Q2v3 Copper PV Mod

Q2v3 Copper PV Mod

Solid construction, all mechanical PV mod

The Q2v3 copper mod is a 3.7 or 6.0 volt personal vaping mod, depending on the batteries used. The Q2v3 is supplied by Vapor Alley, and is one of six offerings in the Copper line. At $69.95, the Q2v3 is a modestly priced, all mechanical PV mod.

This is a simple, yet sturdy design that screams minimalism!

Using a protected 17670 battery, the Q2v3 can vape all day at 3.7 volts…or stacking two CR123 (16340) batteries can vape at 6.0 or 7.2 volts, and comes native with a 510 connector. Although it is marketed as copper, it is actually of brass construction.

Q2v3 Copper PV Mod

I have only been using this mod for a couple days now, and it has without a doubt become one of my favorites. I am currently using it configured with a Smoktech 1.5 low resistance tank and cart, at 3.7 volts courtesy of an UltraFire LC 17670 1800 mAh battery. It has been getting me through a full day of vaping. The draw has been consistent with no problems whatsoever.

The one thing that differentiates the Copper line of PV mods from others is the activation of the unit. There is no button to push, or on/off switch. To activate, the atomizer/cartomizer connecting post slides into the tube where it makes contact with the positive post of the battery. This took me a little getting used to, I must admit.

I grab my atomizer with thumb and forefinger, sliding it into the unit as I inhale.

Unfortunately with heavy vaping, the atomizer does get hot, so this may not be the ideal way. While I’ve heard of others pushing it in with their mouth, while taking a “toot”, I was unable to master this technique.

I had just purchased an e-liquid tank, and thought I would try it on my Q2v3…what I discovered is that this combination is perfect. It’s almost like the two were made for each other! Now I simply activate it by the tank. The looks and operation of the two go hand in hand, literally.

I couldn’t resist trying it with two stacked CR123 batteries, even though I only had low resistance atomizers, and WOW…this thing exploded with vapor! Almost too much. I plan on getting high resistance carts for my tank to vape at the higher voltages exclusively now.

The Good

  • Construction – Solid as a rock. This mod is about the size of a GLV-2, but I feel more comfortable that it will continue to work if I should drop it…or throw it.
  • Price – At $69.95 for the unit, the Q2v3 is a modestly priced PV mod.
  • Design – For such a simple design, the Q2v3’s construction is as close to “bullet proof” as it gets.
  • Simplicity – Because it is an all mechanical device, there are no wires or electronics to worry about. This should prove to be a mod I can always count on delivering my favorite juice.
  • Aesthetics – What can I say, I’m a utilitarian at heart. I think with the Q2v3 you will either love it or hate it. I love it.

The Bad

  • On/Off switch – There is none. If carrying around, you have to be aware that the unit could accidentally be activated.
  • Atomizer post – Where the atomizer connects, there is play so it wiggles a little. Though it is designed this way, I couldn’t help but think the whole thing would come apart at any minute.
  • Activation – I am only comfortable using it with an e-liquid tank…but I do love it in this configuration.

The Ugly

  • Looks – Hey, you either love it or hate it.
  • Casting Lines – On the tube itself, you can make out very faint casting lines. This may be a deal breaker for some.

Final notes on the Q2v3 Copper
The Q2v3 Copper looks and feels awesome, IMHO, with a rugged…almost unrefined look to it. The quality in the construction is top notch, with a weighty, solid feel to it. I think it will actually look better after a little wear and tear from use.

Website: Vapor Alley

Bottom Line: Sturdy construction, minimalist in design, all mechanical, vapes great at 3.7 or 6.0 volts…what else can you ask for? All in all, I really like the Copper mod with one caveat…it’s topped off with a tank.