Smoke 51 Starter Kit

Smoke 51 Starter Kit

When I purchased the Smoke 51 starter kit, it was only the second electronic cigarette I tried. A local tobacco shop had the DUO starter kit for only $64.93, tax included. Being that this particular kit is listed online for $149.95, I just couldn’t pass it up.

Although Smoke 51 offers numerous packages and accessories online, they are a little pricey when comparing to other brands. The DUO kit came with two batteries, two cartomizers, a wall charger, a user manual, and a Club 51 membership card. I really don’t know what the member ship card is all about, since the only thing I cared for at the time was, “how it performed”.

Since my purchase, Smoke 51 has begun offering even more e-cigarette starter kits.

Smoke 51 Electronic Cigarettes

Impressions of the Smoke 51 electronic cigarette

Though I found this was a solid performer, battery wise…I never did quite like the taste. The vapor volume was sufficient for an e-cigarette this size, but it had a harshness to it, almost like vaping a dry atomizer.

Is it worth the $149.00 price tag? I would have to say without a doubt…NO. There are many, many other electronic cigarette kits to be had at a fraction of the cost, that perform equally well if not better.

Is it worth the $64.00 and change that I purchased it for? Maybe if you are just starting out, but than again…there are still other superior kits on the market you can get for roughly the same price, IMHO.

Website: Smoke 51

Bottom Line: The Smoke 51 may have the combination that is right for you. Because it didn’t do it for me, and the cost is hefty for a beginners option into vaping, I give it a thumbs down.

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  • Susan Faulkner says:

    This is a horrid co. to do business with. Got a “free” e-cig offer from a survey I did on Food Network-site you’d think you could trust- and had to pay $4.95 in shipping. Fine. NEVER received the trial which had the instructions for how to cancel the “club” membership, never received answers to my inquires into how to cancel and was charged $99.95 for even more imaginary products I have yet to receive. Had to cancel my debit card to stop further transactions and it is a HUGE pain in the butt to try and get them to credit back $ they took for products&services I never received!! Horrid customer service!

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