believe in yourself, but keep realistic expectations. Competition is fierce.

TUC: What one thing would you like people to know about you?

jRad: I am really blessed to make a living doing something I love, do that and you will never work a day in your life.

More about Jared of jRad Melts

Frosted and Clear Glass Tanks

Frosted and Clear Glass Tanks and Tips

My name is Jared Dreessen, aka jRad jones, aka jRadmelts, and I’m from Corona CA.

I have been in the smoke shop industry for over 15 years and have been making my own glassware for about 4 years now.

Glass Tips

I opened my first retail shop in 2000 and was one of the first shops selling vaporizers and ecigs in my area.

Unique Glass Tips

I do it all with my beautiful wife and an awesome 6 month old son by my side.

Awesome Glass Tips

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