NJoy Starter Kit

NJoy Starter Kit

NJoy is one of those e-cigarettes that you either love or hate. Many of the local gas stations in my town are now carrying the starter kits from NJoy, so I had to try them out. I purchased the express starter kit, which is pretty basic, and a great way to test the waters if you are new to vaping.

At $19.99, the express kit comes with one rechargeable battery, a USB charger, one traditional or menthol cartridge’s (1.8 Nicotine Level), and of course the customary user guide.

NJoy Electronic Cigarette

First impressions of the NJoy electronic cigarette
The first thing I noticed is that the nicotine cartridge is constructed different from the other two piece e-cigarette designs. The outer case was easily pulled off the atomizer, revealing a cotton-like filling that holds the nicotine. This system makes it easy for those that like to use their own e-liquid.

Using your own e-liquid is more cost effective, and you will extend the life of your atomizer/cartomizer before having to replace it.

NJoy Nicotine Cartridge


The nicotine cartridge that comes with the NJoy express starter kit is easily disassembled.

Adding your favorite e-liquid is a simple task, extending the life of cartridges before having to purchase replacements.

A great way to get good taste and save money.

This may be a good thing, as I didn’t like the taste of the NJoy. I was, however, impressed with the vapor volume.

I have to say that the NJoy express starter kit is best suited for those that want to try electronic cigarettes. For just a couple dollars more than the disposables (that do not deliver, IMHO), you get the basics. I did not like the taste, but the vapor production was consistent and sufficient for an analog look a like.

Bottom Line: Even though the NJoy is lacking in taste, because of the relatively low cost, I feel it is a good way to try e-cigarettes for the first time. I give the express starter kit a thumbs up.

Website: NJoy Vaping