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Easy To Use & Advanced CPU Controlled Battery VaporX has been bringing the vaporizer community exceptional products for over 5 years now. With years of experience under their belt, VaporX vaporizers represent the pinnacle of quality, usability and portability. The VaporX XLT is no exception. The XLT vaporizer pen features a reengineered advanced CPU controlled battery which optimizes itself for the type of chamber attached and maximizes the battery life allowing you to vape all day! Our XLT vaporizer kit comes with everything you need for eliquids but if you want the flexibility to vape dry herbs, waxes or waxy oils you can purchase the optional dry herb chamber for your XLT battery!Using the XLT vaporizer couldnĘt be any easier! The little activation button on the front of the unit is simply depressed while you inhale for as long as your little heart desires! eLiquid Paradise ū Perfect For Any Of Your Liquids! Perhaps you are saying no to smoke and making the move to eliquid vaporizers for your health, or maybe you enjoy the nicotine free flavored eliquids that make our XLT vaporizer the perfect portable hookah. Whatever your motivation may be, eliquids have soared in popularity over the last couple years. These flavorful vaporizer juices come in a plethora of flavors and nicotine strength allowing you to find a taste that suits your puffer. Our VaporX XLT vaporizer is compatible with any PG or VG based eliquids and with our premium proprietary eliquid brand, Amour eLiquids! eLiquids come in everything from 0% to 3% nicotine content allowing users to find a taste that suits them while at the same time allowing users the option to step down in nicotine strength and freeing you from traditional cigarette dependence! The pure vapor which is released has none of the nasty smoke, ash or tar associated with tobacco, allowing vapers to regain their freedom and smoke virtually anywhere!