NJoy Starter Kit

NJoy is one of those e-cigarettes that you either love or hate. Many of the local gas stations in my town are now carrying the starter kits from NJoy, so I had to try them out. I purchased the express starter kit, which is pretty basic, and a great way to test the waters if you are new to vaping.

At $19.99, the express kit comes with one rechargeable battery, a USB charger, one traditional or menthol cartridge’s (1.8 Nicotine Level), and of course the customary user guide.

NJoy Electronic Cigarette

NJoy Electronic Cigarettes

First impressions of the NJoy electronic cigarette
The first thing I noticed is that the nicotine cartridge is constructed different from the other two piece e-cigarette designs. The outer case was easily pulled off the atomizer, revealing a cotton-like filling that holds the nicotine. This system makes it easy for those that like to use their own e-liquid.

Using your own e-liquid is more cost effective, and you will extend the life of your atomizer/cartomizer before having to replace it.

NJoy Nicotine Cartridge


The nicotine cartridge that comes with the NJoy express starter kit is easily disassembled.

Adding your favorite e-liquid is a simple task, extending the life of cartridges before having to purchase replacements.

A great way to get good taste and save money.

This may be a good thing, as I didn’t like the taste of the NJoy. I was, however, impressed with the vapor volume.

I have to say that the NJoy express starter kit is best suited for those that want to try electronic cigarettes. For just a couple dollars more than the disposables (that do not deliver, IMHO), you get the basics. I did not like the taste, but the vapor production was consistent and sufficient for an analog look a like.

Bottom Line: Even though the NJoy is lacking in taste, because of the relatively low cost, I feel it is a good way to try e-cigarettes for the first time. I give the express starter kit a thumbs up.