Smoking Everywhere Starter Kit

Smoking Everywhere Starter Kit

The Smoking Everywhere Gold One starter kit was my very first electronic cigarette purchase. I had come across a kiosk in the local mall back in December of 2009. The salesman was very friendly, showing off his product. Unfortunately, I was uneducated in the world of e-cigarettes at that time. Stating they provided a 30 day money back guarantee, what could I lose, if I didn’t like their product?

Smoking Everywhere Gold One Starter Kit

I’ll tell you what I could lose…$99.00, that’s what.

Smoking Everywhere was such a let down for me. If this was the alternative to tobacco, than tobacco it is. This is the number one loser I have experienced in e-cigarettes. It looks just like all the others in the market place, but it is inferior to all of them. The vapor volume was close to nill, the taste was horrendous, and the battery didn’t perform well.

Not only was I unhappy with the Smoking Everywhere as a product, the gentleman at the kiosk grossly mislead me.

Money back guarantee?

After unsuccessfully trying my best to switch from my American Spirits to this, a week later I packaged up the contents of my starter kit and headed back to the kiosk where I had made my purchase. After explaining that I simply hated this product, the salesman asked if I had opened it.

Opened it? Of course I opened it…how else could I try the thing?

That’s when he got me. This company will only refund your money if their product was never opened to begin with. So I reluctantly left the mall, with my worthless e-cigarette starter kit…only to relegate it to the bottom of one of my drawers while I continued buying my analog cigarettes


My experience was two years ago, and thought I would check in on their website. They have added numerous other products, and have changed their pricing structure. The starter kit I purchased for $99.00 now sells for $49.95.

Is it worth $49.95? Hell no!

I was also interested in what other reviewers had to say about this product, so I Googled “Smoke Everywhere Reviews”. Much to my surprise, I found quite a few sites actually saying that this was a great product. WTF?? ANYONE recommending this brand has either NEVER tried them…or they are just interested in making money off of unsuspecting consumers entering this market for the first time.

Lets not forget about the “30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee” that is at the top the suppliers website. Look a little closer and guess what? This is taken verbatim from their site.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, please return it for an exchange ONLY to any other products within (even if used) within 30 days of your original purchase date (less shipping & handling) – NO REFUND!.

At least now they are exchanging their product…but I ask you…

What good does an exchange do if their electronic cigarettes aren’t any good?

All I got to say is, buyer be warned…buy at your own risk.

It’s products like this that do more harm than good when smokers are looking for viable, and enjoyable replacements to tobacco cigarettes.

Bottom Line: Unfortunately, I have to give this product & company a BIG thumbs down. I honestly cannot think of one positive aspect regarding this e-cigarette, or the company.