SmokeStik Disposable

SmokeStik Disposable

SmokeStik disposable e-cigarette

SmokeStik is another disposable that I recently ran into. With the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, more and more places are beginning to stock them on their shelves. I am running into them everywhere it seems. I have found them at gas stations, tobacco shops, malls, and liquor stores. The SmokeStik disposable is one of those I had seen while out for another reason. Naturally, I just had to try it out. At $14.99 each, I purchased two.

Claiming a 400 puffs from a disposable sounded pretty good. But could it live up to its claim? The SmokeStik is a two piece disposable design, meaning the non-rechargeable battery and the cartomizer are separate.

This feature of the SmokeStik proves very versatile, as it allows you continue using the cartmizer on a rechargeable battery e-cig.

Disposable e-cigs are not a very economical way to vape, but are a great alternative if you are trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time, or if you need something to take the place of tobacco cigs in a area that bans analog cigarettes. That’s where the SmokeStik disposable fits in.

So did the SmokeStik live up to its claimed 400 puffs?

No…and yes.

I wasn’t able to come close to the claimed 400 puffs. Unfortunately, the battery did not last long enough to get to 400 puffs. BUT, because the SmokeStik is a two piece design, I was able to remove the cartomizer and install it on one of my rechargeable batteries and continue to puff away.

The vapor volume and taste, were satisfactory. Even though it did not live up to the claimed 400 puffs, I was able to get the maximum life out of the cartomizer by putting it on one of my rechargeable batteries, (a different brand), and not feel cheated.

Do I recommend the SmokeStik disposable? Sure. If you are wanting to try electronic cigarettes for the first time, or if you need something to take the place of tobacco cigs where there is a smoking ban, than the SmokeStik would definitely be an option.

Website: SmokeStik

Bottom Line: The SmokeStik disposable e-cig may or may not give you 400 puffs, but is still an option.