Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi Mod

Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi Mod

The Alumimod…a shinier, more durable Splash!

Shan B of VAPECORE, known for the ever popular variable voltage Splash box mod, is adding a limited run of 20…in aluminum!

Not only is the Alumimod more durable, it will be available with a new feature I felt the Splash could use in my previous review.

A knob to adjust the voltage!

Now adjusting voltage on the fly is easier than ever…and no more tiny screwdrivers to boot.

Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi Mod

Batteries tested and approved for use with the Alumimod include:

  • TrustFire Flames
  • TrustFire Blues
  • AW IMR 14500

Constructed of aluminum, and topped with a 510 connector with stainless juice catch cup, the Alumimod is powered by a pair of 14500 batteries. Voltage is listed as adjustable from 2.8 to 7.4 volts with a 3.0 Amp limit.

Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi ModAluminum Variable Voltage Mod

But how does it perform?

Testing the Alumimod

vv mod specifications

Outfitting the aluminum variable voltage mod for testing

I only tested the Alumimods specifications with a tank fitted with a 2.9 Ohm cartomizer. I decided on 2.9 Ohms, because I feel this is a good choice when vaping a variable voltage device.

The following table represents the data I was able to measure with equipment I had on hand.

All measurements were rounded to the nearest 0.1 increment when needed.

The Ohms for the cartomizer was measured with a multimeter. The wattage is calculated with the formula: Watts = (Volts x Volts)/Ohms.

Cartomizer Ohms2.9
Min Voltage2.73
Max Voltage6.9
Min Watts2.57
Max Watts16.41

The above readings were taken with batteries at a near full charge, 8.0 volts to be exact.

After taking my high and low readings, I proceeded to see if there were any voltage differences at various settings. The following table consists of the readings I measured.

Cartomizer OhmsBattery VoltageVoltage SettingVoltage RecordedVoltage Difference

After taking my various readings, I dialed in @ 4.5 volts with my 2.9 Ohm tank, giving me a consistent 6.9 Watts of vaping power. My battery started off with 7.8, and petered out at 5.2 Volts.

No need for a table here…

My add on volt meter matched the built in meter @ 4.5 volts from start to finish…with one interesting caveat.

The voltage was so consistent with the Alumimod, it actually surprised me.

The one thing I did notice…there were times when upon initial firing, my add on meter would read 4.4 volts, only to be immediately bumped to the 4.5 setting. When this did occur, the built in meter read 4.6 volts. Apparently, the device adjusted itself, outputting the desired voltage of 4.5 volts.

I received 4.5 volts of vaping the entire time, until the battery level reached 5.2 volts. At this point, the batteries drained rather quickly to 4.5 volts, and required a charge. I was unable to adjust to 3.7 volts, there just wasn’t enough juice to keep going.

What I think of the Alumi Mod

The Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi Mod performs as exceptionally well!

  1. This device will give you 16 Watts of power, more than likely more.
  2. Voltage tended to creep at the lower and higher spectrum’s, with 4.5 to 7.0 volts being the sweet spot for consistency.
  3. This was a surprisingly, very consistent device…the results were surprising, to say the least.

The Alumimod from Vapecore not only provides more wattage than others, it has proven to me to be one of the most consistent in voltage regulation.

The Good

  • Construction – Body is made of aluminum.
  • Simplicity- The controls are simple to use, I love the toggle switch.
  • Price – A reasonable price for a variable voltage device.
  • Consistency – This is one of the most consistent in delivering the desired voltage.

The Bad

  • Limited – There will only be 20 units made.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Shan B Variable Voltage Alumi Mod from Vapecore
I’m not only impressed with the performance of this mod…I really do like the added durability, and “heft” the aluminum construction provides…and yes, I paid full price for this device.

Website: Alumi Mod from Shan Mods

  • Name: Alumi Mod
  • Price: $89.99 (Body Only)
  • Type: Knob adjustable variable voltage (2.8 Volts – 7.4 Volts) with built in LCD voltage meter
  • Activation: 3 Amp stainless steel switch
  • On/Off: 3 position rocker switch
  • Power Output: 16.5 Watts (personal experience)
  • Battery: Uses a pair of 14500 batteries, protected TrustFire 3.7V 900mAh are recommended.
  • Connector Type: 510 with stainless steel catch cup
  • Body: Constructed from aluminum.
  • Warranty: Unknown
  • Protection: Under Voltage / Over Voltage

Bottom Line: If you prefer box mods, variable voltage, or the Splash, you will love the Alumimod. Plus, it comes with a control knob for added convenience when adjusting the voltage.