Mosaic Twig Wood Mod

Mosaic Twig Wood Mod

This wood mod even matches my boots

The Mosaic Twig wood mod from Ecig Workshop is a cross between my Dinky and my Stick mods, with an awesome wood pattern.

So I won’t bore ya with regurgitating specs and all. Instead, I’ll showcase a couple photos.

Ecig Workshop Mosaic Twig

Mosaic Twig

Craftsmanship at its best. Look at the sharp, clean cuts inside!

Mosaic Twig

Topped with a Lil Mama tank and Trippy Tip.

Ecig Workshop Twig

Topped with a Lava Tank.

Ecig Workshop Mosaic

Can you make out the door on the back?

Ecig Workshop Mosaic

What about now? The tolerances between the door and the rest of the body is one of the most exacting I have seen in a wood mod.

What I think of the Mosaic Wood Mod

From the day I received my Dinky wood mod, Ecig Workshop has expanded its line tremendously. Offering three basic sizes, and numerous design options, the flexibility to obtain a quality hand made wood mod at the price that is right for you is available.

The Good

  • Construction – Ecig Workshop definitely pays attention to detail.
  • Price – You can get a quality wood mod for about half the competition.
  • Aesthetics – Love the unique look of the Mosaic pattern.

The Bad

  • Drip Cup – No drip cup, if you drip exclusively this may pose a slight problem.
  • On/Off Switch – There is none, but it hasn’t been a problem for me.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Mosaic
Got wood? If not…git you some!

Website: Ecig Workshop

  • Name: The Mosaic Twig
  • Price: $79.99 (Body Only) +$15.00 for a starter kit. The starter kit includes a universal charger, cartomizer, drip tip and a rechargeable protected lithium-ion battery.
  • Type: 3.7 Volts.
  • Battery: Uses one 18350 protected battery.
  • Connector Type: 510.
  • Body: Constructed from wood.
  • Warranty: Unknown, but Paul & Patti will definitely work with you to resolve any issues that may arise.

Bottom Line: Ecig Workshop continues to expand their line, offering the flexibility to obtain an awesome looking wood mod that performs. This is by far a favorite of mine…plus…it matches my boots!


  • Laura says:

    Beautiful. Definitely gonna look into these some more…been wanting a wood mod for quite a while now.

  • subtle_banter says:

    I have a twig and it kills. Looks so good in your hand, people just don’t know what to think because it looks like a hunk of wood. Plus, for the work involved it is priced so damn right. I see jewelery boxes made the same way in my town for twice this much. Mad props to Paul & Patti, they doin a great thing!

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