Getting a tank mod seemed to be the natural progression for my vaping. With tanks holding 3ml or more of e-liquid, my vaping comes a bit closer to low maintenance. Dripping atomizers and cartomizers still have their place, but for the majority of the time, I grab one of my favorite tanks and go for non-stop vaping.

For the most part, a tank mod will accept either a 40mm or 50mm(XL) total length cartomizer. Some may come with their own “proprietary” type cartomizers, like the SmokTech DCT’s flange (BTW, you can still use a cart without the flange on these).

For my tank mods, I like to purchase cartomizers in bulk, and punch my own holes.

Tank Mod

The Tank Mod Five…a tank for any occasion.

SmokTech Dual Coil Tank

SmokTech DCT TankTank

SmokTech Dual Coil Tank

The Dual Coil Tanks (DCT) from SmokTech are probably one of the best values in the market for tanks right now…and one of my favorites.

Even though they come with a flanged cartomizer for use, Shan from VAPECORE suggests flipping the end caps and using a non-proprietary cartomizer.

And it works like a charm!

Name: Dual Coil Tank
Size: 3.5ml / 6ml
Tube: Clear or Colored Polypropylene
End Caps: Black Delrin / Chrome
Cartomizer Total Length: 50mm XL
Price: $10.00 – $15.00
Website: Vapor Alley

Depth Charge Tank

Depth Charge Tank

Depth Charge Tank

The Stainless Steel Depth Charge is a little pricey for a tank, but it is well worth it. It looks great, and with the angled end caps, works on some of my mods where a flat bottom wouldn’t fit.

These can be a little messy while filling though. I always seem to get a little seepage while re-installing the top cap.

Name: Depth Charge
Size: 2ml / 4ml
Tube: Clear Polypropylene or Stainless Steel
End Caps: Stainless Steel
Cartomizer Total Length: 40mm / 50mm XL
Price: $50.00
+ $10.00 for Stainless Steel Tube
Website: Vapor Age

M1A1 Buzz Tank

M1A1 Buzz Tank

M1A1 Buzz Tank

When I purchased my Buzz Pro, I had to have the matching tank as well. Price wise, it’s in the middle, without sacrificing quality. They come in a multitude of colors that match the Buzz Pro’s, as well.

The tube has a plug that screws against the cartomizer, minimizing slippage, and is removable for easy filling.

There is also a tube option without the plug.

Name: M1A1 Buzz Tank
Size: 3ml / 5ml
Tube: Clear “UNCRACKABLE tube material”
End Caps: Aluminum Anodized in various Colors
Cartomizer Total Length: 40mm / 50mm XL
Price: $24.95
Website: Notcigs

Lil Mama Tank

Lil Mama Tank

Lil Mama Tank

The “Lil Mama” Tank Mod is the smaller version of the “Big Daddy” Tank from Big Daddy Vapor. Another middle of the road at price point, but extremely well made.

The Lil Mama tank is made to provide a very tight fit with carts. Because of the extremely tight fit, it can prove a little difficult when inserting a cart.

Name: Lil Mama Tank
Size: 3ml
Tube: Clear Polycarbonate, Pyrex Glass, or Stainless Steel
End Caps: Black Delrin / Stainless Steel
Cartomizer Total Length: 40mm
Price: Delrin – $18.99 / Stainless Steel – $30.99
+ $14.99 for Stainless Steel Tube
Website: Big Daddy Vapor

Lava Tank

Lava Tank

Lava Tank

The Lava Tank is an extremely popular, and hard to get tank mod from JonboyUSMC on the E Cigarette Forum (ECF).

Making Lava Tank’s in batches, they are snapped up in mere minutes. Because there is no website, (selling is through ECF), it takes patience awaiting a new batch, and persistence in making a request once a batch of Lava Tank’s go live.

Name: Lava Tank
Size: 3ml
Tube: Clear or Frosted Lexan
End Caps: Various materials and colors with one piece Pawn or Ming tip
Cartomizer Total Length: 40mm
Price: Around $45.00
Website: JonboyUSMC’s Lava Tank

If you’re looking for a tank mod for your pv, definitely give one of the above a look, they’re all awesome in their own ways.

5 Responses

  1. Mike

    Hi.. I just know.. What kind of cartos you use to the M1A1? Just recently buy one and with my regular XL cartos I only get that the M1A1 start licking.. I know that the cartos should at 50mm in length.. but should be at 9mm or 10mm in diameter?

  2. KarS


    Just wanted to know which drip tips are attached to the Depth Charge and Lil Mama tanks, and where you got them.


    • TUC

      The drip tip on the Depth Charge is a stainless steel available from Super T Manufacturing. The Lil’ Mama is topped off with glass from Trippy Tips…simply the best!

  3. Quail

    Where do you recommend buying tank cartomizers in bulk? (Specifically flanged). Thanks for your input!