Mini Variable Voltage LavaTube Mod

Mini Variable Voltage LavaTube Mod

The mini lavatube…perfect for on the go vaping?

The Lavatube is one of the more affordable variable voltage mods available. Following my review of the Lavatube, it has become one of my favorite devices while at home. Simply because of it’s size, I prefer other mods while out and about.

Recently though, the Lavatube is being offered from various other suppliers under various names, with a mini option.

The Mini “Lavatube”

I have found my mini tube to perform like my original Lavatube. Battery life will not be as long as it uses an 18350. But at 3.75 inches, versus the regular 5 inches, the new mini’s are more practical for on the go vaping.

While using the mini lavatube, I did find it more comfortable to switch up my fire button finger. With the regular size, I use my thumb, with the mini, using my middle finger is more natural, as the activation button rests approximately in the middle of the unit.

Other than that, I receive all the benefits I enjoyed with the full sized Lavatube, with a more practical sized mini.

If you like the full size Lavatube, but would prefer it in a smaller (shorter) footprint, check out the following link:

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  • Matt says:

    I personally use mini Lava tube on a daily basis. It is a great and reliable unit. I have been using mine for 4 months without a single complaint.

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