Meet Steve from Steve K’s Vaping World

Meet Steve from Steve K's Vaping World

Steve and family…I wonder if Mickey vapes?

I met Steve early on, after my review of the Dinky from Ecig Workshop. We exchanged links after determining we had a shared goal…and passion. A true desire to do what little we could to contribute to the vaping community.

Welcome to Modding Mavericks, where I introduce you to the people behind the vaping scenes. Steve is a “brother in arms”, so to speak. Steve K’s Vaping World is one of the few sites that rely on the written word…much like mine.

Steve K’s Vaping World includes reviews, contests, and related news that affects the vaping community.

I introduce you to Steve, of Steve K’s Vaping World!

Meet Steve

TUC: How long have you been vaping?

Steve: March 2011. I gave up cigarettes in favor of vaping full-time on March 15th, 2011

TUC: What was your very first e-cigarette?

Steve: An “e-health” which I eventually was able to identify as a generic RN4081 kit. At least I only paid 30 bucks for it. It was recommended by a co-worker who thought she knew all about e-cigarettes.

TUC: Who or what do you believe has had the most influence on you in the vaping community, and why?

Steve: I’d have to say the ECF for sure. I initially wound up there trying to figure out why the above mentioned e health kit wasn’t lasting NEARLY as long as they said it was supposed to. It was like drinking from a fire hose at first. But the site is a wealth of information. I generally like to get information from forums, so it was a good fit. That helped me step up to a 510 then an eGo, and eventually off a cliff! I won a box mod and a few other contests, started to learn about DIY and shortly after that I started the blog.

Since starting the blog I’ve of course met an even larger cross section of the community outside the forums, but the forum continues to be a great resource. Plus they put up with having a signature that plugs my site.

TUC: What would you say is your all time favorite movie, and why?

Steve: The Seventh Seal, Citizen Kane, On the Waterfront… ok no, that’s just what people say if they want other people to think they have good taste in movies (they are good movies though). I haven’t watched in years, but I’m still partial to Goodfellas

TUC: What are some of your favorite foods?

Steve: Having relocated to the South from Arizona, I miss the Sonoran-style Mexican food quite a bit. But I do enjoy having access to BBQ restaurants with drive-thrus!

TUC: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Steve: My family and I enjoy going to Disney World quite a bit (technically not a hobby). We have a time share through Disney’s Vacation Club and also enjoy cruising quite a bit.

TUC: Which ONE word do you feel best describes you?

Steve: Dedicated

TUC: Which ONE word do you think your friends would use to best describe you?

Steve: Obsessive

TUC: What flavor e-liquid are you vaping right now?

Steve: Cherry tobacco 16mg 80% PG from Blue Mist Vaping. It’s my standard test e-juice. I use the same e-juice whenever I’m testing gear to review.

TUC: What e-cigarette, or mod are you vaping right now?

Steve: I’m currently running MadVapes’ vari-volt box mod (with LED readout) through its paces for an upcoming review

TUC: If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be, and why?

Steve: Since it’s winter, I’m going to go with some place tropical. I like Grand Cayman… maybe Key West because you can drive to the mainland. But in reality I’d eventually just start bitching that it’s too hot and humid.

More about Steve

I’ll try and spare everyone the minute details of my life here. I grew up in Arizona, got married and then talked into moving to Tennessee from where my wife originally hails. Fast forward, two beautiful (but… challenging) kids later, I had to start thinking about my health. My wife and I had kids fairly late in life, so the odds were already stacked against me as far as seeing grand kids many years from now.

Smoking obviously wasn’t going to help with that plan. One hitch. I had zero desire to quit and zero success in countless previous attempts. I originally kinda jumped onto e-cigarettes for the cost savings, and because my wife thought I already quit, the lack of smell was a big factor.

Turns out I love nicotine and technology so e-cigarettes were a perfect fit and I never looked back.

A couple short months after that came Steve K’s Vaping World. It started off fairly small. I have another blog I never update that’s was more or less for me to just write about technology to entertain myself. Nobody reads that blog. I wanted to write an article or two about e-cigarettes, but didn’t feel like they belonged in the original site.

So I decided to start doing some research and see what else was out there. I remember from before I started vaping a lot of the sites you find using Google seemed more like billboards than technical resources.

There were a lot of reviewers on You Tube, but not a lot of sites that dealt with written reviews. Some were infrequently updated or abandoned, and there were a couple of active ones as well.

It seemed to me that there was some more room in the field for good quality sites. I setup shop on Google’s Blogger platform and launched SKVW on June 1st, 2011, just a couple months after I started vaping.

I didn’t particularly have a plan. I figured unlike my original blog I would update this one at least several times weekly. The idea was to review the stuff I’ve collected as well as do write-ups on news items, press releases and whatever else I could find relating to e-cigarettes.

I wanted to publish at least 5 times a week. In the early months I’d publish multiple articles a day five to seven days a week.

Crazy? Yes it was.

Eventually I hit more of a rhythm and the news roundup was born. This put content out in a more controlled fashion so readers could visit just once a day rather than trying to keep up with my spastic update cycle.

As I went along, I’d run into more sites that were focused on quality over sales. Each time, I’d make sure I introduce myself to the webmaster and add a link from my site. My theory was, and still is, a rising tide lifts all ships. If quality sites could sort of band together, we would eventually win over the sales sites.

I’m happy to say the field is a lot more crowded than it was when I started. And many of the sites are quite excellent, such as this very site you are reading this bio on.

In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t see Invape or any other quality site as competition. I always have regarded the sales sites as my competition.

I am passionate about e-cigarettes and the community.

My mission is pretty much to run with those big review sites so that the facade of flashy sales pitches can be pulled back to reveal the deeper and much more benevolent e-cigarette community at large.

Find Steve from Steve K’s Vaping World on the internet~~~

Website: Steve K’s Vaping World
Twitter: @SteveVape
Facebook: Steve Vape
Google+: Steve K’s Vaping World
VapeTV News Blog: Steve K

Steve provides awesome written reviews, contests, and the latest news affecting all vapors. I highly recommend you check him out…I do!


  • Gary Adelson (Motivaper on ECF) says:

    Steve’s passion and goals resonate with me and want to let him know (and you too Brian), that I really appreciate the way you package your information, comments, and observations about the world of vaping!

    There’s way too much out there to read it all on our own – so thanks for what you’re doing for the worldwide community of vapers!

  • Paul says:

    Steve is an absolute gentleman and a perfect introductory to the vaping world

  • Bryan Peck says:

    Thanks for doing what you do Brian & Steve. You guys are the cat’s meow imho.

  • John says:

    It’s really interesting to know the stories of vapers. Really great interview.

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