Smart Fixx Starter Kit

Smart Fixx Starter Kit

What I found out after trying the Smart Fixx electronic cigarettes

The Smart Fixx electronic cigarettes fall into a broad category of cigarette look a likes, aimed at those just beginning their journey into the world of ecigs. I found the 4.5 DUO starter kit and an extra 5 pack of cartomizers at a tobacco shop for $71.42.

So, for roughly $50.00, you get two lithium rechargeable batteries, 5 cartomizers, a charger, and instruction manual. Smart Fixx also provides a one year warranty on all their parts.

Smart Fixx Starter Kit

I used the Smart Fixx e-cigarettes exclusively for a weekend, while celebrating Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, TX. Puffing on my e-cig among the tobacco smokers, a few people were curious as to what my gadget was all about. I was happy to explain the benefits of electronic cigarettes over smoking…what I wasn’t happy about was the taste of the Smart Fixx.

Battery life was normal for its size, so extras are a must if you are out. The cartomizer is rated as being equal to a pack to one and a quarter pack of cigarettes on their website. First, I have to disagree with this statement. I have yet to find a cartomizer that equals a pack. Vapor volume was good, considering this is a look a like, which means a small battery.

The number one thing I did not like was the taste! This had to be one of the worst tasting e-cigs I have tried. It even left a residual smell behind, something I hadn’t come across before.

Bottom Line: I have to give the Smart Fixx electronic cigarettes a thumbs down, purely because of the poor taste.