Notcigs Buzz Pro Variable Voltage Mod

Notcigs Buzz Pro Variable Voltage Mod

The Notcigs Buzz Pro Variable Voltage Mod…candy included!

The Buzz Pro from Notcigs is the latest offering of their highly popular variable voltage tube mod. The tube is made from aluminum in seven different color choices, with the end caps offered in brass or chrome, and a connector of choice in 510, 801, 808, or 901.

Power is supplied by a pair of 16340 (CR 123A) batteries, while the unit is regulated to a maximum power output of 15 Watts. Voltage is adjustable from 3.3 to 5.5 volts with a 3 Amp limit. Three vent holes are evenly spaced around the circumference of the lower portion of the tube for safety.

Controlling the Buzz Pro is as simple as they come. The device is outfitted with a thumb wheel for voltage adjustment, and a small, rubbery button for activation. Inside the unit, visible through the slot for the thumb wheel, is an LED providing cues to the state the device is in:

The only time I use the LED is when checking to see if the unit is actually on or off, as it is tucked away inside.

Powering the Buzz Pro off is accomplished by twisting the end cap counter clockwise half a turn.

  • Red – Device is on.
  • Blue – Device is activated.
  • Out – Device is off.

Notcigs Buzz Pro Variable Voltage Mod

Impressions of the Buzz Pro from Notcigs

That’s right, Notcigs included some candy with my order!

After receiving my Buzz, I immediately powered the unit with a pair of AW ICR 123 batteries, topped with a 1.8 Ohm atomizer, and began to vape.

The fit and finish is top notch, and silky smooth. Threading is cut clean with no burrs. Sturdy, without being overly weighty, the Buzz Pro simply feels good in the hand.

Using the controls is pretty basic. At first I thought the small, rubbery button would be a negative. I was wrong. It has a positive click to it when activating, and doesn’t take much pressure to fire. It rests in a “cutout”, so even if you lay the Buzz on its side, button down, it will not fire.

Using the thumb wheel is really convenient for changing up the voltage, allowing me to quickly “dial” in my sweet spot. It is color coded in three places for easy reference. Green at its lowest setting, orange in the middle, and red at the high end.

I measured the voltage readings at the three color marks without a load to be approximately 3.41 at green, 4.37 at orange, and 5.3 volts at red. Turning the dial past red was 5.6 volts and past green was 3.37 volts.

Testing the Buzz Pro

Buzz Pro Specifications

Does the Buzz Pro live up to its specs?

I have read various debates concerning the Buzz at various forums concerning the wattage, voltage, amps, and ohms this unit handles, so I decided to do a little testing myself.

The following table represents the data I was able to measure with equipment I had on hand.

All measurements were rounded to the nearest 0.1 increment when needed, utilizing freshly charged batteries.

EDIT: The Ohms for atomizers & cartomizers were measured with a multimeter. The wattage is calculated with the formula: Watts = (Volts x Volts)/Ohms.

Cartomizer Ohms1.
Min Voltage3.
Max Voltage5.
Min Watts5.
Max Watts15.614.89.18.6

After taking my readings, I dialed in @ 4.20 volts with my 1.8 Ohm tank, and began to vape…and vape…until the batteries died. That’s roughly 9.8 Watts of tasty vapor. Up until my batteries died, the voltage setting of 4.20 was consistent within plus or minus 0.04 volts.

But when it stops, it stops dead in its tracks!

What I think of the Buzz Pro

The Buzz Pro lives up to Notcigs claims, with a couple caveats.

  1. You can get 15 Watts of power, depending on the Ohms of your cartomizer/atomizer.
  2. My measurements proved that this device runs on a 3 Amp limit.
  3. Voltage claims of 3.3 to 5.5 are obtainable with a load.
  4. Consistent, regulated voltage output throughout vaping.

From my readings, I believe a 2.5 Ohm atty/cartimizer would be ideal. Unfortunately, I did not have one to test.

All’s well that ends well…I think

Buzz Pro End Cap

The one thing I didn’t like…

The one thing I didn’t like about the Buzz Pro, is the end cap. Mine came with delrin threads, and they are ALREADY showing signs of wear.

I guess if the end result is good, then everything is good.

Buzz Pro

This Buzz is a real Pro!

The Good

  • Construction – This device is rugged, yet light weight.
  • Design – I absolutely love the thumb wheel for dialing in on the perfect vape.
  • Price – It’s not the most or least expensive for a variable volt mod.
  • Aesthetics – Finish is top notch, and available in seven different colors with laser engraving offered as an option.
  • Functionality – This device lives up to the claims.

The Bad

  • End Cap – Comes with delrin threads, but is needed in order to switch the unit off.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Notcigs Buzz Pro
This is a good looking, sturdy unit that takes a simplistic approach to delivering variable voltage. Super easy to operate, the Buzz has become one of the more popular PV Mods in the market today…and now I know why!

Website: Notcigs
ECF Thread: Notcigs on ECF

  • Name: Buzz Pro
  • Price: $139.00 (Body Only)
  • Type: Wheel adjustable variable voltage (3.3v – 5.5v)
  • Power Output: 15 Watts maximum output
  • Battery: Uses a pair of 16340 batteries
  • Connector Type: 510 / 801 / 808 / 901
  • Body: Constructed from aluminum.
  • Warranty: 6 months on parts and labor.
  • Over current Protection
  • Over temp. protection
  • Reverse Battery protection

Bottom Line: Whether talking about the construction, finish, performance, or usability…this device delivers.


  • Chris says:

    Great review! I just got one of these, too, and it works fine. The only flaw is the end cap seems a bit “off-center”.

    • TUC says:

      Now that you mention that…so does mine! Must be the delrin threads that are needed to function as an on/off switch, but I could be wrong.

  • Bryan Peck says:

    Great review TUC. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these beauties!

    • TUC says:

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised…I’m vaping my root beer Buzz as I write this! 🙂

  • TaZenRed says:

    That happiness with Buzz, simple and effective.

    I profit to tell you that the photographs of your site are splendid.

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