Tank Cartomizer: How to Punch a Hole in Your Cartomizer

Tank Cartomizer: How to Punch a Hole in Your Cartomizer

My favorite way to vape is with a tank and cartomizer. I find this setup produces plenty of vapor and taste, best of all…I don’t have to mess with it for a day or two.

In order for a tank with a cartomizer to work, there has to be a piercing in the side of the cartomizer to allow the e-liquid in. You can purchase pre-punched cartomizers, but what if you have some that aren’t?

You punch a hole yourself!

It’s really simpler than you think…and costs under $10.00 for a tool that will allow you to do your own many times over.

First, you need to get a “1/4 inch self tapping saddle valve”. Found in most hardware stores, like Home Depot and Lowes in the plumbing section. I purchased mine for under $8.00.

Tank Cartomizer: How to Punch a Hole in Your Cartomizer

Tank Cartomizer: How to Punch a Hole in Your Cartomizer

1/4 Self Tapping Saddle Valve found in most hardware stores

Once you have your self tapping saddle valve, determine where you want the hole to be punched.

I just lay my cartomizer next to the tank it will be used in, and mark where I want the hole.

Mark Your Cartomizer

Cartomizer measured and marked

The hole should be as close to the edge of the bottom cap as possible, while allowing a little to protrude from the bottom.

Cartomizer Close Up

Close up of your cartomizer after being marked

A close up of where I mark my cartomizers.

Punching the Hole in Your Cartomizer

Punching a hole in your tank cartomizer with a self taping saddle valve

Insert the cartomizer into the saddle valve, aligning the mark with the point that will pierce the housing, while tightening both sides evenly.

Be sure to tighten firmly, but not to much. Damage could result if you do.

Screw in the handle clockwise, you should start to feel some resistance. Continue slowly until you hear a “pop”. Be sure to stop immediately after hearing the “pop”.

Now you’re done!

Just back off the handle, loosen the sides, and slip your cartomizer out.

Hole Punched Cartomizer

Cartomizer punched for a tank

My e-liquid consists of no more than 30% VG, so one hole is sufficient. If your juice is thicker, you may require two. Simply add another directly opposite of the first hole punched, or enlarge the first.

Tank with Hole Punched Cartomizer

Tank with hole punched cartomizer ready to vape

Now my tank is ready to vape with my favorite e-liquid!

For under $10.00, you can now punch as many cartomizers as you need. Enjoy!

Or you can check this out if you want the ultimate cartomizer punch.