PureSmoker Legacy is Cutting Edge

PureSmoker Legacy is Cutting Edge

Warm Vape & Cold Beer…What More Could You Ask For? I might have had one too many while taking this picture!

PureSmoker produces some of the best all mechanical PV Mods. Manufactured from stainless steel, they not only are pleasing to the eye, their devices are rugged, and built to last. My first e-cigarette from PureSmoker was their ICON, a smaller mod, accepting the 14500 battery.

Enter the all new Leagacy, made with the Kick by Evolv in mind!

Power is supplied by one IMR 18490 high drain battery (Kick enabled), or a single 18650 IMR high drain battery. If you purchase the optional sleeve, you will be able to have a Kicked Legacy powered by the 18650. A mini version of the Legacy is available as well.

The tube is media blasted, while the top and bottom cap are polished. This is a bottom activated device with a locking mechanism similar to the ICON.

For me, my favorite battery size seems to be the 18490. This gives me the best compromise between battery size, and longevity…or as I like to call it, vapegevity (yea, I just made that up).

PureSmoker Legacy is Cutting Edge

PureSmoker Legacy is Cutting Edge

Plus…it can be a Kick in the butt!

The Legacy weighs in at 5.2 oz (in its Kick enabled configuration with 18490 battery) and measures 4.25″ L x 0.874″ D at its widest circumference.

Size Comparison

Size Comparison

Size does matter…right?

PureSmoker Legacy Parts

PureSmoker Legacy Parts

Not much here…but I do like what I see!

Threading of the Legacy

Threading of the Legacy

Silver Threads Among the Gold…oh wait, that’s a song!

Legacy End Caps

Legacy End Caps

PureSmoker ships extra screws, and washers for adjustment, and replacement should you need. After adding the Kick to my Legacy, two additional washers were required to make contact.

Don’t worry about this…the Legacy comes with a written user manual from PureSmoker.

Legacy Activation Button Lock

Legacy Activation Button Lock

The activation button and lock is the same functionally as with the ICON, but it looks better!

The Legacy Gets a Kick in the Butt

The Legacy Gets a Kick in the Butt

Two configurations for ya!

The Legacy from PureSmoker, will accept a single 18650 for 3.7 volt vaping…while the Kick transforms this into a full fledged variable wattage vaping machine powered by a single 18490!

What exactly does that mean? Variable wattage, as opposed to variable voltage?

I don’t know…so lets add the Kick, and find out!

Variable Wattage

Variable Wattage

Variable Wattage…stop kicking me!

My daily use of cartomizers are 2.0 & 3.0 Ohm Boges. When I’m vaping my Provari or mini Lavatube, I need to change the voltage setting in order to get to my sweet spot depending on which cartomizer I’m using at the moment.

What I really like about varable wattage, is the fact that the voltage output is determined by the Ohms of the cartomizer used.

I set the Kick at my desired wattage…and forget about it!

Testing the PureSmoker Legacy

The following table represents the data I was able to measure with equipment I had on hand.

All measurements were rounded to the nearest 0.1 increment when needed, utilizing freshly charged batteries.

The Ohms for atomizers & cartomizers were measured with my Provari. The wattage is calculated with the formula: Watts = (Volts x Volts)/Ohms.

Ohms1.5 (Dual Coil)2.02.9
Min Voltage3.353.343.78
Max Voltage3.914.75.4
Min Watts7.55.64.9
Max Watts10.211.010.1

After taking my readings, I dialed in @ approximately 8.0 watts with my 2.9, and 2.0 Ohm tank. The voltage readings I received were 4.9 & 4.05 respectively.

Throughout the battery charge, my voltage readings remained within 0.1.

I simply swapped the two tanks at my leisure, and the voltage output adjusted automatically, requiring nothing from me.

The Kicked Legacy delivered my setting of approximately 8.0 watts until the battery required a recharge!

Set it and forget about it…gotta love that!

What I think of the Legacy

The Legacy PV Mod was constructed with the Kick by Evolv in mind…and it shows. The fit of the two are complimentary, with no issues whatsoever. If you have a Kick, you can’t go wrong by coupling it with the Legacy. If you have a Legacy, you absolutely need to get a Kick (if you desire variable voltage…err…I mean variable wattage!)

The Good

  • Construction – Body is made of stainless steel, with a contrasting media blasted and polished finish. This is a solid, quality made, all mechanical device, that should last a very long time. Plus, it’s made in America!
  • Durability – Solid & durable, I’m not worried about this device should I inadvertently drop it.
  • Simplicity – It doesn’t get any simpler than this!
  • Size – In both configurations, Kicked or not, this is the perfect size for me.
  • Consistency – Set your wattage and forget about it. The Kicked Legacy delivers.
  • Vapegevity – Yea, I said it again…and the Legacy has it!
  • Price – The $88.99 for a base Legacy makes this one of the lower price points for a stainless steel 18650 all mechanical PV Mod. Add $45.00 and you have variable wattage at your fingertips for a cool $133.99!

The Bad

  • I found the Legacy could be a little unstable while standing it up on end.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Legacy from PureSmoker
The Legacy never missed a beat, firing every time. The stainless steel media blasted finish with polished end caps not only looks terrific, its easy on the fingerprints too. Solid construction…low price point…all mechanical…made in the USA…and constructed with the Kick in mind…my hats off to PureSmoker for their release of the Legacy.

Website: The Legacy from PureSmoker

  • Name: PureSmoker Legacy
  • Price: $88.99 (body only) Additional $37.00 for the kit.
  • Extension Tube: $14.99
  • Type: All Mechanical Tube Mod
  • Battery: Uses one 18490 (kicked) or one 18650 IMR High Drain Battery
  • Connector Type: 510
  • Body: Media Blasted Stainless Steel.
  • Warranty: Six Months.
  • Vented for added safety
  • Activation button lock for added safety
  • Made in the USA

Bottom Line: The Legacy by itself is a quality PV Mod, that performs flawlessly at 3.7 volts…couple it with a Kick by Evolv, and you now have variable wattage in a sleek, rugged, all mechanical stainless steel device for only $133.99. How can you go wrong with that?

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  • Walt says:

    Great article sir. I stumbled upon it accidentally searching for information on the new Kick 2. Coincidentally, I just ordered the PureSmoker Legacy yesterday with the 18650 Kick extension. I have given up on my Chinese knock-off of the Provari due to increasingly intermittent action of the activation switch after only five weeks of use. In the search for something more reliable I almost purchased a Provari. Whether my concerns are valid or not, the integrated switch design of the Provari electronics inclined me to search for a 100% mechanically switched devise. Of course the outcome of this decision hinges solely on the reliability of another electronic devise, the Kick. Suffice it to say that when and if the Kick fails, I can always vape the un-Kicked Legacy while awaiting delivery of a Provari.
    It is through your efforts and many others that I have been able to free myself from 40 years of playing the game of suicide by tobacco. I enjoyed your article, and sincerely thank you for your work.


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