SS Megalodon PV Mod

SS Megalodon PV Mod

Megalodon in Mini Mode with sleeve extender

The Megalodon, AKA “The Don” is an all mechanical, tube pv mod outfitted with a telescoping switch available in stainless steel or aluminum. The stainless steel version is very rugged, and constructed to exact tolerances.

With a middle sleeve that can be removed, the Megalodon provides flexibility in size, and battery usage. With the sleeve installed, voltages from 3.7 to 7.4 are obtainable. While in the mini mode (sleeve removed), the Megalodon becomes an awesome 3.7 volt stealth vape.

SS Megalodon PV Mod

With the sleeve removed, the Megalodon becomes a small, 3.7 volt pv mod that is very discreet, utilizing a 16340 or CR123A battery.

Impressions of the Megalodon PV ModParts of the Megalodon

Parts of the Megalodon PV Mod

With the Megalodon stripped, there are no wires or soldering points to fail. This is an all mechanical mod.

While vaping the Megalodon, I often thought it would be best to have two!

One configured in the mini mode, and one configured in the full size mode.

While activating the bottom switch, I did run into an issue…more than likely caused by me. After a couple hits, I noticed that the switch had loosened itself, requiring me to constantly re-tighten it.

The stainless Megladon is a very rugged device, that is balanced beautifully in the hand. I have no doubt that I could throw this against a wall, and it would perform as if new…maybe after replacing any other items, like a tank, cartomizer, or drip tip.

Threading is very smooth…nothing to worry about here, unlike other mods.

When going from mini to full size mode, or switching the type of battery used, there is an adjustment that has to be made to the switch with a jewelers flat tip screw driver.

When changing the configuration:

  • First, back out the switch
  • Second, after configuring the Megalodon the way you want to use it…mini, full size, or batteries used, press and hold the switch
  • Then, taking your screw driver, run the switch in until the unit is activated
  • Finally, once the device is activated, run in the switch about a quarter to half a turn more

The Megalodon does provide a simple, yet effective means to keep the unit from misfiring, or firing on its own. Simply turn the bottom button half a turn, and activation is impeded.

Megalodon Threads

Smooth as silk

The threads are the best I have seen on a tube mod. No need for Noalox…or any other kind of gunk. Threading on the pieces is smooth as silk.

Megalodon with Tank

The Megalodon topped with a Depth Charge

Adding the sleeve, the Megalodon becomes a powerful vaping device. Because of the telescoping switch, many different battery configurations are possible for 3.7 to 7.4 volt vaping.

All Mechanical PV Mod

Megalodon in full size mode

What I think of the Megalodon

Not only is the Megalodon a very rugged device, it looks great too!

The Good

  • Construction – The stainless steel Megalodon is made to very stringent specificatons…and, it performs flawlessly.
  • Flexibility – Not only do you have a choice in size, you can vape the Megalodon at 3.7, 5, 6, or 7.4 volts.
  • Durability – The stainless Megalodon is so rugged, there is no worry about it not performing if dropped…or thrown.
  • Aesthetics- The Megalodon not only looks great, it feels awesome in the hand.
  • Reliability – Because this is an all mechanical mod, there are no electrical failing points.

The Bad

  • Switch – At times while activating the switch, it would inadvertently loosen itself from my finger pressure, requiring me to constantly check the tightness of it.

The Ugly

  • Nothing…nothing…& more of nothing!

Final notes on the SS Megalodon PV Mod
I am not only impressed with the construction and finish of the Megalodon, I love the flexibility this device offers in voltage range and size.

Website: ElectronicStix
Outside the USA. International customers can purchase the Megalodon from Moju Republic.

  • Name: Megalodon
  • Price: $149.99 (Stainless Steel) / $105.99 (Aluminum)
  • Type: All mechanical tube PV Mod with telescoping switch
  • Battery: 3.7 Volts 1 x 18650; 18350; 17670; 14650, 16340; CR123A.
    5 Volts (custom 5V battery)
    6 Volts (2 x CR123A 3V)
    7.4 Volts (2 x 16340 3.7V)
  • Connector Type: 510, 901 or 801
  • Body: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: One year for manufacturing defects.

Bottom Line: The Megalodon is not only a very flexible, all mechanical PV Mod…it’s a quality machined device that will provide great vaping for a very long time.