ProVari V2

ProVari V2

The ProVari V2 is the latest variable voltage tube mod, from Provape. The newest version of the Provari bumps the amperage limit from 2.5 to 3.5 amps, allowing for the use of lower resistance atomizers and cartomizers.

Constructed of stainless steel, the ProVari is offered in four finishes:

  • Satin Silver – $159.95
  • Chrome – $179.95
  • Satin Black – $179.95
  • 24k Gold – $299.95

Power is supplied by one IMR 18490 high drain battery, or with the optional extended cap, one IMR 18650 high drain battery. Voltage is adjustable from 2.9 to 6.0 volts with a 3.5 amperage limit, and comes with a 510 connection.

ProVape ProVari V2

ProVape ProVari

Standard size & 18650 extension end cap.

The ProVari comes with numerous safety features, including:

  • On/Off Mode – Putting the ProVari in off mode allows safely carrying the unit without worrying about inadvertent activation.
  • 16 Second Cutoff – The ProVari will shut itself off if the button is held down for 16 seconds or longer. The unit will reset after the button is released.
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection – Protection against shorted atomizers/cartomizers.
  • Reverse Battery Protection – Protects against reverse battery installation.
  • Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection – The ProVari will automatically turn itself off when battery voltage is discharged.
  • Amperage Limiting to 3.5 amps – The ProVari will monitor and shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.
  • Thermal Monitoring – Shuts the device off if it detects a high temperature condition. Once the device cools off, it will resume normal operation.
  • Vented End Cap – Vent hole for added safety.

ProVari 510 End Cap

ProVari 510 End Cap

Solid constructed 510 top cap.

The ProVari weighs in at 5.4 oz and measures 4.1″ L x 0.90″ D in its stock configuration, while weighing 5.9 oz and measuring 4.6″L x 0.90″ D with the 18650 extension cap (both weights include battery).

A one year warranty comes standard with the ProVari, with a second year optional for an additional $24.95.

ProVari End Cap

ProVari End Cap

Good looks and a vent hole for added safety.

An easy to read digital display for settings and error codes is located toward the top of the unit. Directly opposite is a single, translucent lighted activation push button for menu navigation and adjustments.

Menu Display, Navigation, & Adjustment

  1. Pu (Power Up) – Press button 5 times, wait for current setting to display, then press button to up the voltage setting.
  2. Pd (Power Down) – Press button 7 times, wait for current setting to display, then press button to lower the voltage setting.
  3. Po (Power On/Off) Press button 9 times, wait for current setting to display, then press button to change.
  4. Cb (Check Battery) – Press button 11 times, current battery voltage will display.
  5. Ao (Atomizer Ohms) – Press button 13 times, current atomizer/cartomizer Ohms will display.
  6. Lo (LED Light On/Off) – Press button 15 times, wait for current setting to display, then press button to change.

When checking the battery voltage or the Ohms of a carto/atty, the device will fire.

ProVari Display

ProVari Display

One of the best displays available in a mod.

Navigating the menu, and setting adjustments sound more difficult than it actually is. After experimenting a short while, I quickly got the hang of it. Also, if you accidentally pass the desired adjustment, you can either continue scrolling, or wait a couple seconds for the display to go blank and start over.

Error Codes from ProVari & their Meanings

  • E1 – Short Circuit / Shorted Atomizer – If this error appears, remove the atomizer and replace with a different one or or lower your voltage settings The ProVari will automatically reset when the problem is fixed lower your voltage settings. The ProVari will automatically reset when the problem is fixed.
  • E2 – Current Limit Exceeded – If this error appears, lower the voltage on the device or use a higher resistance atomizer. Once the problem has been fixed, the ProVari will reset itself.
  • E3 – Thermal Monitor – If this error appears, let the device cool off for several minutes before using again.
  • E4 – Input Voltage to DC/DC converter error – These can be caused by the atomizer or cartomizer. Its ok to see these occasionally. If you get constant E4 errors, contact ProVape.
  • E5 – Converter has a problem – Contact ProVape.
  • E6 – Microprocessor has a problem – Contact ProVape.
  • E7 – Voltage output detected when there should be none – This can be caused by a converter fault or by an open atomizer. Only contact ProVape if you know the atomizer is good and the problem persists.
  • E8 – Converter has detected a fault – These can be caused by the atomizer or cartomizer. Its ok to see these occasionally. Contact ProVape if this persists.

