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The Original Iolite Portable Vaporizer - Available In 8 Colors This funky WHISPR vaporizer is the real alternative to smoking… and a lot more fun. Simply heat your blend, enjoy the smoothest vapors and experience truly smokeless freedom. Our patented technology and sleek design means you can take the WHISPR wherever your life takes you. WISPR leads the way in the world of portable vaporizing. If you want an alternative to smoking or you simply want to enjoy your blend in a more liberating way, then the WISPR is the ultimate in smokeless freedom. Take it with you wherever you want to go. The WISPR heats your blend to the perfect temperature to generate a dense vapor. There's no burning, no harmful chemicals given off, just the smoothest vapor for you to enjoy. What makes the WISPR so unique is the patented features its rivals can't match: the heating pin means a consistent heat that uses all of your blend to produce the optimum amount of vapor; the butane power source means you don't have to waste time getting your vaporizer ready, because it's ready in seconds; it's fully portable so no waiting by a socket for it to charge; it's easy to use, easy to store, stylish and it lasts for up to three hours on a single tank. Now that's Smokeless Freedom. Brief Tutorial on How to Use The Iolite Vaporizer