Splash Variable Voltage Box Mod

Splash Variable Voltage Box Mod

My green Splash variable voltage box mod

I recently purchased a variable voltage Splash (Shan Mod) on the E Cigarette Forum Classifieds. It runs on two 14500 batteries, and sports the green “splash” effect coloring. For $69.99 it comes complete with a sealed 510 battery connection with catch cup, built in LCD voltage meter, a three position rocker switch for On “II” / Off / Battery Life (or vape at max voltage) “I”, fire button rated at 6A, with built in under voltage / over voltage protection.

The Splash variable voltage is adjustable from 2.8 to 7.4 volts, but you can get 8.5 volts on fresh batteries.

Other variable voltage models available include:

An 18650 battery mod for $75.99
A Splash mini for $45.99
The limited VV AlumiMod for $89.99

All are available in numerous color offerings (except the AlumiMod), with the splash effect.

Splash Variable Voltage Box Mod

Though the Splash housing is constructed from plastic, it is surprisingly durable, with the coloring effects even more so. The lid is held on with small magnets in the top corners, and stays put when it is supposed to.

I admit, my preference of vaping is with the use of tanks, or low resistance atomizers at 3.7 to 5.0 volts. Because this mod is outfitted with a drip cup, I was unable to top it with a tank, (I currently have no extension).

Relegated to using my favorite LR atty’s and a 3.0 ohm cartomizer (I hate cartomizers), I immediately went about setting the voltage (BTW, you need a jewelers flat tip screwdriver) at just under 3.7, the Splash produced good vape…

BUT it did kill two fresh atomizers within a week. These are the same LR atomizers I use consistantly on my GLV-2 at 5.0 volts. Go figure!

11 December UPDATE: Since this review, I have identified the LR atomizer killing culprit to be a faulty battery.

Not wanting to chance another LR atty, I broke out a 3.0 ohm cartomizer. As expected, I wasn’t impressed at the lower voltage. I immediately adjusted the voltage to read 6.3,…and WOW, my cart exploded with flavor and vapor!

The VV AlumiMod comes with a knob for voltage adjusting

Because of the Splash, I now enjoy my cartomizers!

When I vape with the Splash, it is exclusively with my 3.0 carts. I plan on purchasing an extension in the near future so I can see how it performs with my favorite tank.

Variable Voltage Splash

A fresh set of batteries produced 8.4 volts for me!

The bottom houses the LED volt meter, which consistently refreshes about every three seconds.

Shan Mod Splash

Outfitted with a 3.0 ohm cartomizer, I am able to experience true high voltage vaping

I exclusively use my Splash with 3.0 ohm carts, topped with a Super T stainless drip tip.

If you look really close, just right of the switch, you may be able to see the adjustment screw for the voltage settings.

What I think of the Splash Box Mod

All in all I was very pleased with the performance and options this mod includes. I like the three position rocker switch, and the LED volt meter. The Splash performs as advertised, a true variable voltage mod.

The Good

  • Variable Voltage – Right now, variable voltage seems to be the rage, and this unit performs without any hiccups.
  • Price – At $69.99 for a variable voltage mod, this is one of the more affordable ways of getting to V.V. Heaven.
  • Colors – The splash color effect (available in numerous colors) is definitely unique, and VERY popular. With the recent inclusion of the AlumiMod, you now have another choice besides the splash effects.
  • Durability – For a plastic mod, the Splash is pretty durable…and you don’t have to worry about the paint chipping off.
  • Rocker Switch – I like the fact that I can turn my mod off and on…and check the remaining voltage of my batteries.

The Bad

  • Voltage Adjustment – Even though the AlumiMod comes with a knob, all the other models have a very tiny inset screw on the side. Only a jewelers flat tip screw driver will fit to make adjustments. If you are out and about, this could pose a problem.

The Ugly

    • LR Unfriendly? – It may just be my atomizers, but I have never had a problem with them with other mods. I blew two LR atty’s at just under 3.7 volts in under a week of use.


  • Nothing

Final Notes on the Shan Mod Variable Voltage Splash
The color effects are really not my usual taste, but the more I use it, the more I like it. I can do without the drip catch, I never really seemed to need one, and it just makes it difficult for me to utilize tanks.

If I can get an AlumiMod without the drip catch, I think it would be MY perfect variable voltage mod, for sure!

Update: The Depth Charge tank will work perfectly on this mod without an extension.

Website: Shan Mods

Bottom Line: Durable, user friendly, and a great price makes the Splash tough to beat if you are looking for a variable voltage mod.