Testing the ProVari V2

ProVari V2

Rock solid construction and performance.

The following table represents the data I was able to measure with equipment I had on hand.

All measurements were rounded to the nearest 0.1 increment when needed, utilizing freshly charged batteries.

The Ohms for atomizers & cartomizers were measured with a multimeter. The wattage is calculated with the formula: Watts = (Volts x Volts)/Ohms.

Measured Ohms1.
ProVari Ohms1.
Min Voltage2.
Max Voltage4.
Min Watts6.
Max Watts14.515.

I was able to achieve 16 watts of power. The interesting thing I discovered, is the difference in my measured Ohms and the reading the ProVari gave me for my Ohms. All the above calculations were done with the readings I received from the ProVari.

One other interesting note…I was unable to max out my amperage limit.

After taking my readings, I dialed in @ 5.0 volts with my 3.2 Ohm tank, (3.0 Ohms measured with the ProVari) giving me 8.3 Watts of vaping power.

I normally would provide a table showing the decline in voltage setting as the battery drains down, but that would be redundant in this case.

The ProVari delivered my setting of 5.0 volts THE ENTIRE LIFE OF THE BATTERY!

This is the most consistent regulated voltage that I have experienced to date!

What I think of the ProVari V2

The ProVari V2 is the most consistent in producing the desired voltage that I have personally tested. Saying that, I do have some reservations about some of the other results I measured, and plan on performing more comprehensive testing in the near future.

What I can say is…the ProVari is in a class of its own.

The Good

  • Construction – Body is made of stainless steel, with an awesome finish. This is a solid, quality made device that should last a very long time. Plus, it’s made in America!
  • Durability – A solid device that rivals most all mechanical mods.
  • Simplicity – I prefer the one button design, along with the digital display.
  • Size – The standard ProVari is the perfect size for me. The 18490 battery has proven to provide the ideal vape time, with the actual length of the device proving an ideal height for me. Plus, I can always use the extension end cap if I need to rely on it longer than a full day of vaping.
  • Consistency – Set your voltage and forget about it. The ProVari will deliver what you ask of it…every time.

The Bad

  • Price – This is a pricey mod, and could be a determining factor for some.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the ProVari V2 from ProVape
I have to admit, I just didn’t understand what all the “hoopla” was about this device…until I received mine, that is. This is a rock solid, quality piece of vaping technology that will provide you with everything you need…minus the juice and atty/carto, that is!

Website: ProVari V2 from ProVape
Long term review – ProVape ProVari: Classic or Has Been?

  • Name: ProVari
  • Price: $159.95 – $299.95 (body only)
  • Type: Variable Volt adjustable from 2.9v – 6.0v
  • Battery: Uses one 18490 or one 18650 (with extension cap) IMR High Drain Battery
  • Connector Type: 510
  • Body: Constructed from stainless steel.
  • Warranty: One year, with additional year for $24.95.
  • AccuSet™ Technology – Self-Calibration Feature
  • 16 second safety cutoff
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Thermal monitoring system
  • 3.5 Amperage limiting
  • Battery monitor and over-discharge protection
  • Vented for added safety
  • Made in the USA

Bottom Line: The ProVari is top notch in build quality, functionality, options, and extremely consistent in providing the desired vaping voltage one desires. I highly recommend a very hard look at the Provari V2 if looking for a variable voltage unit.


  • Justin says:

    Hi! I am looking for information on becoming a vendor. Thanks!

    Justin Woodbury
    Trevard Company

  • Louis Bond says:

    1 question I have is how much actual vaping time you have on a 18490 battery & how far down it will pull the battery before shutoff?
    Otherwise I liked your review as it answered many questions about the unit.

    Will read more of your reviews.
    Keep on Vapin’.

    • TUC says:

      Hi Louis,

      Vaping time will vary for each individual with any battery or ecig. When I am vaping with the Provari with a 18490 battery, I get on average 12 hours time, plus or minus a couple hours.

      Shutoff occurs at about 3.1 to 3.2 volts.

      Hope this helps. I will be doing a long term review of the Provari soon.

  • Wan says:

    Hi.. i want to buy Provari (origanal type) black as shown in the picture…
    how can i get it..?

  • lou says:

    can you use a ce4 clearomizer on provari?

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