Puresmoker ICON

Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi Mod

The Puresmoker ICON is an all mechanical, PV tube mod. It comes with a 510 or 801 connection, and is constructed from stainless steel.

With a bottom mounted button for activation, the ICON uses one 14500 battery for vaping at 3.7 volts. Protected batteries will not fit this unit, with Puresmoker recommending the Tenergy 14500 batteries or AW IMR14500 batteries only.

While the ICON is a small device, the quality stainless steel construction gives it a feeling of durability and “heft” for its size.

Puresmoker ICON

I really like the feel of the ICON. With its small dimensions and durable construction, the ICON really is a vape anywhere device.

Impressions of the Puresmoker ICONPuresmoker ICON size

Size comparison of the Puresmoker ICON

Sometimes good things really do come in a small package, and I would say the ICON fits nicely in this category. I will admit while outfitted with a tank, it does look a little funny, and becomes a bit top heavy.

But this combination really worked for me.

I really put this device through the paces. Never “babying” it, and even dropping it on occasion.

In short…I was hard on it!

As you can see in the pictures…the finish did take a beating from me.

icon size

The ICON’s size makes it a “vape anywhere” device.

Not only did I really like the smaller size of the ICON, the construction was impressive as well.

Parts of the Puresmoker ICON

The sum of the parts really add up to a reliable, and durable PV mod.

This unit is very simple to break down and reassemble for cleaning purposes. I needed no tools to accomplish this task.

The threading was also top notch, very clean, with no burrs or tooling marks. Be sure to lubricate the threading though…as they are very precise.

Puresmoker lock

Bottom activation button lock

The bottom button lock is not only easy to use, it works flawlessly.

What I think of the ICON from Puresmoker

I did run into a very slight issue a couple times.

While unscrewing the lock, I would inadvertently unscrew the bottom cap as well. Not a problem really, just something I experienced.

But I really do love the way the lock on the ICON is designed.

Puresmoker ICON

The Puresmoker ICON…perfect for vaping anywhere!

The Good

  • Reliability – Performed every time.
  • Size – Not too big…not too small…the ICON is a nice size for vaping on the go, or at home.
  • Type – All Mechanical PV Mod.
  • Durability – The ICON took all the abuse I could dish out, and kept on vaping.
  • Construction – Solidly built in stainless steel.
  • Fit & Finish – All the pieces fit together without uneven seems, or gaps. Plus, it just looks good.

The Bad

  • Price – At $81.99, the ICON is just as pricey as some of the other popular, larger PV mods.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the ICON from Puresmoker
This has become one of my favorite PV tube mods. Because of its reliability, durability, and size, the ICON’s versatility can easily take the place of multiple PV mods.

Website: The ICON from Puresmoker

  • Name: Puresmoker ICON
  • Price: $81.99
  • Type: All Mechanical 3.7v
  • Battery: 3.7 Volts 1 x 14500
  • Connector Type: 510 or BE112/801
  • Body: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 6 Months

Bottom Line: Not an all day vape, but certainly an anywhere vape. If you are looking for a reliable, solid build, 3.7 volt tube mod and want to keep it fairly small, the ICON from Puresmoker may just be the ticket for you!


  • BiancaMontgomery says:

    Very nice review! Great photos!! I had one of these for a bit. It was a lovely little mod, but ended up loving the VV of my Little Sister mod over it and just didn’t use it much.

  • TUC says:

    Yes, it is only a 3.7 volt mod…but it is one of the most versatile mods I have. All my VV mods are too big to take anywhere.

  • Ken says:

    I am in my first week with an icon v1.1 and am very pleased. My experience with pv’s is limited but one thing I haven’t seen mentioned about mechanical tube mods is that although durable, if dropped the heavier units will damage the crucial pieces we’ve attached to them. Keep this in mind. I have dropped the icon and not killed my cisco 306 but it did bend a bit. I own a much pricier 14500 mod that killed my atty about 50% of the time I dropped it. I think if reviewers did an “atty end drop test” we would all benefit.

  • TUC says:

    HI Ken, and thanks for stopping by!

    I believe the atty’s, carto’s, and tanks that we may use are inherently going to be more susceptible to damage if dropped (as they are more fragile). The one thing I don’t want, is a PV MOD that cost me close, if not more than $100.00 dollars rendered useless after a drop.

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