ProVape ProVari: Classic or Has Been?

Classic Provari

After a year and a half long hiatus, what better way to open it back up than with a revisit of the Provari? I’m not going to cover the specs, you can find those in my previous review of the ProVari V2.

Eighteen months is a very long time, especially when it comes to vaping gear. It’s a different world out there, with a lot of amazing devices that seem to flood the vapers choices weekly. No longer is the buzz word variable voltage, it’s DNA…wattage…rebuildable atomizers…etc.

During this time, I pretty much vaped exclusively the Provari topped with my favorite tanks and tried and true Boge 3.0 single coil cartomizers. Nothing fancy, but very consistent, and reliable.

The Provari hasn’t really changed the last eighteen months, sure, it’s now available in a multitude of colors, and has been given a facelift…they even have a “Zombie” edition now, but that’s pretty much the extent.

So the question remains, is the ProVape ProVari keeping pace with the competition?

Provari WearConstruction
The provari is a stainless steel device, and quite frankly, built like a tank. The finish on mine is black, and wear has stood the test of time, literally.

The extended end cap is the only place wear is apparent. The firing button has performed flawlessly over the course of extended use, as well as the 510 connection. Threading of both have stood up to constant use without a hiccup.

This is probably where I differ among many. I read all the time how some find the control of the provari to be…awkward? I couldn’t disagree more. KISS…keep it simple stupid, and this is where I really think the device shines. With only one button, you have access to a multitude of readings, and settings.Provari 510 Connection

Will you ever really need to utilize the entire array of menu options all the time? Probably not, but they are available for when you do. The only time I really accessed the menu in the real world, was to adjust my voltage. A couple clicks, and it’s done…nothing to it.

No, I didn’t constantly turn it on and off. If there was a battery inside, it was on.

No, I didn’t turn my LED light on and off. It remained in the on state the entire time.

No, I didn’t check the level of my battery. I didn’t need to. When the battery begins to drain, the translucent button on the provari will begin to flash, allowing ample time to get a fresh battery inside. Nor did I experience a complete shutdown without plenty of fore warning.

Did I ever check the ohms of my atomizer or cartomizer? Again, no, not in the real world, only during my initial testing of the provari.

What I really like about the provari’s display, is the fact it provides error codes should there be an issue. I only received a couple and they were all related to faulty cartomizers (4 times) in eighteen months.

Provari ReliabilityReliability
When I said the provari is built like a tank, I meant it, and it shows (for me anyways) in reliability. I have yet to experience an issue, “knocks on wood”. Like the Energizer bunny, my “classic” ProVari keeps on vaping, and vaping, not one time did it let me down.

Cost of ownership
I have to admit, the cost of a ProVari is fairly high, especially when compared to other units in the market. Initially, I did feel a pang of “buyers remorse”. As I look back, it quickly faded. Would I like to have spent less? Of course, but as in many cases…and this is no exception, you really do get what you pay.provari_end_caps

Would I ever purchase another? Not while my current one is still functioning. If the cost ever does come down, I definitely would, but for now, I’m content with just the one.

What I think of the ProVape ProVari

Even though the design of the ProVari has changed very little in such a relatively long time span, so has the Rolex. I guess you just don’t go messing with a proven design just to address the trend of the day.

If I were looking to purchase one and only one mod. Something I could depend on in the long run…the provape provari would definitely be on my short list. I’ve had mine since March of 2012, and it has yet to let me down.

Here’s a couple links if you would like to find out more about the provari:

Do you have a ProVari? Let us know what your experience has been like.