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The Vapir Oxygen Mini with Optional Battery Pack The latest version 4.0 of the super portable Oxygen Mini Vaporizer by Vapir. The changes include a new battery pack that no longer attaches with a phone cord type cable - but a normal power adapter more like the new NO2 Vaporizer. The Vapir Oxygen Vaporizer is the most affordable digitally powered vaporizer on the market. This Vapir vaporizer goes by 2 different names, Vapir 2.0 as it is compared to the smaller version of the Vapir 5.0 or the Vapir Oxygen Mini. Providing pocket sized mobile vaporization the Vapir Oxygen Vaporizer is the latest project from Vapir Vaporizers. There is no fan allowing for a super quiet and discrete operation; for non-attention-getting vaporizing. Simply use the included Vapir tube and Vapir mouthpiece (all OEM - no cheap knock off stuff givien away) to attach to the top tip of the Vapir 2.0 Mini and inhale when the digital display reaches the desired temperature. The Vapir Oxygen Vaporizer can be used with a power adaptor (included) or with an optional rechargeable battery. Without the rechargeable battery it's NOT portable. PURCHASE OF THE OXYGEN MINI v.4.0 INCLUDES: 1 Oxygen Mini Corded Vaporizer version 4.0 *(110 Volt) 1 Oxygen Vaporizer Power Cord 2 Bamboo Cleaning Sticks 1 Cleaning Brush 1 Vapir Matrix Tube Attachment* 1 X-Tip Mouthpiece Using The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer