Switcher 7mm Calibre

Switcher 7mm Calibre

The 7mm Calibre All Mechanical PV Mod from Switcher

The Switcher 7mm Calibre PV Mod is hand made in Canada by ECF member Switcher (Switched), of JR Custom Turning. This mod is machined to resemble a real 7mm cartridge, and comes with a brass drip tip in the shape of an actual bullet.

Constructed out of aluminum, the 7mm is an all mechanical mod. Power is supplied to the 510 connector with the use of a single AW IMR 14500 battery, while firing is accomplished with a bottom activated button.

The biggest influence in my purchase of the 7mm Calibre mod, was of course, the fact it resembled a bullet. It being a hand crafted, all mechanical pv mod enticed me as well.

Switcher 7mm Calibre

Looks pretty awesome, don’t ya think?

But does it live up to current vaping standards?

Impressions of the 7mm from Switcher7mm Mechanical PV Mod

The Switcher 7mm

After receiving the 7mm Calibre, I excitedly unpacked the contents for an initial inspection of its parts…

…and was let down.

The finish on the 7mm was pretty rough. I know this is a hand made device, but really?

Threading on the unit was rough, as there were burrs and what appeared to be machining compound still intact. The finish on the body could also use a polish.

Now let me explain something…I work in the Aerospace industry, where some of our parts and tools are made in-house. So maybe my expectations were a little high.

After cleaning my Switcher 7mm Calibre mod, and going over the threads with a brass brush, it was time to check out the vape.

I absolutely hated the bottom firing button!

Activation was inconsistent, and the bottom would not sit even. I did, however, like the bullet drip tip. When this device DID fire correctly, the draw just felt good.

Parts of the 7mm Calibre

Parts of the 7mm Calibre

The Switcher 7mm Calibre is a very thin walled mod. My OmeGa, or GLV-2 are much better made…and would fatally damage the 7mm in a dual. Threading was sub-par, with burrs, shavings, and machine lubricant still present.

That might not be a fair comparison, considering the two are higher priced than the 7mm.

7mm Spring

The one thing I didn’t like the most…

The one thing that I still cannot wrap my head around is this…the spring used. This spring is the culprit for inconsistent activation, and the bottom button NOT sitting level, always with a tilt.

7mm Finish

Another thing I didn’t like…

A closer look at the threads, and finish. Looks like it took a long tumble in the dryer.

Switcher 7mm Calibre

The Switcher 7mm Calibre…a unique look!

What I think about the Switcher 7mm Mod

In theory, this would be an awesome mod to have, but in reality…there just seems to be a lot left wanting. This device would perform much better if just that damn spring was replaced.

I absolutely congratulate anyone who takes the time to hand craft a device. That being said, I also expect a lot for my hard earned money. Unfortunately, the 7mm Calibre failed to deliver.

The Good

  • Physical Shape – Constructed in the shape of a 7mm cartrdge.
  • Type – All Mechanical PV Mod.

The Bad

  • Fit & Finish – Threading and finish needs some work.
  • Construction – Thin walled for the price.
  • Spring – Activation not consistent, also, device sits lopsided.

The Ugly

  • Attention to detail in the delivered product missing.

Final notes on the 7mm Calibre from JR Custom Turnings
I really wanted to like this mod, but just couldn’t talk myself into it.

Website: JR Custom Turnings
ECF: JR Custom Turnings
Purchase (USA): IkenVape
Purchase (Canada): Maple Leaf Vapes.

  • Name: 7mm Calibre
  • Price: $75.99 (includes bullet shaped drip tip & one atomizer)
  • Type: All Mechanical 3.7v
  • Battery: Uses one AW IMR 14500
  • Connector Type: 510
  • Body: Constructed from aluminum.
  • Warranty: Through JR Custom Turnings.

Bottom Line: For a dedicated vaping device, I cannot recommend this product as delivered to me. However, as a mod for its unique physical characteristics only…thumbs up.