The Switchback Mod

The Switchback Mod

Everything comes packaged.

Introducing the SWITCHBACK, from Vapor Beast… a dual 510 threaded E-Cig mod…that’s right, this mod has two ends to vape from!

The Switchback is constructed from aluminum and features a smooth finish available in black, blue, red, & silver. The Switchback is also fitted with a lighted activation button, and slide switch, in order to activate the end of choice.

The aluminum body comes with an end cap, finely made threads, and a sleeve that can be used to house a bottle of juice, extra carto, protect a tank, or simply to transform this into a full size mod.

Power is supplied by an internal 900 mAh battery, for 3.7 volts of vaping pleasure.

Designed by Tim of Vapor Beast with Boge handling the manufacturing, this is a one of a kind, unique, PV mod.

Switchback Mod

The Switchback weighs in at 2.9 oz and measures 2.466″ L x 1.004″ D in its stealth configuration, while weighing 3.5 oz and measuring 4.639″L x 1.004″ D with the included extension cap.

Switchback Parts

From left to right: End Cap, Extension Tube, Battery & Controls

A 30 day warranty comes standard with the Switchback, but Tim ( will definitely work with you beyond the time frame, as his customers come first!

Switchback Electronic Cigarette Kit

Switchback Electronic Cigarette Kit

The Switchback kit comes complete with 10 cartomizers, a USB charger, and device.

The Switchback Kit comes complete with 10 pre-filled cartomizers, and a USB charger.

Switchback Kit

Switchback kit unpack-aged

The Switchback comes with safety features, including:

  • On/Off Mode – Putting the Switchback in off mode allows safely carrying the unit without worrying about inadvertent activation. Simply press the activation button three times to turn off and on.
  • 15 Second Cutoff – The Switchback will shut itself off if the button is held down for 15 seconds or longer. The unit will reset after the button is released.

Switchback Battery

Switchback Battery

Battery Indicator Light Color (Activation Button)
The battery indicator light of the Switchback is illuminated through the activation button.

  1. Blue – Fully Powered
  2. Orange – Satisfactory Power
  3. Red – Diminished Power, and limited charge remaining. I received RED at approximately 3.12 volts battery remaining.

The Switchback from Vapor Beast

The first thing I did was check out the voltage. I found that the Switchback’s output was approximately 3.6 volts. At approximately 3.12 volts battery remaining is when the unit gave me the red light.

The assorted flavored, pre-filled cartomizers that are packaged with the device will get you vaping quickly. They were decent enough, providing good vapor and doable flavors. I realize this electronic cigarette is a kit, providing everything you need to vape. However, I do think an option to receive blank cartomizers could appeal to those with there own juices.

Testing the unit with Dual Coils in 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 ohms produced the same results. This unit will not work with Dual Coils.

But, is this necessarily a bad thing?

I personally, do not use Dual Coils…so for me it doesn’t matter. What I was really interested in, is how this unit would vape utilizing the cartomizers I use in my tanks.

I soon went about filling a couple tanks with my favorite e-liquid, and 2.0 & 3.0 ohm Boge cartomizers.

I quickly became aware that my 2.0 ohm carts worked best, producing excellent vapor and taste.

Next on the list, was to try out the different configurations. Stealth mode being my favorite. Even topped with a tank, it proved very convenient. While in stealth, I managed to find one of my tanks that could be covered with the optional tube sleeve…my Depth Charge.

Utilizing the Switchback in full size mode, I could attach another cartomizer at the other end, or stash a small bottle of juice.

Pretty nifty!

When vaping from one end to the other, you simply slide the activation switch to the direction you will be utilizing.

While charging the unit, be sure the activation switch is adjusted to reflect the end the charger is connected to.

What I think of the Switchback

The Switchback is a very versatile electronic cigarette. With the ability to vape from both sides, plus the different size “modes”, makes this one of the most unique designs available. Fit and finish were excellent, with the vape from one of my favorite setups…2.0 single coil in a tank…proved excellent as well, especially considering the price point.

Is it for everyone? Probably not, especially if you require the ability to vape Dual Coils.

For me, it works most excellent, especially while in the stealth configuration.

The Good

  • Construction – Body is made of aluminum, with an awesome finish.
  • Durability – The unit itself feels sturdy and solid.
  • Price – At $49.00, you definitely receive your money’s worth.
  • Size – I absolutely love the Switchback configured in stealth mode.

The Bad

  • Dual Coils – Dual Coils will not work with this device, and could be a determining factor for some.
  • Drip Well – There is none, and could be a determining factor for some.

The Ugly

  • Nothing

Final notes on the Switchback
A one of a kind device, that I personally appreciate for the stealth configuration alone.

Website: Vapor Beast

  • Price: $49.00
  • Type: 3.7 Volt Mod
  • Battery: Internal 900 mAh
  • Connector Type: 510 X 2
  • Body: Constructed from aluminum, smooth finish in black, blue, red, & silver colors.
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Safety Features: On/Off Switch and 15 second auto cutoff for added safety.

Disclosure: Vapor Beast sent this product to me for evaluation and review. You can view my full disclosure here.

Bottom Line: The Switchback is a surprisingly versatile and unique device, with fit and finish being top notch, especially for the price point of $49.00.

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