Silver Bullet Mechanical

Silver Bullet Mechanical

The AltSmoke Silver Bullet mod goes mechanical!

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve probably heard of the Silver Bullet, in fact you may have owned one. One of the early PV mods that were available, as an unregulated 3.7 volt device, has earned a reputation as a reliable, and durable mod. It was actually the one others were judged by, long before sub-ohm vaping, variable voltage/wattage, or clones existed.

I never owned a Silver Bullet, but I did own the Omega, which was one of two mechanical offerings from AltSmoke years ago, and it was one of the best built mods I have owned.

Fast forward a couple years, and finally…I get a chance to experience the legendary lineage of the Silver Bullet, but as a mechanical!

Recently, I have seen others claiming the original was always a mechanical mod. This is not true, or factual. The original, although very reliable, had a switch (which is well known for its durability and operation) that was in fact “wired“.

From AltSmoke:

  • Fully Mechanical Silver Bullet (Silver Bullet M)
  • Silver Plated Tellurium Copper Contacts
  • T6061 Housing
  • Stainless Steel 510 Connector
  • Adjustable Center Post up to 4.75mm
  • Made in U.S.A.

The new mechanical is now available in chrome, or anodized black.

Silver Bullet Mechanical Mod

Silver Bullet 510 Connection

510 connection and adjustable center pin.

Weighing in at 111 grams, or 3 & 7/8 ounces, the Silver Bullet M is a 510 threaded, mechanical device that runs on a 18650 battery, and is constructed of aluminum. A sleeve adapter is available, if you would like to run a Kick for variable wattage vaping.

When it comes to mechanical mods, the Silver Bullet M, staying true to its heritage, is a simple, yet robust device. Throw a 18650 battery in, screw the halves together, top it off with your favorite tank or atomizer, and vape. No messing with sleeves, bottom button locking rings, or other distractions. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Silver Bullet Spring

Spring and post. Hex key not included.

At the top, a 1/16 inch hex key is required to perform adjustments of the center pin. While the bottom end gets the usual collapsible spring.

Top Cap and Button

Top cap and button assembly.

While the button is not “clicky”, it’s travel is smooth, requiring firm pressure to activate. Threads are well cut, and defined. Threading the two halves is smooth and positive.

Finish is well done, with no flaws in my example. The chrome finish is smooth to the point of feeling slippery, and will attract more than its fair share of fingerprints. If by chance you suffer OCD, do not get any e-liquid on me.

Tank and RDA

Configured with tank and RDA.

As you can tell from the above pictures, the 510 connection is raised slightly for airflow. Because of this, tanks and RDA’s will not sit flush, leaving a 1/32 inch gap.

What I think of the Silver Bullet Mechanical

I really like the simplicity of this dedicated 18650 mechanical mod. No sleeves, lock-rings, or adjustments to make. Throw an 18650 in and go. It’s a solid performer, and I had zero issues with firing. The side button’s location lends itself for a very comfortable and natural position for use.

Like its bigger brother, I consider the mechanical to be a “go to” that I can vape anywhere at anytime. This mechanical mod is a solid performer that will undoubtedly get a lot of use.

The Good

  • Simplicity – I like the fact that this mod is relatively simple to use, without sacrificing reliability.
  • Kick-able – I don’t plan on kicking this mod, but for those that would like to, the option is available with the sleeve that is offered from AltSmoke.
  • Construction – The fit and finish are good to go!
  • Button – The placement and operation of the mechanical button is a win for me.
  • Lineage – Lets face it, if you’ve been vaping for a while, the durability and function of the original Silver Bullet has become almost legendary.
  • Aesthetics – I prefer a mod without a lot of scroll work, serial numbers, and logos…this has none of that.
  • Made in the USA – There aren’t too many mods…let alone mech’s that are constructed in the USA. This one is.

The Bad
Not necessarily a bad thing, but the 510 connector height will leave a 1/32 inch gap with whatever tank, or atomizer used. Some may prefer their mod to provide a flush fit with attachment.

The Ugly

Final notes on the Mechanical Silver Bullet
Based on a design that has a proven track record for its reliability and durability, I like the fact that the Silver Bullet is now offered in a true mechanical form.

Website: AltSmoke Mechanical Silver Bullet

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Bottom Line: Whether you own the original Silver Bullet, or are looking for your first mod, if you’re moving into rebuild-able atomizers and tanks, give this one serious thought.